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International investments can enhance our wealth and protect against inflation if we take a global perspective.

During the summer I read the novel “Lake House” by James Patterson…a rather odd novel with sympathetic characters being genetically altered children who are part bird. They have wings and fly. So I was surprised to learn that this has been a really top selling novel.


Patterson says it’s because most people have a dream of wanting to fly.

My thinking is the yearning goes deeper. We humans yearn for bird’s eye views.

We want to see the big picture…connect dots…to enhance our lives, yet see all the detail just as birds do. We want to improve our life and make the world a better place with win-win views. Like the eagle. He sees the entire panorama yet spots the smallest mouse moving in a field.

This is not always easy. It has been said that man can achieve the impossible, fly to Mars even put a man on the moon. Yet we can never overcome the inconvenient.

Take energy concerns. Fly into Copenhagen and you’ll see windmill after windmill built in the middle of the sea. What a huge undertaking that was! Or go visit my state of birth, Oregon. Drive up the Columbia River and see the Bonneville Dam. A monster of a grand project…all to have more energy. Impossible jobs done…the wind captured…the mighty Columbia tamed just to replace fossil fuels.

Then the other day Merri and I drove to Charlotte Airport. Coming south (North of Charlotte) a DOT Lane starts where only cars with two or more people can drive. Traffic was backed up for dozens of miles in the right lane…all cars with one driver. Merri and I whisked into the totally empty DOT lane and at 70 MPH right through Charlotte while these multitudes sat, burning fuel and wasting time.

Why? Because it’s a little inconvenient to find another person to ride with to work! Instead the masses sit there, thousands of man hours lost and tens of thousands of gallons of gas consumed.

Our international investments can enhance our wealth when we use a Bird’s Eye View as well. We increase our odds for great prosperity when we tap into life supporting investments….because in the long term what makes money is solving problems.

We can see opportunity by doing good unfolding every day.

For example there is good opportunity in selling Coca Cola short! Coke and its sister products have to be one of mankind’s greatest curses! Obesity and other blood sugar excesses are drowning the economy of the Western world. One of the biggest economic concerns America, Europe and Japan face is an aging unwell overweight population. One of the biggest causes of illness and overweight are carbonated sugary drinks.

We can see the big picture and sell Coke short (or at least keep it out of our portfolio). Jyske Bank recently issued a sell recommendation for Coca Cola and said.

Coca Cola (SELL; USD 45; Low). Problems in several large markets in Europe and Asia. Earnings pressure due to increasing marketing efforts and higher commodity prices.

My opinion is that another great economic disrupter is WalMart. I believe they bring low prices to the consumer at the cost of labor, environment and community. They fill Western homes with polluting plastic and junk! Now they are moving into organic and environmental areas. I believe that their corporate culture cannot really see the values of organic and green products. My opinion is that WalMart will devalue the meaning of green and organic rather than bring the true qualities that the Bird’s Eye buyer desires. Green and organic will become like “all natural.” Yeah, donuts are all natural products, all natural grease, sugar and flour!

Jyske Bank recently issued a REDUCE warning for WalMart and wrote:

Risk Medium, 12-month price target USD 53.00. Present price USD 45.10 Wal-Mart is known for its good customer service, wide product range (toys, sporting goods, clothing, electronics, house & garden, cosmetics, over-the counter drugs, cosmetics, etc.) and low prices, which have become possible due to its most efficient logistics and purchasing systems. Due to the economic downturn in the US, consumers have become more price conscious and instead of shopping at the more expensive department stores and specialty shops, many have turned to the discount stores. This development has benefited Wal-Mart, as the company has won considerable market share from competitors that are not as strong when it comes to price competition. Moreover, it benefited Wal-Mart that Kmart filed for chapter 11 protection in 2002 as this led to declining price pressure. Wal-Mart has expanded aggressively within food sales, which has become the company’s largest product category (about 26% of sales). In 2000, the company gained the position as the leading food supplier in the US, and in this area we still expect to see expansion. This will make the company increasingly defensive, as food sales are less dependent on business cycles than other sales. The high oil prices will in our assessment still weigh heavily on the top as well as the bottom line and to that must be added rising costs for reconstruction, wages, interests, etc. We still believe in rising sales growth in the long term, but there is a risk that investors may have to wait for a long time. We think that the relative valuation is still favourable.. We are still of the opinion that Wal-Mart can trade at about 18x, but in our assessment this may be long in coming. Under the present circumstances, we expect that the share will trade at about the current level.

These two examples are good ones that show how humanity is shifting from the bigger, faster and cheaper is better to higher ideals. Let’s take a Bird’s Eye View and look for ways to see and profit from the whole picture that leads to more good.

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Natural Health Tip – Birds

On the subject of birds and organic, the website has a recipe for a nice alternative to ham for the holidays…Roasted Cornish Hens. A three ounce serving only has 160 calories, 21 grams of protein and only 8 grams of fat. There is an organic recipe at for Roasted Cornish Hens at

Ecuador Real Estate is Beautiful

Cornish hen eggs are available everywhere in Ecuador (they are called quails eggs but are not). The shamans there tell us these have a better vibratory quality than chicken eggs and are less acidic and we eat them often.

Speaking of a bird’s eye view there is a 500 year old prophesy in the Andes that when the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly in the skies together, equilibrium would exist for mankind. That’s a wonderful view and Ecuador has beautiful skies!

Skies Over Cotacachi

Until next message, may all your skies be blue and views clear!


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