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International investments in yourself can be fulfilling an especially profitable if you quickly and accurately fulfill.

PIEC Investing stands for Personal Income Earning Corridor and that the greatest asset we can invest in is ourselves. For more on this see International Investments For Fun & Profit.

International investments can help us during inflation and rapid change which are huge problems we must adapt to now. The most powerful protection from these economic problems is our own business.

Our Natural Health Ayurved section looks at a natural health autumnal food for more energy in business.

Our Ecuador Real Estate shows how to benefit from being in Ecuador by being full but less filled.

First let’s look at why international business can be so profitable. Sure we can invest in other people’s deals. We can make great profits. Our Borrow Low-Deposit High MultiCurrency strategy for example has really enhanced our wealth. The Emerging Asian Portfolio is now up 98% in less than a year! You can see more about this at How to Use MultiCurrency Sandwich

But few investments can bring profits like one’s own business. The first benefit of a business is personal fulfillment. Investments make money but our own business makes money from doing what we love and want to do.

Plus business profits can be more than from investing. For example in my publishing business I once turned a $950 direct mailing into an extra $118,500 in three weeks! Few investments in other people’s business through stocks or bonds can equal this.

This huge profit came from a multi-media marketing system where publishing creates an income producing product that supports the sale of other products. Let’s look at this in more detail.

In my case I had three products, a correspondence course (International Investing Made EZ) that sold for $149, international investment seminars that sold for $749 and an International Club (members could attend all eight of my $749 seminars a year free) that sold for $1500.

The published product was the correspondence course. We did very nicely selling tens of thousands of this course. It brought in millions and only required thousands to fulfill. In fact the publishing of the course made us multi-millionaires…yet there was much more, because of the multi-media system.

We filled the product promptly. Fast fulfillment of products is the basis and backbone of a multi-media system. I sent the correspondence course to readers the day we received the order. Plus we offered the buyers a $149 discount for attending a seminar. In other words they got their money back on the correspondence course if they came to a seminar. The sale of the correspondence course led to thousands of seminar signups.

Those who attended seminars from other sources also often bought the correspondence course thus increasing seminar revenues.

After a few years of conducting these seminars we formed the International Club and did a mailing to about 2,900 people who had attended the seminars. 79 former delegates signed up at $1,500 a piece ($118,500) within three weeks. Plus some of these club members then brought guests (who paid) and who bought correspondence courses etc. This type of multi media publishing can create very nice extra sales.

A global publishing business can support an existing business (a publication can be a marketing tool). Or it can create a product to sell…or both (something that sells and supports).

This is the second of three messages that review publishing businesses developed from our last publishing camp.

The first review looked at Mickey Enright’s Naples Guide that helped support her real estate business.

This message looks at Sandra Burnett’s Secret Wedding Savings book. She has set up a multi-media publishing system that supports marketing for her existing businesses and creates new products (that sell her business even more) in the process. Her web site is

Sandra’s publishing business first of all helped finance the web site. The website then helped promote her existing restaurant and catering service (which she has operated for 30 years). Hers is a highly successful nationally acclaimed business. She was invited for membership to la Chaine des Rotisseurs, an ancient international society devoted to the camaraderie of the table in 1998. In 1999, “Sisters” her restaurant was a finalist for “Catering Company of the Year” in Catering Magazine.

Her publishing venture can bring in even more business. Visitors to the web site learn about her restaurant and the book. She can offer the book (as a premium or for sale) to her existing wedding clients. The book attracts new customers and adds revenue. Plus makes her already good reputation even better.

This is a perfect example of multi media-marketing. The sale of every product leads to the sale of another. A wonderful business circle. Each product enhances and sells the next.

The keys to success in multi-media are prompt delivery and well focused products that fulfill. The world is impatient! If your marketing has excited a potential reader, you’ll want to insight them with your publication as fast as you can. Do this and the readers will buy again and again. Personal fulfillment and profit by fast fulfilling of fulfillment must be the multi-media publisher’s code!

You do not need a multi-media system to start publishing. My multi-media cycle began with just the one product…the international investing correspondence course. This sold very successfully and I could have stopped there. The multi-media extra was just an added benefit.

We’ll see in tomorrow’s message how Dr. Joe Culbertson utilized our Writer’s Camp to set up a single publishing product that can be the start of a multi-media system down the road, but is great as one product now.

There is little we can do to stop inflation or the acceleration of change. What we can do though is position ourselves with our own business to profit from the shift. A little capital, good health, energy and a willingness to work hard are what you need. If you have them, change is good!

Natural Health Autumnal Food

Natural health is vital to your business success. Good nutrition is vital to your natural health.

Autumn is a colorful season and many people find that this is a time they really come alive. John Douillard’s book, “Three Season Diet” helps explain why as it shows how to lose weight, increase health and vitality by eating different foods at different times of the year. Ayurved, the Indian science of life and well being, views the body as having three essences; air (essence of motion), fire (essence of transformation-digestion) and water (essence of solidity). A key in Ayurved is to keep the three in balance.

A great portion of the Western population has fire-water constitutions. Autumn is the beginning of the air season and the extra air balances the water and fire which brings bodily functions into more equilibrium.

Autumn is also a time to shift diets moving from eating light airy foods to heavier. Here are foods that John recommends in his book for the autumn and winter seasons.

You can learn more about John’s book at Global Health Secret

You can see John’s selected list of foods to eat in autumn and winter at Winter Grocery List

One of the foods recommended is winter squash and pumpkin.

Pumpkins are a tasty source of vitamins and minerals, particularly beta-carotene, vitamin C, and potassium. They can also help prevent hardening of the arteries. Plus they are readily available in the autumn as evidenced by the thriving harvest we always get at the farm. Here is a shot of last year’s crop.

You can learn more about the health benefits of pumpkin at Pumpkins and Health

A recipe Merri and I enjoy here at the farm is a low calorie pumpkin custard. This is delicious, healthy and filling, perfectly suited for the fall. It’s similar to pumpkin pie but much better in several ways. We cut out most of the evaporated milk (we replace the need for liquid with lemon or lime juice instead) and sugar (we increase the spices).

Here is our “Healthy Pumpkin Custard” recipe for four.

15 ounces fresh cooked (or one can) pumpkin
3 ounces evaporated milk
Juice of one lemon or lime
2 eggs
Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, allspice & nutmeg to taste
Mix this all up and bake in oven at 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes.

Serve topped with a bit of honey, brown sugar or maple syrup.

This is a delicious treat that is healthy and has only 110 calories per serving (plus sweetener).

Autumn is also a good time for thinking (air periods are the best for loss of mental activity and creativity) which is one reason we always have our Writer’s Camp in October here….not to mentioned the beauty of the leaf change.

We’ll be serving this pumpkin custard treat during the camp.

As is the usual case, our October Writer’s Camp sold out early. However we just had one cancellation so have space left. If you would like to attend, send Merri a note at

This year’s camp filled so quickly that we have added an extra camp to be conducted January 21 to 25, 2006 at our hotel El Meson de las Flores in Ecuador. Writing and Publishing Course

Ecuador Real Estate – Full But Less Filled

One great thing about bringing people to Ecuador is that it helps reduce obesity! People always tell us they lose weight while they are there.

This is in part because the food is more natural and more filling with less bulk. Part of the weight loss comes because people naturally walk more. The fact that there is less access to junk food might also help. Others say that there is a special energy at the equator that also burns fat. Plus higher altitude requires more calories to do anything. The sum total is that people feel filled and full even though they eat less. Also, due to its alkaline soils, Ecuador has an amazing amount of alkalinity in the people, in the food and in the vibrations.

The subject of obesity and Ecuador reminds me of an allegory recently sent to me that outlines one more benefit of having a second home (in Ecuador or wherever). This comes in the form of a Yahoo article “Why the Rich Get Richer” by Robert Kiyosaki.

Kiyosaki writes that he spent a day with a friend who was a commodity trader. He watched the friend run like crazy (between the oil and gold pits) and make over $70,000 in profits that one day. “Not bad for a guy in his 20s” Kiyosaki wrote.

Then he went on to say:

Run, Don’t Walk

The reason I’m comparing my young friend Steven to this older, clearly less well-off man is to give you an idea of the disparity between individuals’ earning power in this country. Financially, millions of Americans are being left in the dust.

A few days later, as I was driving back to Phoenix , I was held up at a crosswalk by two young, overweight people crossing against the light. Instead of hurrying, they looked at me as if to say, “We’re in a crosswalk. We have our rights. The government protects us from impatient drivers like you.”

As I watched their ample backsides waddle slowly in front of me, I thought back to my hour in the trading pits of the NYMEX, and to the idea of relative speeds of wealth creation.

Clueless in La-La Land

Which brings me to my politically incorrect thesis for this week: Most Americans live in la-la land. They’re clueless about what’s going on in the world of money, and still think we’re the richest country in the world. In reality, we’re the biggest debtor nation there is.

Most Americans also still think our government will protect them. The world is changing at an alarming rate, yet most people here waddle stubbornly through the crosswalk, so to speak, still believing that this country has the right of way and that our political institutions are still sound.

Recently, Congress worked diligently to have English passed as the official language of the United States. They also worked hard to make burning the American flag illegal. Now, I’m in favor of speaking English as well as of not burning the flag. But don’t our political leaders have bigger and more pressing issues to focus on? What about Medicare, which is running in the red? And what about Social Security, which will soon be running in the red? In case you don’t know how in trouble both programs are, as of 2004, Medicare’s long-term fiscal gap is over $60 trillion, while Social Security reportedly has a $10 trillion shortfall.

Yet in spite of these financial challenges, millions of Americans continue to waddle through the crosswalk of life, expecting our government to take care of them instead of building wealth. They’re living in la-la land.

You can read the entire article at Only The Rich Survive

So whatever you do, wherever chances are, you are you will be affected by inflation and change. Most investors fear this. You can embrace it. Make change profitable with your own business which, until next message, I hope is good!


P.S. Speaking of fulfillment and weddings we are excited to be attending Todd Smith’s Wedding Photography Course in Ecuador this January 12 – 14, 2007 at our hotel in Ecuador.

Todd Smith Photo

Todd is a graduate of our Writer’s Camp and this new course he has developed can help you earn a fulfilling income and friendships wherever you choose to be. You can get details at Wedding Photography Course