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One way to protect against inflation is to invest in things that are real. In past times investors have tried to hold the value of their wealth in all types of goods, diamonds, gold, tobacco, coffee, even salt. International investments in currencies are also based on reality.

One good way to maintain value is to look international for investments that are worth their salt, such as those denominated in strong currencies. For example, we recently analyzed the major currencies and determined that the Swedish kroner is one of five that may be strong. See the dollar dive series.

Our Natural Health Ayurved feature today looks at how to use salt for health.

Our Ecuador Real Estate section shows how salt adds to it worth.

First we review the recent Swedish election that gave victory to the Centre-Right Alliance and how this is another reason to feel good about the Swedish kroner giving your international investments a boost. Sweden will have a new non-Socialist government after many years’ of Social Democrat leadership. The new government will focus on increasing the incentives to work and to carry on business.

This new government inherits a very healthy economy. Sweden currently has the highest economic growth rate (4½%-5%) in Western Europe. Plus growth prospects suggest that although economic growth will slow in the coming years, it will be (around 2½%) still among the highest in Western Europe. Unemployment is low, currently around 5½%.

Yet there are two problems. First, there is strong hidden unemployment in Sweden. Second, there is high employee absence. The average absence is a full 17 weeks a year due to holiday, leave or sickness. Sweden has the highest absence due to sickness in the industrialized countries, twice as high as in Denmark for example.

This is where the new government says it will focus attention by strengthening incentives to work. They plan to cut payroll taxes for the low- and middle-income groups and offer a working tax credit similar to Denmark’s.

They also plan to tighten unemployment benefits.

These reform proposals enhance medium and long-term growth potential. Add this to the current good growth and trade balance Sweden has now and you can see that the Swedish kroner has good short, medium and long term strength. The kroner remains a currency worth its salt.

A few Swedish kroner bonds include:

18/06/20085%AB SPINTAB102.433.51%
20/04/20096%AB SPINTAB105.563.68%
16/06/20103.25%NORDEA HYPOTEK98.203.78%
28/01/20095%SWEDEN GOVT103.453.43%
08/10/20125%SWEDEN GOVT110.013.62%

If you are looking for rock solid, safe diversification, Swedish kroner bonds should be considered as part of your portfolio.

You can get more details on Swedish kroner bonds and investments from Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank at

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Natural Health Ayurved – Healthy Salt

On the subject of worth and salt, Ayurved recognizes the importance of salt in maintaining good health. It is seen as a life giving food, that is spiritually nurturing. The salty taste enhances the flavor of food and is a cooling spice.

Ayurvedic physicians use rock (or crystal) salt in numerous ways… as an appetizer, with a pinch of fresh ginger before a meal to stimulate saliva and digestive juices. It is also used as a laxative and digestive.

But do not rush out for the Morton’s or other table salt! Whole salt has many valuable ingredients and to maximize profits, many salt manufacturers take all the good stuff out and sell it separately. This means that regular table salt is a very imbalanced food. This corruption is similar to the refining process of white sugar. Wholesome molasses is turned into highly refined (worthless and harmful) white sugar that creates numerous health imbalances.

Typical table salt sold in grocery stores is not real salt at all. It is just sodium chloride and a few chemicals such as moisture absorbents and iodine. This table salt is dried at excessive heat that alters the chemical structure and produces a product that genders numerous health problems.

Good crystal salt is free of toxins and includes 84 minerals and elements needed for good health. Rock salt is a healthy form of salt because it supports all the three doshas (fire-water-air).

Salt is a great way to start the day. Merri and I have Sole’ each day. Sole’ (pronounced “solay”), is a solution made from crystal salt and water. This is a simple, pure natural mix, a physical representation of pure solar and light energy. Every morning, we take one teaspoon of “SOLE” added to a glass of our good quality artesian spring water. We drink this on an empty stomach before having breakfast.

The regularity is important. From a biochemical point of view, within minutes, the entire stomach and intestines are being stimulated. The overall availability of electrolytes is built up and thus the conductivity in the body is increased, which in turn affects the circulation. The crystal salt allows the current to flow once again.

We buy our own Himalayan Crystal Salt and make Sole’, but for convenience you can buy it already made in 8 ounce glass bottles. You can get details from our friend Ed Sabo at

Ecuador Real Estate – Salt Adds to it Worth

The role of salt has been important in highland Ecuadorian culture as well. Ecuador ‘s montane salt was a precious commodity in pre-Columbian times. Its consumption prevented the occurrence of iodine deficiency diseases in the northern highlands.

The town of Salinas is not far from our hotel and has been inhabited for hundreds of years, due to its salt mines. The mines which gave this area its name can still be visited.

In pre-Inca times, Salinas was populated by the Tom abelas people of the Chimbos tribe. Salt, was used as a food preservative and had a high value, tradable for gold, cotton and other valuable products.

Even after the Incan arrival, the Tom abelas continued exploiting and supplying salt to their people and to the Incas.

The clean environment and pure waters (thanks to reader, Eugene Price, for the wonderful picture above) help enhance the value of Ecuador real estate. They also help create great salt and wonderful spices like these seen below at our local market. They can be purchased at a fraction of prices found in the Western World. This makes healthy eating easier in Ecuador.

Investors be aware! Find opportunities worth their salt, but be sure to use some of your profits to buy and use salt that is worth its salt as well.


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