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International investments and international business can enhance your wealth and they can be satisfying and fun as well. This message looks at three reasons why an international business can be more satisfying and profitable for you now.

PIEC Investing stands for Personal Income Earning Corridor. PIEC investing relies on three phase asset structuring. Phase one is to invest in yourself. You are your greatest asset! Phase two invests in very safe, secure investments and phase three holds the higher risk speculative deals.

My portfolio adheres to this mix. First, from an overall strategy, I am mostly invested out of the US dollar. The exception is US real estate holdings which will likely appreciate from a US dollar fall. I have loans in Swiss francs and Czech koruna invested in euro to enhance the growth.

This Borrow Low-Deposit High MultiCurrency strategy has really enhanced our wealth. Our Emerging Asian Portfolio is now up 98% in less than a year! You can see more about this at Annual MultiCurrency Service

However, this portfolio is not the key to our wealth! Phase one of our PIEC plan is to keep building our business in an enjoyable, positive way. Merri and I live from AND save the income developed from our publishing and seminars. This allows our capital to continually grow….even though we could stop working and live from our capital.

A delegate at our last course asked, “Why not retire since you don’t need the money?” First, our work is satisfying and fun! Second, who knows when economic and or social-political earthquakes will wipe capital out. Third, the ability to serve is far more secure than these social promises and pieces of paper. Also working keeps you alive. Longevity is linked to usefulness! We’ll look at this below.

Anyone can now have an international business because of technology. An August 23, 2006 USA Today article entitled “Artists take paintings to masses” shows how those who have fun painting can earn extra income from around the world. The article says:

“This is a very exciting development,” says New York art collector and corporate attorney Gregory Peterson, who already had a museum-quality art collection when he discovered [Duane Keiser]’s blog. Now he has a dozen of Keiser’s paintings. “The entire method of collecting has radically changed. These days, Keiser’s blog gets hundreds of visitors a day. Nielsen BuzzMetrics, which tracks blogs based on their links by other bloggers, says Keiser’s site manages a respectable ranking of 2,714 out of the top 10,000 blogs it profiles. Justin Clayton, 31, a former video game artist in Los Angeles, says he was inspired by Keiser to quit his day job last year to make small oil paintings for his blog,, which started in January. Like Keiser, he paints still lifes, a few portraits and some landscapes, such as a row of the tops of California palm trees. Nearly everything has sold, typically for $200-$300 on eBay auctions. He’s thrilled — and surprised. Read the entire article at Artists take Paintings to Masses

This is why we focus many of our courses on helping readers develop their own second source of income. Take our publishing course as an example. The article above gives a glimmer of a new revelation in internet marketing.

When the internet first began, many businesses saw it as a tool to reach many more people, at no extra cost. This however did not work for a variety of reasons. One reason is the intense and increasing competition for attention. Most internet readers are overwhelmed with choice. They can hardly choose what to read, so they use the delete button with increasing frequency. For example, most people get dozens if not hundreds of emails a day. These messages have about one second for the subject and address of sender to capture attention. If the sender or the title do not sell the idea of opening the email, its “bye-bye message…off to the deleted electronic ethers”!

Another reason you cannot just jump on the internet and reach millions of people is the plague of spam. Readers are so fed up with messages that over them stuff that you are really lucky to get messages opened…much less read and believed.

The third downfall of the internet is doubt. There is so much unreliable information spewing over the net that readers begin to question and doubt every single thing they read. Internet messages lack the credibility of the written, printed word.

The internet however provides an even more valuable tool…a way to develop an intimate relationship with a well focused group of customers. This is why blogs are becoming so popular…they are focused and intimate.

This message looks at how real estate broker, Micky Enright, uses her publishing skills to attract real estate buyers from around the world by mixing print and electronic publishing to develop this kinship and credibility with her well focused group of readers.

A global publishing business can provide benefits in one of three ways. First, it can support an existing business, Just use it as a marketing tool. Second, it can be a product unto itself. Third, it can be both a product that is a marketing tool that leads to yet another product.

Yesterday’s message shared three websites developed from our last Writer-Self Publisher’s Camp. Each represents one of these three ideas for gaining benefits in business.

These three sites are:

Mickey’s “naplesispriceless” site is part of her plan that uses a free printed media supported by a website.

She wrote and published a very nice, full color, 48 page booklet “Naples Is Priceless” and distributes it free at the Naples Chamber of Commerce. The booklet tells about shopping, golfing and all the facilities available in Naples. Plus there is a handy map. It is a full use guide to the community. Plus of course the booklet tells about real estate, Mickey’s services and leads to her website.

Then that website keeps the reader returning because it is frequently updated so readers can keep track of what is happening to the Naples property market.

Go to her site and you will see at the home page a section that reads:

Buyers: Opportunity is Now based on my Projection for the Last Quarter of 2006

1. Summer 2005 – prices up over 50% and a hot market

2. Summer 2006 – prices steadily falling and market cooled

3. FALL 2006 – inventory increasing

4. FALL 2006 – sales decreasing

5. Buying opportunities due to large inventory in resales or new completed construction

This continual update of events keeps the potential buyer returning, which creates familiarity and trust of what Mickey shares and her services.

This is a one, two, three punch. One…attract internet reader with the free printed booklet. Two…use the booklet to get the reader to the website. Three…keep the reader returning to learn more about Naples real and Mickey’s service.

The formula has worked and helped Mickey, a single working woman in her 70s, build a family of overseas buyers (mainly from England). This has helped her become one of the top sales people at the largest real estate broker in one of the richest markets in the world. More importantly this business has expanded Mickey’s horizon, introduced her to new cultures, people and ideas than she could have ever imagined. Funny how the satisfaction is the doing and making your business and activity global is fun!

You can contact Mickey for a copy of “Naples is Priceless” at

We will look at how other delegates from our publishing course used their publications in different ways in upcoming messages. Plus you can see below how your global business can enhance your longevity as well.

As is the usual case, our October Writer’s Camp sold out early. However this course filled so quickly that we have added an extra camp to be conducted January 21 to 25, 2006 at our hotel El Meson de las Flores in Ecuador. Writing and Publishing Courses for Self Publishing.

Longevity Through Business

There are three secrets to longevity. One of the three is to remain independent, challenged, active and needed. One of the most important features found in most people who live long lives is that their old age was revered. Often people at age 100, even 110 are still active and working! Max Zimmer of Los Angeles came to the US from Austria in 1911 with only a two dollar bill. At age 103 he still had the same two-dollar bill and had built and still ran a multimillion-dollar business. One MD who specializes in anti aging points out that most centenarians seldom spend much time with doctors. When they finally get sick, they die quickly and with little expense. They depend on themselves to remain healthy not others. Having a good savings and investment plan for old age is an important factor to remaining independent. Part of that plan should be to remain independent and active! This is why Merri and I moved to our farms in North Carolina and Ecuador. We work at instilling a simple formula using all three longevity secrets in our lives. See the other two longevity secrets at Longevity – Everyday over 100 is a Gift!

Ecuador Real Estate – Fun & Beauty

Ecuador is mystical, beautiful and fun. We thank reader Eugene Price for this wonderful shot.

Join us in Ecuador and learn how to learn. Our October 12-16, 2006 course only has one room left so we have added our next Super Thinking + Spanish course for December 7 – 14, 2006. Super Thinking + Super Memory + Spanish

We live in an era of accelerating change. This makes life increasingly uncertain. We can guess, we can hope and we can pray…but what will come is beyond us. We do our best to adapt and profit through change. Some materially win. Others lose. There is one way we can all win. Have fun. Money can be taxed and real estate and stuff can be repossessed. What can never be taken away, taxed or robbed are good memories and joy from doing that which is satisfying and fun!

Until next message, may all your activities be global and fun!


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