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by | Sep 24, 2006 | Archives

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Howdy. Here I am conducting our last weekend International Business and investing Course. Just then I was talking about how to have a real global business importing roses (and showing samples just brought in from Ecuador ).

This particular day we invited everyone up to our home. It was crowded but the delegates loved it!

As you can see we are pretty casual at our courses. This may be different than most but this is what we try to share…ways to be different for fun and profit.

We bring speakers from all over the world. Here is our friend and attorney in Ecuador, Dr. Andres Cordova. He spoke on how to own property in the Galapagos.

I talked along with Thomas Fischer from Jyske Bank about global economies, markets and currencies. Here is Thomas speaking to the group.

Plus we had Steve from Ecuador talk about exports. Merri cooked, and after lunch, we all lounged on the front porch. Here are delegates enjoying a great end of summer day in the Blue Ridge. One of our horses decided to join in as you can see.

Our Appaloosa “Lucy” listens in (or does she want an apple?).

“Blaze” and “Harriet” join the course as well.

We shared a lot about international investments and global business over the three days. I believe the delegates loved it. I know one in the group was attentive. Ma, our pumpkin patch hound. Now you can see why dogs are called man’s best friend.

We thank Delegates Dr. Fred Lecheler and Ruth Tremato for these excellent photos and all those who shared their comments about the course below.

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. The whole package was great: the Blackberry that sheltered us and warmed our hearts, the informative, stimulating, life-affirming conference that opened our minds to global possibilities; the luscious, natural, wholesome, lovingly-made food that nourished us with God-given energy; the crisp, prana-filled, tree-fed mountain air that reminded us that it is a pleasure to breathe in and connect to our earth, to ourselves; and last but not least, your hospitality. Thank you.”

“Dear Gary and Merri: Please receive my most heartfelt thank you for the wonderful time I spent in NC. The countryside is picture perfect and your farm is an idyllic retreat, with pine tree forests, streams, a lagoon, and the horses and geese to wrap it up. The group was wonderful and very warm to our projects. It couldn’t have gone better. Your friend

”Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity to allow me to stay on your beautiful farm. I really enjoyed to be there. Your conference was excellent. My drive from Jefferson Landing took me 2 hrs 12 min. It was a beautiful one. We (my wife and I) safely arrived to Hungary. When we got here we learned about the Sunday night riots and turmoil. Do not worry about us the country is perfectly safe and calm. This was only a pre election political tactics. However this incident confirms my view about any government. We have to be careful and never trust any government. These recent Hungarian incident proved Garys point about diversification and about multi currency and about multi market sandwiches. Thank you very much again”.

“Good Morning Merri & Gary: I sincerely enjoyed the three days spent on your unique farm and was thoroughly motivated by the knowledge imparted during the three days.”

“ Gary, We were pleased to be able to be at the IBEZ seminar this past weekend and we enjoyed it immensely. Thanks once again.”

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