International Investments – September 2006 Emerging Market Value Analysis

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International investments can bring good value. Our friend, Michael Keppler, continually researches many emerging stock markets and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return. He compares each emerging stock market’s history and from this develops his Good Value Emerging Stock Market Strategy. His analysis is rational, mathematical and does not worry about short ups and downs.

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Lets Start with an international investments summary by looking at Keppler’s current comments on recent developments & outlook in emerging investment markets.

Emerging Markets equities continued to recover from their spring break. Last month, the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Emerging Markets Total Return Index (with net dividends reinvested, December 1988=100) gained 2.5 % in US dollars and 2.2 % in euros. The global Emerging Markets equity benchmark now stands 7.1 % below its all-time high reached at the end of April 2006.

Year-to-date, the MSCI Emerging Markets Benchmark Index is up 11.5 % in US dollars and 2.7 % in euros.

Of the three regional indices, Asia fared best with a monthly gain of 3.5 %, followed by Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), which was up 1.9 %. Latin America came in with a 1 % total return in August.

Year-to-date, Latin America is leading with a total return of 16.4 %, followed by Asia , which is up 10.8 %, while EMEA is up 9.2 %. All numbers are in US dollars if not mentioned otherwise.

Nineteen markets rose and eight markets declined last month. The best performing emerging market was Morocco, which gained 13 %. Egypt (+9.5 %) and India (+9.4 %) came in second and third.

The biggest losers over the last month were Poland (-7.8 %), Hungary (-4.6 %), and Argentina (-4.4 %).

Year to-date, twenty-three markets are higher and four markets declined. Venezuela is leading with a whopping 61 % gain, followed by Morocco (+58.8 %) and Russia (+42.3 %).

The worst performers this year have been Jordan (-20.7 %), Turkey (-13.9 %) and Israel (-9.7 %).

There is no change in our performance ratings this month.

The Top Value Model Portfolio contains eight markets – Brazil, China, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey – at equal weights.

According to Keppler’s performance ratings, these markets offer the highest expectation of risk-adjusted returns.

This month Keppler’s ratings show the low value sell candidates are Argentina, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru and South Africa.

Neutrally rated emerging markets are Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Russia Sri Lanka and Venezuela.

You can get ideas on shares in these top value emerging stock markets from Thomas Fischer at

For more details on Keppler’s analysis, contact Roderick Cameron at 1-212-245-4304 or email

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