International Investments Experience

by | Sep 19, 2006 | Archives

International investments are more profitable and are safe investments.

Gary Scott can tell you this from experience because he started traveling and investing globally in 1968. Here is what Gary says about profitable international investments.

When it comes to International Investing and Business, I know a lot…not because I am especially smart (I’m not) or superbly educated (in the classic sense I definitely am not).

What I do have though is a sense of adventure and an early start. That’s a photo of my first passport above and here is the first stamp when I entered Hong Kong issued May 2, 1968 over 38 years ago.

I have been out there since I was 21 making mistakes, doing some things right, some things wrong and learning all along.

Sometimes this experience helps me do pretty well. For example, the Emerging Asia Equities Portfolio I developed ten months and thirteen days ago is now up over 80%. That’s world class results. See Borrow Low Deposit High – How to Use the Multicurrency Sandwich.

Knowing a lot means I also know that sometimes I’ll lose as well. Anyone who suggests differently (that they never lose) is either inexperienced or honesty challenged. After all, even Warren Buffet lost over a billion dollars one year!

This is why my websites, courses and services try to look at rewards as well as the risks in international business and international investing.

Our North Carolina course this September is now filled up (we sold out all the hotels in town), but we have an information filled schedule for the rest of the year and into 2007. (However, there is still space left in October…those who book first can stay here with us on the farm. In November, those who book first will be staying of course with us at El Meson de las Flores.)

For those who would like to have the freedom to earn anywhere in the world we have a few spaces left for our October 2-6, 2006 Self Publishers and Writers Camp in North Carolina. See Writing and Publishing Courses for Self Publishing

Then November 9-12, 2006 we’ll join up with Jyske Bank again for the last International Investing and Business Course this year. See International Business and Investing Made EZ – Ecuador

In 2007 we start our year of courses with a focus on health. One of the most important lessons I have learned is we all need to take care of ourselves and have good health care. Good health is the foundation of wealth. You may have noticed in the photo above there was a time when I was waistline challenged (at age 21, I weighed 220 pounds).

We’ll share weight management and health lessons I learned during my travels that helped me lose 60 pounds and keep that weight off for 39 years. Here I am a couple of weeks ago standing in front of one of my paintings and one of my flower arrangements (I grew the flowers as well) still wearing the same size jeans I wore in high school.

This is what our sites, courses and services try to do, look at the whole picture…how to have fulfillment, good passions, interests, good health and wealth plus the ability to live work and travel where we want anywhere in the world.

So we’ll learn from one of the best healers I have ever met in January. See Ayurvedic Cleanse

Then next we’ll find out ways to tap into knowledge beyond our logic. See Vedic Astrology in Ecuador

And in February 2007 our import – export expedition will share ways to spot earning opportunity in Ecuador or wherever you choose. See Gary & Merri Scott’s Import/Export Expedition in Ecuador

If you have a sense of adventure and believe the sun always shines somewhere, join Merri and me. We look forward to sharing what we have learned in our global travels for nearly four decades with you.