International Investments – September 2006 International Investments Major Market Value Analysis

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Spotting good international investments requires spotting good value. Our friend, Michael Keppler, continually researches many international major stock markets and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return. He compares each major stock market’s history. From this he develops his Good Value Major Stock Market Strategy. His analysis is rational, mathematical and does not worry about short ups and downs.

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First let’s update international investments with a summary of Keppler’s current comments on recent developments & outlook in international major equity markets.

Last month the major stock markets recovered strongly, achieving their highest monthly returns since November last year. The MSCI World Total Return Index (with net dividends reinvested, December 1984=100) gained 2.6 % both in local currencies and in US dollars and 2.3 % in euros.

Year-to-date (through the end of August), the MSCI World Total Return Index gained 6.1 % in local currencies, 9.5 % in US dollars and 0.9 % in euros.

All eighteen markets covered here advanced in August.

Denmark (+6.2 %), Belgium and the Netherlands (both up 4.5 %) performed best.

Norway (+0.2 %), the United Kingdom (+0.5 %) and Austria (+0.7 %) performed worst.

Year-to-date, all major markets covered here remain in positive territory, with Norway (+15.3 %), Spain (+14.3 %) and Hong Kong (+13.1 %) gaining most.

Japan (+2.2 %), Austria (+3.7 %) and Sweden (+3.9 %) came in at the bottom of the 8-month performance ranking. All performance numbers are in local currencies unless mentioned otherwise.

There is one change in Keppler’s performance ratings this month: Denmark is downgraded to “Sell” from “Neutral”.

The Top Value Model Portfolio, which is not affected by the change, contains Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, the Netherlands and Singapore at equal weights. Keppler’s current ratings suggest that these markets offer the highest expectation of risk-adjusted returns.

SELL CANDIDATES of Low Value are Austria, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Switzerland, U.S.A.

NEUTRALLY RATED MARKETS are Australia, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

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For more details on Keppler’s analysis, contact Roderick Cameron at 1-212-245-4304 or email

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“Since most accommodations have not had their business practices verified by an independent third-party, we’ve developed a list of questions for consumers to ask hoteliers before booking:

“Ask the hotel or lodge that you contact if they have an environmental or sustainability policy. If they don’t know, or if it’s not in their marketing materials or on their website, then it probably means they don’t have one.

“Ask them how they identify, measure and manage their contributions to environmental conservation, socio-cultural preservation, and community economic development? What specifically have they done to protect the environment?

“Do they work with any local non-profits? Which ones?

Ask them how they benefit the local communities where they operate. Do they only hire local people for entry level as well as managerial positions? Do they purchase locally grown or organic food from local farmers? Do they hire local guides?

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Until next message, good international investing and international business!


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