International Investments Portfolio Review

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International investments take many forms. To help everyone see what can be done we periodically look at Merri’s and my international investments portfolio. We do not suggest that this should be your international investments portfolio. We only hope that sharing why and how we make changes can help you direct your financial planner and affairs.

Natural Health Tip – Bach Flower
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First let’s look at our international investments. We have made numerous changes in our portfolio since our last review.

We have added shares in the Jyske Invest Turkish Equity Fund.
We have added shares in the Jyske Invest Market Neutral Hedge Fund.
We have swapped half our Swiss franc debt for Czech koruna debt.
We sold our Singapore shares in Hyflux Water.
We liquidated a portion of our Jyske Bank Shares.
Australian bonds matured.

So here is the portfolio breakdown now.

InvestmentDescription Currency Int. Rate Maturity % of Portfolio
Current account US$4.500%  
Current account Brit Pds.4.000%  
Current account NOK2.000%  
Current account AUD5.125%  
Cert. Deposit US$5.110%  
3 Month Money Mkt. US$5.205%  
Cash Total     12%
SharesBank of FloridaUS$   
SharesJyske BankDKK   
Shares Total     5%
Mutual FundJyske Invest Latin America FundUSD   
Mutual FundJyske Invest Eastern Europe FundEUR   
Mutual FundJyske Invest German Equity FundEUR   
Mutual FundJyske Japanese Stocks    
Mutual FundJyske Invest CHINA    
Mutual FundJyske Invest INDIA    
Mutual FundJyske Invest FAR EAST    
Mutual FundJyske Invest Favorite Stocks    
Mustual FundJyske Invest Market Neutral Fund    
Mutual FundJyske Invest Turkey Equity Fund    
Mutual Fund Total     13%
BondGreat Belt BondsDKK4.000%20.12.2006 
BondBritish TelecomGBP7.125%07.12.2006 
BondLandwirt. RentbankAUD4.500%28.12.2006 
BondNorway S467NOK6.750%15.01.2007 
BondRabobank NLUSD4.875%23.01.2007 
BondCouncil of EuropeUSD4.875%23.01.2007 
BondWestpac Trust NZNZD6.000%05.03.2007 
BondNederl. GemeentenUSD5.000%22.03.2007 
BondFord Credit CanadaGBP7.250%07.12.2007 
BondSwedish Export CreditNZD6.250%19.12.2007 
BondDresdner BankEUR4.000%19.01.2007 
BondLandwirt. RentenbankAUD5.500%16.04.2007 
BondHungary Governm.HUF6.250%12.06.2007 
BondScandinavian AirlinesEUR6.000%20.06.2008 
BondSpintab SWESEK5.000%18.06.2008 
BondDeutsche TelekomUSD3.875%22.07.2008 
BondNRW BankNZD6.500%26.08.2008 
BondVolkswagen Intl. FinanceNOK5.000%10.11.2008 
BondRabobank NLCAD4.250%05.01.2009 
BondEuropean Investment BKTRY10.000%28.01.2011 
BondHungary Govern.HUF6.750%12.02.2013 
BondBrazil GVTBRL12.500%05.01.2016 
Bond Total     31%
LeverageInvest Loan Swiss Franc2.750% -5%
 Invest LoanCzech Koruna3.125% -5%
Metal Total    3%
Farm & Commercial Properties    46%

Breakdown by Investment Type

 Last ReviewNow
Current and CDS15%12%
Mutual Funds1%13%
Real Estate45%45%

Breakdown by Currency

Brit. Pd.10%
Danish kroner7%
Norway kroner3%
Aust. $2%
Japan yen2%
Swede kroner1%
Canada $1%
Swiss franc-5.0%
Czech Koruna-5.0%

We continue to add equities and emerging market investments as our bond portfolio matures.

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This portfolio may seem an unusual way to store wealth that diverges from the norm. I believe that the leading edge is good and that by following logic and our hearts instead of blindly and unquestionably tracking the path (and hidden agendas) of the establishment, our lives and good fortunes have been enhanced.

Natural Health Tip – Bach Flower

We do the same for our health and use natural forms of illness avoiders such as Musical therapy and Bach Flower remedies. It is my belief that this has paid off as well. We feel good, look younger than our years, have tons of energy, no medical bills and no illness. Readers have been sharing their joys gained from these ancient techniques of good health as well.

One reader shared: “Dear Gary, Thanks so much for writing about Bach’s remedies today…For years and years during my son’s illness, I used Rescue Remedy and Star of Bethlehem among others. I have fond memories of taking my daughter, Christina, to the store with me to get them and how we would spend so much time talking about the different flowers and how they could help us. I hope others try Bach’s remedies, as well. Again, loved the piece on Bach’s remedies! Have a great day!”

Others wrote about the healing qualities of music.

“Gary, good article on music. The healing benefits can be amazing. Music can even work with pets. My dogs are a lot happier when we are listening to Bach than when we listen to rock-n-roll, e.g. And I’m really into the Bach remedies and flower essences. (By the way, the names are not the same. Edward Bach’s last name is pronounced “baysh”…). Looking forward to taking your superlearning class sometime soon.”

Merri and I have found this to be true. Our pumpkin patch hound hates having baths. When she hears the water running she begins to shiver. When we open the bathing tap, Ma begins to shiver until we turn on the Bach Largo. Then she calms right down.

Here is an insight from a radio broadcaster: Gary I love your insights into music. I work at WUSF Public Broadcasting (, where the format is classical music, jazz and NPR programming. It’s a great place to work and I’m inspired daily through the music and the positive experience we’re able to offer the community. Thanks for your inspiration!

Merri and I thank all of you for sharing and include another article about Bach Flower Remedies from our good friend, Jeanette Henning of Copenhagen.

How Edward Bach Discovered the 38 Flower Remedies
Jeanette Henning
Registered Bach Practitioner

I find the story of how Dr. Bach discovered the 38 Bach Flower Remedies TM, deeply touching, in the way he thought it as his life mission to help his fellow human beings. He also generously spread his experience and discoveries around both to colleagues and doctors in order to inform about the way to self help and cure.

Dr. Bach’s philosophy that “real” curing was to treat the patient and not the illness or disease. This shows a perception of health and illness in an overall system of connections. He saw that the patient’s temperament was the most important indication of the necessary treatment.

Edward Bach was born in England in 1886. At 19 years of age he started studying medicine, a study he completed in 1912. He became an acknowledged – at that time – and successful and very skillful doctor and scientist.

In his work he discovered that the seeds of many chronic diseases were in the enteritis. So he developed a vaccine produced from enteritis germs, which by injection could help certain chronic illnesses.

But he wasn’t quite satisfied with just using vaccines, they were produced from weakened microorganisms and had to be injected, which caused pain.

After having tried several methods, including production of homoeopathic preparations, Dr. Bach finally realized, that he had to leave London. He went to Wales to find what he felt was his inner mission. That seeking led to the discovery of the first three plants: Mimulus, Clematis and Impatiens, later known as a part of the 38 Bach’s Flower Remedies TM.

For some time Bach treated his patients exclusively with these three plants. They worked surprisingly well and this helped him know, that this was what he was looking for. In the thirties he gave up his lucrative clinic in London’s famed Harley Street. He moved to Wales and devoted himself to the task of finding the rest of the plants for a natural method of curing without damage.

Jeanette offers a Bach analysis program that includes an email or telephone interview and creation of a personalized Bach formula. These simple, all natural Bach Flower Remedies can provide relief and balance. For more details, write to Jeanette at

You can read Jeanette’s previous article about Bach Flower remedies at The Ways of Bach

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