International Investments in Czech Equities with Czech Koruna Loans

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International investments that are leveraged can be millionaire makers as this message shows.

This is the fourth and last message in a series about a new international investments Borrow Low – Deposit High opportunity borrowing the Czech koruna.

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First here is one profitable type of MultiCurrency Sandwich portfolio of international investments is one with minimal currency risk. In this instance you can borrow Czech koruna for 3.75% and invest in Czech equities. See why these international investments may be good right here:

The other messages in this series looked at borrowing koruna and investing in euro denominated bonds. Yield potential was between 9.62% and 16.70%. These are attractive returns for bond investment but many of our recent messages have shown that this is perhaps a better time to invest in shares rather than bonds. This could be especially true of Czech shares as they have risen strongly over the last decade.

In the past five years, for example the main PX Index of the Prague Stock Exchange has risen from 372 (in 2001) to 1451. That’s an increase of 2.9 times.

You can learn more about the Prague Stock Exchange at
Prague Stock Exchange statistics are at

Assume (as in yesterday’s message), you invest $100,000 and borrow $200,000 more in Czech koruna at 3.75% and bought Czech shares that performed as well over the next five years.

The $300,000 would grow to $870,000. Your loan costs would be $37,500. Your profit after interest would be $732,500 on $100,000 of cash invested.

That is a pretty nice profit!

There are numerous risks. First, the shares you invest in could drop in value instead of rise. There is no guarantee that the Czech economy or Czech shares will rise as quickly in the next five years. Leverage accelerates any loss. Interest rates could also rise. Finally the koruna could fall in value reducing the profit or creating a loss on the $100,000 invested.

If you take this approach be sure to choose the right shares. Currently the Jyske Invest Eastern European Equity Fund has three Czech shares in its portfolio. They are:
Ceske Energeticke Zavody CZK 4.36%
Telefonica 02 Czech Republic A CZK 1.86%
Unipetrol CZK 0.60%

You can get further information on how to have a Czech koruna loan and Czech shares from Thomas Fischer at

Another alternative is to borrow koruna and invest the loan in the Jyske Invest Eastern European Equity Fund which is invested in three Czech shares. You add some forex risk (and profit potential) because this fund is invested in other Eastern European currencies such as the Russian Ruble, Hungarian Florin and such.

In exchange you gain safety from diversifying into more than one equity market though you remain focused in the one region. This Jyske Fund has also performed really well in the last five years, up from 110 euro to 500 euro since 2001. That’s an increase of 3.54 times.

Assume you invest $100,000 and borrow $200,000 more in Czech koruna at 3.75% and invest in this fund that performs as well over the next five years.

The $300,000 would grow to $1,062,000. Your loan costs would be $37,500. Your profit after interest would be $1,024,500 on $100,000 of cash invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future profits. In fact such high performance should not be expected. The four major Eastern European markets, (Czech Republic , Poland , Russia and Hungary) are now all neutrally rated by Keppler Asset Management (as you will see in tomorrow’s message).

Be sure you review the risks with your banker or financial consultant before making this type of investment.

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Ecuador Real Estate – Ecuador is Not a Taxing Place to Be

International business can bring some excellent tax advantages. Learn more about the tax, asset protection and profitability advantages in self publishing at Writing and Publishing Courses for Self Publishing

One important consideration when looking to live or have an international business in another country is how you will be taxed.

Recently a reader asked if retirement income is exempt in Ecuador? He wanted to know if Ecuador is like many retirement or re-entrenchment offshore lower-cost living locales … where they want to tax ALL incomes?

The reply below from our friend and attorney Dr. Andres Cordova is encouraging.

“Dear Gary: With regards to foreigners and taxation in Ecuador, we must distinguish if their income has an Ecuadorian source or not. Income from Ecuadorian sources, with few exceptions, is subject to income tax in Ecuador. For example, if the foreigner is paid by an Ecuadorian company, or if he receives rents from real estate in Ecuador, etc. Foreign residents in Ecuador who receive income from pension funds, stocks, or any other non Ecuadorian source need not pay taxes in Ecuador regarding such foreign income. I should note that the profits had in the eventual sale of real estate in Ecuador pay no taxes either. Kind regards, Andrés

May all your investments and adventures wherever they are be not taxing as well!

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