International Investments in Czech Bonds of Medium Maturity

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International investments offer greater potential when leveraged and the five Borrow Low-Deposit High model international investment portfolios we track are up an average 24% on an equal weighted basis. The Emerging Asian equity portfolio is up over 84% even though this last year had the second worst emerging equity market crash in a decade.

This is the third message in a series about a new Borrow Low – Deposit High opportunity borrowing the Czech koruna has emerged.

You can read messages #1 and #2 in the series at International Investments – Out of the Czech Kroner (Koruna) and International Investments in Czech Bonds of Short Maturity

The ultimate sandwich opportunity is an overly strong currency (the koruna may be) that has a lower borrowing rate than the deposit rate of a perhaps overly weak currency (the euro in this case). The koruna is at an all time high versus the euro. You can borrow koruna for 3.75%. You can earn over 5% in very short term euro denominated bonds.

Yesterday’s message looked at borrowing koruna and investing the loan in short term euro denominated bonds that were yielded between 5% and 6%. The return is an attractive 9.62% and very low risk of default or capital loss on bonds that all mature in less than two years.

You can get further information on how to have a Czech koruna loan from Thomas Fischer at

A downside, if you are using Jyske Bank, is that their loan fee of 1% covers 5 years. This reduces profits on short term positions like this. If you buy short term bonds after they mature, you can pay off the loan. You still have the loan available fro three or four years, but the loan fee will have reduced your income in that first year. The return is still attractive but profits can be extended substantially if you invest in euro denominated bonds of greater maturity.

Take these five bonds as an example. Assume (as in yesterday’s message), you invest $100,000 and borrow $200,000 more. The investment and loan is invested $60,000 in each of these five bonds.

CurrencyMaturityBondAppx. Yield as of Sept. 11, 2006
EUR15/03/2011INVENSYS PLC6.73%
EUR03/07/2013GENERAL MOTORS8.86%
EUR01/05/2016NORDIC TEL CO HL7.89%
EUR15/05/2016FS FUNDING9.17%
Total annual return on $300,000
Loan cost on $200,000 in koruna at 3.75%
$ 7,500
Annual return after interest cost

Your annual net return before fees shoots from 9.62% to 16.90%. This is a really high return on bonds that are quite safe. However this return is not as safe as the bonds with shorter maturity dates. There is increased risk of bond defaults with the longer maturity. Plus there is greater capital risk from rising euro interest rates. There is a good chance that euro interest rates will rise in the next few years making these bonds less valuable.

Another increased risk is that the value of the koruna will fall in the short term (due to political uncertainty mentioned in the first message of this series) but then rise in value versus the euro.

However, smart bond traders can make money in three ways if economic events cooperate.

There is a chance that euro interest rates will fall (so these bonds will appreciate), the koruna will drop plus an investor in the position makes earns the higher positive carry.

Say, for example, the koruna dropped 10% versus the euro over the next year and that euro interest rates drop and these bonds rise 10% in value. This position first earns the $16,908 of interest income (after interest costs).

The reduced koruna means that it would only cost $180,000 to pay off the loan next year. Plus the bonds would be worth $30,000 more!

If this were the case the profit would be $66,908. That’s a 66.90% profit potential.

We do not know if this will happen. This portfolio does have greater risk than the safer portfolio we viewed yesterday. Should you take the extra risk? If you can afford to lose more, talk to your banker or financial advisor to see which risk reward scenario best fits you.

Don’t run off and invest yet! We have two more messages in this scenario. Each has even great profit potential. Yes they also have increased chances of loss, but the return potential starts to reach “knock your socks off” territory. Stay tuned and see tomorrow’s message that looks at investing in US dollar bonds with borrowed koruna.

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There is a ready group of people in every town that cater to weddings–anyone can join them, if you know where to find them and how to become a helpful member of the team. This is the basis of my marketing approach. I learned how to befriend the wedding vendors and give them what they needed. This provided a basis for many referrals and my growing popularity as a wedding photographer.

This works great for anyone who wants to move to a place and stay. I can certainly show anyone the steps they can take to become famous for wedding photography in the town where they choose to live. I am happy to share what I know about wedding photography and know it will be a passionate discussion. Here is what I teach:

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I know a ton about this. Wedding photography can be very profitable, for those willing to take on a lot of work. I am happy to give my experiences for taking the best photos and for marketing and selling within the wedding photography business. My approach is not as aggressive as some photographers, but relies on consistently delivering above and beyond my client’s expectations and on building solid relationships with the other wedding vendors with whom I work. The approach is slow but solid; in three years time I have risen to the top of my profession in Richmond and DC.

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There are two more benefits here. First, you get to be involved in such a joyous service. Few events are so important as weddings. Second, there are few ways to quickly be able to rub shoulders with celebrities and important people like Todd has done.

Photo by Todd Smith

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Until next message, good international investing and international business!


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