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Cash in on the Business Evolutionary Cycle

Here is a way to really become free through your own international self-publishing business.

Creating permanent, self-fulfilling wealth, from the ordinary, is a concept that evolved for me and began an international self publishing business decades ago.

One of the seeds was planted in a personal tragedy…losing a friend over 40 years ago. His name was Jim. We were seventeen, ready to graduate. Our lives were open books. Nothing but excitement and good things were ahead. Or so it had seemed. Jim’s Mom and Dad helped him have a car, shiny and fast, beyond Jim’s experience and skill. He crashed it on his way home from the senior prom. Our graduation ceremony was greatly diminished by his loss.

This sad story taught me an inescapable fact about attaining freedom. The faster we go, the better we have to be at whatever we are doing fast.

Success in anything requires that we start slow and develop inner growth and skills to keep up with increasing speed. The bigger a tree, the deeper its roots. The more howling a hurricane, the more quiet the eye of its storm.

Yet as our modern pace accelerates, the world seems to ignore this fact. External events create dramatic opportunities everywhere.

For example, when I moved to Hong Kong three decades ago, most investors did not know a Hong Kong stock exchange existed. Today the Heng Seng Index is quoted in all types of local daily papers, (even USA Today), along with dozens of stock markets. The investment industry has increased our choice of places to invest exponentially every year! Yet does the financial industry focus on the inner aspects of wealth?

The speed of opportunity has quickened. Just decades ago, a computer that processed a million bits of information cost a million bucks. Today the same computer cost $20 and can process hundreds of years of past information and forecast weeks, months even years, into the future in seconds. The Internet allows us to tap markets, stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, even real estate, in real time, 24 hours a day. We can buy or sell, day or night, almost anything with turn-around times measured in seconds. How can we learn to cope with the detrimental parts of our personality, such as greed and fear, when we are in such an incredibly rapid motion? We are so bombarded with global news, information, facts, figures. How can we figure out how much to use and which fits into our lives? Where can we learn to enhance inner strengths to make sure our wealth remains steady and helps us feel good? How can we gain sufficient wisdom to use this enormous power given to us?

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Several years ago, I wrote a report comparing tactics of some of the most successful investment managers around the world. To my surprise all of them used varied and differing tactics. Some managers never left their offices and relied entirely on numbers. Others would never invest in a company unless they had met the management and visited the plant, etc. A deeper analysis revealed that, despite these surface differences, all successful managers thought for themselves (rather than followed the market) and continually searched for value and believed in what they did. They all had three external activities which they combined with two inner strengths. The external activities were searching for value, developing contrarian thought and spotting innovative positions.

These three external investment activities of being a contrarian, searching for value and recognizing the importance of innovation are all linked in a way to understanding current and future value. For example, since most markets are usually overbought or oversold, a contrarian by nature is looking at markets that will tend to offer better value. Studying the nature of countries and how they have adapted to innovation helps understand which countries will become more competitive and thus have markets offering better value.

There are dozens of books authored by some of the greatest investors in the world (such as Warren Buffet and George Soros) with thousands of pages on how to develop these value related, external skills.

But if millions of these books have been read, why aren’t the readers all rich? Perhaps the books failed to show how to develop the two inner aspects of genuine confidence and enthusiasm which all long term successful managers have.

The way to develop genuine confidence is to understand the enormous power we already have within. We are made of atoms and we are natural living beings. Incredible success is natural and should not be something unusual nor special. We all possess the ability to gain extraordinary abundance through the process of our ordinary living each and every day.

Wise ones have been telling us this fact almost since society began.

We do not have to do something special or different to become rich. The pure beauty in living our regular, daily activities can bring us unimaginable wealth. In fact my studies of truly successful people have found that the real success of extraordinary investors and business people lay in their ordinariness. They profit even as they walk out onto a street and spot a new item in a store, or order some new type of meal in a restaurant. Their success comes from within, a deep, intuitive spark. “Here is something people will want or here is a business that can grow,” they will say. They feel the reason why there will be success because they are in touch with that which is ordinary within!

Then they apply their measures, numbers, etc. to integrate their external disciplines with the internal strengths they possess.

Wealth comes from learning how to tap the quantum knowledge which is within us all and applying this wisdom to the financial knowledge that we already possess.

Be what you are. Just be it better and clearer! Look at the process more. There are millions just like you who buy, sell. These are your markets, unique and better for you than any others. Understanding yourself is understanding an entire world. Knowing and really feeling this fact is the source of genuine confidence.

Huge institutions spend billions in market research to have confidence that their marketing strategies and products are right. Yet the best market research in the world is yours free when you simply look within.

The second inner strength of enthusiasm is a natural gift from the universe. All you have to do to receive it is to invest in being what you are. Do what you love! If you have passion for the outdoors, don’t invest in things that require all your time in an office. If you love oceans, invest in the sea. Don’t buy land in a desert. Do what you feel good about and your investments will become larger than just the bottom line. This is the way to ask the questions. Nature has given us pain and pleasure to be our 1 and 0 as we compute what we want to do.

Balance and combining the inner with that which lays outside are the keys. Inspired Investors are not lazy nor do they receive without giving first. They do not ignore the physical matters which living on this earth in our human form require. The accounting, the calculations, the diversification and such all have their place in the continuing process of remaining rich. But Inspired Investors also understand that their greatest wealth is readily available. Then they achieve a balance of the outer and inner realms. Combine the miracles and talents that lay within you. By all means study how to be a better investor or business person each and every day. Use the benefits of modern technology.

Create a common sense approach to searching for good value in whatever you do. Develop external disciplines. Don’t spend more than you have.

Hire professionals to help you study the markets. Even study economics and finance if you wish. But match each of these external steps by also looking within.

You are unique. You are a fountain of wealth…get to know yourself better. Tap the incredible power, knowledge and experience you already have. Your wealth not only will grow, but will become better, an everlasting flood of abundance that makes your ordinary journey through life an extraordinary process you’ll never want to end.

We can tap this power through a simple evolutionary cycle of investing and business. I call this the Business Evolutionary Cycle:

Get an idea that leads to enthusiasm.
Let the enthusiasm lead to an education.
Let the education lead to action.
The action will create a profit or loss and experience.
The experience will lead to more ideas.

The cycle repeats, going deeper, getting wiser and being more fulfilled! In short grow, as all things in nature, one step at a time, move slowly but continuously. Never jump too fast but never give up. Keep growing!

This is why I share ideas, not recommendations at this site. My goal here is to help you do what you love so you’ll become immersed in this cycle. Since my goals may different dramatically to yours, I may have higher or lower risk tolerance, I may have more or less money I can afford to lose, I may know more or less about any particular subject.

Most important, my idea of fun may differ from yours.

So use this evolutionary business and investing cycle for fun and until next message, good global business and investing!


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