International Investments Warning – Beware of Stock Alert Spam Scams

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International Investments can be millionaire makers, but they are not too good to be true. Global growth just happens to be more dynamic than in the West now. This is why we want to warn you there is a new form of international investment spam scam working the net. So far spam filters have not been able to stop them.

If you are like me, you may be getting dozens a day. This scam is outlined below but you can reach our

Natural Health Tip – Natural Beauty of the Senses

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International Investments Spam Scam Warning

These new scams are working technically because they present themselves as a graphic file rather than text.

Second, many of THEM get opened because they are sent with innocuous names and subjects that make them seem like they should be read.

For example this morning I had one from Penelope Smith. The Subject was Pkwy. I opened it thinking it might have something to do with a seminar delegate coming to our farm down the Blue Ridge Parkway. The actual message was a “stock alert” spam scam recommending stock in a company called National Health Care at 24 cents a share. In fact I had seven messages in one morning touting that share. Do not pay heed to these stock alerts! These spammed messages are cons, rip-offs, scams and frauds.

A recent BBC article warns about these pump and dump schemes and how even some semi legitimate firms are getting in the act. The article entitled “Firms targeted in spam share scam” says: “The US financial regulator has warned about “pump-and-dump” – Spammers hoping to manipulate the stock market have begun approaching firms, offering to raise their share price in exchange for a percentage fee. Security experts at Sophos say they have uncovered an e-mail offering a free one-day trial to company bosses.

“So-called ‘pump-and-dump’ spam asks recipients to buy cheap shares, which then rise in value, making money for spammers who already hold stock. Sophos says the scam has grown from 0.8% to 15% of spam since early 2005. Recent research by academics in the UK and the US into share spamming revealed that recipients of spam e-mails could lose 8% of their investment in just two days. Conversely, spammers who already hold stock in the companies they ‘pump’ could see a return of between 4.9% and 6% for their efforts.” Read the entire articles at Firms targeted in spam share scam

Most of you know that these messages are scams. The point we should examine today is that the real reason they are coming in such volume is they work! Investors actually buy into these shams. How can they?

The answer can help us learn about ourselves so we become better investors. To understand better let me tell you a story about our pumpkin patch hound, Ma. Here she is walking in an Ecuadorian Andean valley with Merri.

Ma is superbly trained. She has an AKC Good Citizens certificate and much, much more. She is a registered Service Dog also. Some of the things she does are amazing. We began her training with food. Each time she performed an action, we wanted her to perform, we gave her food. The sense of satisfaction from the food reinforced the action.

Here is the neat trick. At the moment I gave her food, I also made a noise with a clicker. After a while the clicker gave Ma the same sense of satisfaction as the food. Her mood can change with just…click.

We humans react in similar ways. Take sweet music and sweet memories. We are especially affected by music that we were hearing in our formative years (often our teens). There is even a term for this called “cohort synchronization”. If we heard the music when we were doing something satisfying, that music becomes sweet to us. It links our chemistry to that music. 40 years later, if we hear the same song, we get the same sense of satisfaction, shift into the same mood as the memory, even though we probably cannot remember the event that is related to the music.

It is our neural pathways that create the satisfaction, not memory and not the music. Here is the rub. We live in a highly materialistic culture where people are measured by external marks of success, big house, big car, lots of travel, lots of money, fame, etc. We are surrounded and indoctrinated into this concept that even the thought of these things improves our moods. Big car…click. Big house…click. More money…click. Hot stock will make you rich…click!

A huge part of the population is clicked on having more without any understanding of the process. Oriental medicine views obesity as a problem of starvation. The overeating is trying to fill a void in his or her nutrition. Compulsive spenders who always need more, bigger and better are trying to fill a void in their lives. This is what makes them vulnerable to scams. They are buying the excitement…the chase. The process that they think will make them rich.

Our lacking is our vulnerability. The scam artists know this all to well.

This is why our business and self publishing-writers courses all begin with the idea of turning your passion into profit. When you do what you love to make money instead of making money to do what you love, things start to balance and you become immune to con artists and their spam scams and such.

A good business is fulfilling to the person or persons running it. Fulfillment goes beyond happiness. Happiness in Western society is hooked on the idea that events and/or circumstances are required. For example, most would think that their business or investment has to make tons of money to be happy.

Fulfillment brings contentment for no reason other than this is what we enjoy doing.

Yes, the business also has to serve. Offering win-win is a natural part of any fulfilling process. Anyone who takes without giving will quickly find resistance and animosity which by its nature cannot fulfill.

Business has to make a profit. This is the nature of the animal, but the real driving force, the factor that makes a small business last is the fulfillment from the process by the entrepreneur. Next time you are looking at an investing or business idea, ask, will this be rewarding and fulfilling, rather than or at least in addition to asking how much can I make.

Numerous studies have shown that there is little difference in the variance in happiness between those who have just their basic needs and those who are extremely rich. Look for the fulfillment before you look for the money. You’ll be happier. The irony is when you do this you usually make more money as well.

Natural Beauty of the Senses

The importance of fulfillment in investing and business is one reason we started this series on “The Glow of Total Beauty” an article written by Melina L. Takvorian (PhD)*
International Investments in Eastern Europe Makes Sense for part one.
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Investments in Global Micro Focus for part four.

Attaining balance brings beauty. Balance also helps immunize us from scams.

This is the last segment of Dr Takvorian’s article. “Beyond “mental beauty” lies a yet more concrete layer, that of the senses. The five human senses establish our connection to the world around, supplying our minds and hearts with all types of information – wanted and unwanted! With Ayurveda, the beauty of the senses takes on different proportions. For example, beautiful eyes are not measured by the size and shape of the eyes, the color of the iris or the thickness of the eyelashes! It is rather the quality of clarity and depth that the eye can behold…

Ayurved explains that the beauty of the eye depends on healthy vision, and vision, in its turn, can only result from good levels of shukra dhatu. Carak explains that the individual who has the right quantities of the right quality of shukra dhatu will have the most beautiful eyes… Ayurved has a wide array of herbal rasayanas that help heal and maintain the balance of the senses, bringing about beauty. For example, a melodious voice is a beautiful voice, and Ayurved recommends the use of Greater Galangal root to support the vibrational activities of the vocal chords. Or the skin. Ayurved has a myriad of formulations that help balance, nourish, lubricate the skin. One particular herbal rasayana is queen amongst all: Sensitive Plant is a powerful herb that helps nourish the tactile nerve endings and help maintain sensorial balance. The sense of touch thrives on healthy skin and proper tactile sensitivity depends on healthy nerve endings that carry the messages from the dermal surface to the processing centers of the nervous system.

Maintaining the health of the five senses is essential. Sensuality is an essential aspect of human existence. It cannot be in balance if any of the senses are experiencing hardships. Vaidya Mishra explains that one particular herb, Mucuna, also known as kapikacchu, supports the sensual dimension. Nutmeg is another powerful spice that supplies strength and stamina to sensual activities. Both of these lend themselves to transdermal absorption. This makes them ideal for targeted local dermal applications.

Last but not least, Vaidya Mishra talks about “physical beauty” which is the aspect of beauty we tend to focus on exclusively nowadays. He explains that while “spiritual beauty” may be the “source” of beauty, the physical body is its foundation. A beautiful physique can be maintained through the proper care of the physical body – regular exercise, good diet, balanced sleep/rest and work routine.

One of the most essential aspects of physical beauty is the skin. While stature and overall dimensions are more or less permanent givens, it is possible to enhance the quality of skin with the proper herbal rasayanas. There is a long list of herbs that Vaidya Mishra highly prizes and uses in his formulations as an expert ayurvedic dermatologist. He explains how important it is for these herbs to be present in a skin care beauty product for that product to be effective and ayurvedically authentic.

While all five levels of beauty must be addressed individually in order to result in total beauty, it is important to give particular attention to the source that generates the possibility of beauty by generating the impulse of life itself. Taking care of the physical body is necessary as this is the foundation upon which all else rests. There can be no total beauty without the physical body, and total beauty glows when we are spiritually disciplined, and physically, emotionally and mentally balanced.

Ecuador Wows Em

Balance and happiness also comes from being in the right place. Here is what two delegates who just completed the five day Super Thinking + Spanish shared with us:

“WOW. WOW. That pretty well sums up our feelings about our trip to Ecuador, Cotacachi, El Meson, the staff, and, for that matter, everything. First of all, we loved it. We just plain loved it. Steve and Mauricio did an OUTSTANDING job with the course. Just OUTSTANDING. They both have the patience of Jobe.

“No, we are not ‘fluent’ in Spanish, nor did we expect to be in five days. We are, however, a LOT further ahead with our learning curve than we were before we left, and with practice, I truly believe we can be ‘fluent’ in a matter of a few weeks. Sharan is dreaming in Spanish !!

“The hotel is beautiful. It was like having our own private staff – and we loved that.

“Cotacachi and the surrounding towns were beautiful. We left a small economic impact on them. Steve was a delight to work with and to spend time with. You and Gary are lucky to have found him. He seems very dedicated and committed to the two of you, to the hotel, to the hotel staff, and to the guests. In these days, I consider a person like Steve to be a rare find. I used to use the words, ‘righteous hire’ to describe employees like Steve, and I didn’t use them very often! Blessings,


Places can make us happy as this reader shared with her happy shots. Please send me yours as well and have a great weekend!


This reader from Canada wrote: Hi Gary , Here in beautiful British Columbia we enjoy hiking in the fall for the crisp clean air and lack of bugs. These 2 photos are of Wapta Falls near Golden on the Kicking Horse River and myself posing for a shot after a short mile hike to the falls. What a wonderful day I had with my husband Paul and another couple who we have recently met from New Zealand . Much love to you all and see you in November!

P.S. Happiness is also grandkids!!!!

Our vet daughter, Cinda, and her husband, David, are happy that their first child, our first granddaughter, was born at 10:20 am yesterday. Congratulations David and Cinda!