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International investments in your own small business are the ultimate retirement protection and safest inflation hedge. I was thinking about this years ago at Chapters, a multi story, mega book store in Vancouver B.C. Golden hues of autumn were shining through the upper window. Shoppers were treading library quiet, their soft footsteps broken only by the frothy hiss of a cappuccino machine. This was a crisp day in Canada and I sat armed only with a latte and the knowledge that a crowd would appear. I was waiting for a book signing to begin. Book signings can be really lonely events. I did not feel alone and knew that readers would come. Nearly 80 people appeared. We sold many books because I had adapted to and was taking advantage of technology induced change.

This message looks first at how your own full or part time international business can set you free from change. Your own global activities can bring freedom from income worries…freedom from retirement concerns and freedom from the restraints that stop you from living, working and traveling wherever your desire.

Then our natural health tip looks at Ayurved and natural mental beauty.

Finally our Ecuador real estate section sees an American’s view of living there.

International investments and micro focus comes first.

In this fast paced world, technology makes everything seem uncertain. The days when you could be born, raised and die without ever leaving your village are almost gone. Times when there were havens protected from the outside world are finished.

This rapid change can be frightening and economically devastating. A USA Today article entitled “Maturing boomers smack the silver ceiling”, told how boomers, now turning sixty, who are hit with pink slips, find it harder to find new jobs because they are perceived as too old. The same paper had another article “U.S. Taps Social Security Reserves.” Boomers are shivering, thinking about how to get jobs, their retirement and social security that might be delayed, reduced or not even be there.

Pensions are at risk as well. Look at how technology and rising oil prices has devastated the airline industry.

One USA Today article tells how airline pension plans have been devastated. The story outlines how one pilot with 10 months left in a 32 year flying career faced a retirement shock. Instead of the $175,000-a-year pension he’d counted on he might be lucky to get as little as $28,000 a year. His pension plan was terminated in bankruptcy and the most he might receive was $28,400 a year from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. The pilot featured had three children to put through college and when he turned 60 he hit mandatory retirement age for airline pilots. The prospect of losing most of his pension comes on top of pay cuts that had cut his salary 30%.

Without ideas on how to profit from, rather than be challenged by change, a person can feel alone, bewildered, lost or doing something that makes no sense at all.

Yet change and technology can make your life better. This has certainly been Merri’s and my case. We had a great print-publishing business in Naples, Florida. We were the largest mailers in Collier County. But the things we learned in our travels had a profound impact on what we wanted to do. We wanted to move from a busy, urban area (where we had access to printers and post offices that specialized in bulk mail) to remote mountain locations. It would have been very difficult to continue our business as it was and have the mobility and seclusion we desired.

Technology fortunately freed us. We shifted to a web based internet business. I used the internet to bring those readers into that book signing in Vancouver, Canada, Oregon, Florida and all over the USA. I generated audiences at the signings by offering internet readers a FREE workshop if they visited with me.

We sold nearly 100 books at the Canada signing and at several other signings. That put about $2,000 in each of the store’s cash registers. The managers of the stores were impressed. Sometimes an author never sells a single book at a signing. During the launch of my novel I did dozens of signings and was never skunked. And there were several memorable events. We packed the house at Books A Million in Naples, did even better at the downtown Portland Barnes & Noble and Borders Book Store in Orlando.

What is important about these signings is the way we got the readers to the signing, through technology and micro-focus.

Micro Focus can set you free. The internet can be a portal to the world. It gives you access to such a huge market that you can afford to have a micro focus business.

For example, Merri and I have a micro focus on people who are interested in one of four things, international investing global business, better health and Ecuador. Many of our readers are interested in all these areas and our key micro focus aims at finding those holistic readers who see the connection between each of these areas.

We build our business on a simple phrases like…”International Investments”, Natural Health Ayurveda”, “Ecuador Real Estate Sources”, “Millionaire Maker”.

Recently I checked three of the main search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Here were the results from millions of ranking for my sites using key words in these three areas of micro focus that day (these rankings vary day to day).

Phrase Ranking
International Investments #7 & #24
International Currencies #10 – #13
International Investment # 7-#21 – #24
International Currency # 27
International Currency Trends #1 & #2
International Banking Trends #1 & #2
Ecuador Import Sources #5
Millionaire Maker #8
Natural Health Ayurved #6 & #7

I also took a look at the phrase Gary This is important in my specific business plan because lots of people read articles that I write for magazines and newsletters from around the world. Plus they see many articles I have written posted at other websites. If they do not know me, they check a search engine to find me and believe it or not there are a lot of Gary Scott’s competing on the internet including a major league baseball player, a movie producer and a mountain climber.

When I checked the phrase Gary Scott at Google my sites ranked #1-#4 and #10 on the first page out of over 41 million listings! At Yahoo my sites ranked #1, #3 and #5 out of 30 million listing and at MSN that phrase placed my sites #1, #2 and #9 out of five million listings. In other words, if someone is looking for me via search engines it is highly likely I’ll be found.

This strategy keeps our business growing. This year already in the six months to June we had conducted twice as much business as in all 12 months of 2005. This comes entirely from internet and search engine growth.

Most important of all, technology allows us to conduct business from the locales we have chosen, deep in the Blue Ridge and high in the Andes.

How to Start

How do you find your micro focus? First, figure out your passion. There are others that think and feel as you do. This means your desires can become the focus of your business. You are no longer limited by time and space! Technology allows even with the most obscure micro focus to reach a large market. If your idea only appeals to one in a million, you can still reach millions over the net.

Second, recognize that there is only one true form of wealth and retirement protection, “the ability to serve. The only way to assure that others will have what you need is to have the ability to create things they want. Wealth is not a static thing but a continually changing process! Wealth is energy and must continually move forward and evolve.

Once you know what you would like to do and figure out how this can be of service to others, all that’s left is balancing a business plan so the activity is profitable.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you live and whatever your circumstances; you can start your own small business that enhances your income, makes the world better, is fun and gives you freedom to work, live and travel where you choose. We are fortunate to live in an era when technology makes this true.

Join Merri and me in the Blue Ridge leaf change for Self Publishers – Writer’s Camp October 2-6. Walk through our eleven step business development program that helps you develop your micro focus and turn it into a business that is enhanced by publishing and or writing. See Writing and Publishing Courses for Self Publishing for our next course.

Natural Health Tip – How to Have Ayurved & Natural Mental Beauty

A good mind is an essential part of your own business because you do have to figure out what your passion is and develop you micro focus. This is why today’s natural health tip looks at metal beauty.

We are looking at a series on “The Glow of Total Beauty” an article written by Melina L. Takvorian (PhD)*

(see International Investments in  Eastern Europe Makes Sense for part one – Invest in Time for part two International  Investments in Yen Now) for part three.

This series shows that physical, external beauty the world tends to seek is only one small part of total beauty. According to Vaidya Rama Mishra there are five levels of beauty, the physical external, spiritual, emotional mental and sensual.

Dr. Takvorian’s article continues and today’s portion of this health series looks at the fourth sheath of total beauty, mental beauty:

“Mental beauty” is considered to be the third layer or sheath of beauty. According to Vaidya Mishra, “mental beauty” depends on the optimal functioning of the three aspects of the intellect buddhi. These three aspects are called dhi, dritti and smritti.

Dhi is the intellectual function that allows an individual to acquire new knowledge; dritti is the function that enables the storage and hence retention of knowledge; smritti is the function that allows to re-collect, to remember the acquired and stored knowledge. These three functions of the intellect have to be strong, in other terms they have to maintain constant communication amongst themselves in order for an individual to have good mental powers. A strong intellect ensures that the mind (manas), the host of the intellect (buddhi), is stable enough to be able to receive the light of the satwa. When the light of the satwa imbues the mind, the intellect is able to adopt the proper stance in the face of hardships and unexpected stressful conditions. Otherwise, in the absence of the light connection between heart and mind, the difficulties that assail the individual will show up on physiology in the form of wrinkles on the face, dullness of expression and associated emotional turbulence.

It is in this sense that Vaidya Mishra stresses that authentic ayurvedic products must contain medhya rasayana herbs. By definition, medhya rasayana herbs enhance the coordination between dhi, dritti, and smritti. The best medhya rasayana are Shanka Pushpi and both types of Brahmi – manduka parni and andri brahmi (Brahmi is also known as bacopa moniera). He extracts these herbs through his time-tested familial traditional method that preserves the prana, to use them in his skin formulations. In addition to these medhya rasayanas however, ashwaganda (Withania Somnifera) is another powerful herb whose adaptogenic qualities help enhance the mind’s ability to handle stress. Its effects have been scientifically validated.

You can learn how to gain inner and outer beauty through Ayurved from Dr Mishra at his next El Meson course in Ecuador January 8-10, 2007. See Ayurvedic Cleanse

Ecuador Real Estate – An American in Ecuador’s View

One really exciting part of travel is meeting, living and working with expatriates everywhere. I like expats because by their nature of having left home, they have flexible minds and know what they want. They have moved where they like to be. I listen to what they have to share and here is a note from an American who lives in Quito and runs a flower business.

“Hi Gary , A few thoughts on Ecuador . As an American who has lived here for over 20 years I find more pros than cons. I love the outdoors, & can hike, bike and play tennis in a spring-like climate all year around. Ecuadorians generally like us despite our politics. Though more expensive than in the past Ecuador is relatively cheap for most items as compared to the USA.¨What is more expensive? Education for kids as one needs to send them to a private school ($6,000 – $$11,000 per year per child in Quito ) Plus cars which generally cost some 40% more due to duties.

“But if one is bored with doing outside/inside house chores, or needs a driver or just an all around handyman to some of everything for several hundred dollars a month these smiling individuals are available leaving one time to do things that are really enjoyable.

“Yes in Quito you stay out of certain areas in the evening. You don’t walk with a laptop case. And there are instances of people getting held up for their money or cell phone. That is part of a city life in many parts of the world. However in Cotacachi a smaller town several hours north of the capitol, Quito, where you reside, these problem situations I understand are much less frequent.

“In summary I would say a small investment in Ecuador (whether time or money) can bring much happiness, and open one;s mind to other ways of living and thinking. Regards,

Another aspect Merri and I love about Ecuador is its beauty. Here is one shot of a sunrise recently taken from our front porch. There are two types of beauty here, the first the glory of another day in the mountains. The second is the beauty of technology. Not the radio antennae outlined on the left. This makes high speed always on internet available in our remote area so we can maintain the micro focus of our business from this secluded area.

You can learn more about this. See Ecuador’s Inner Beauty

Until next message, may your micro focus bring you happiness beauty, wealth and the freedom to enjoy them all.


P.S. Enjoy the beauty of Ecuador and our courses this autumn and winter of 2006-2007.

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