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Protect your international investments from inflation with a new Danish hedge fund that invests in good value international equity markets and shorts bad value international equity markets.

Also find out more about international business opportunity from Ecuador Real Estate in Chugchilian.

Natural health is the basis of all wealth so discover how mangos create natural health through Ayurved when M & Ms mean natural healing through Mango Mania.

International Investments in Danish hedge fund

This is an interesting year that can tell us a lot about business and investing. Special boomer birthdays are coming this year. Mine is one. I am among the first wave of certified Baby Boomer and reach 60 along with a mass of other, born right after the war, kids.

This age thing means little to me. Another birthday here at Merrily is far more important…an telling Our family’s special friend (we call her Suzuki) turns twenty. Here she is.

Merri gave Suzuki as a birthday present on my 40th. 20 is old for a car! I suspect they age about four years to one compared to humans. However if you believe that Suzuki is just a car, then you might think Ma our pumpkin patch hound is just dog. Please!

Suzuki is an icon that represents so much that we can learn about life, business and investing. Let me explain.

First she represents a lesson in good health. Health is the basis for all wealth whether earned from business or investing. This is a lesson we all know but also regularly ignore.

At 20 Suzuki looks almost new and runs like a top in part because she only has 59,864 honest to God one owner (me) miles. I say this not trying to sell her. She’ll never be sold. Can people be buried with their cars up here?

This lesson is let’s not try to wear ourselves out! The long haul, slow and steady, really does work best. If we are given 100,000 miles of existence we can drive them in 60 years or 100 years. The slower journey is easier to see and enjoy.

Suzuki can tell us even more. For example she is the focus of our family. Like many modern families, ours is scattered to the four winds. Mom, my baby sister Sandy, daughter Cinda and her husband David and their daughter are in Portland. Cheri, her husband Shawn and our grandson Garren are in Florida, Jake is in Leeds, Ele in London and Fran is headed to Swaziland for a year.

But Suzuki holds us all together with memories. The entire family have had and continue to have adventures in Suzuki… in deserts, swamps and backwood’s mountain roads. Whenever we jump in the whole family is there. We are brought together even if it seems that its just me sitting there.

This remind us that its quality of time together that counts. Moderns families move and shift more and more. Quantity of time together may diminish, Fortunately even the smallest drop of caring love is so everlasting that it can be packed and carried any and everywhere. It supports and lifts in every way.

Good times are everlasting experiences that are shared regardless of time and space. This entanglement bonds and unite families just as effectively (and at times even more so) than any physical event. So listen to Suzuki. Quality, not volume, is what counts….among families and really everything! If the world remembered this, the world would be in a better place than it is now.

Suzuki also just had an inner purification, a rejuvenation from the inside out. Here is her new interior that makes her really attractive even though her outside paintjob still holds the scars, dents and scratches of so many memories past. I never want to fix the dented front fender where Jake learned not to drive close. Nor do I want to remove the scratch when Fran was learning to drive or fix a tear in the roof liner that reminds me of a trip with Cinda through an Everglades swamp.

Suzuki’s lesson here is to focus on the inner factors. Goodness will shine out. Focus on developing core, inner beauty, internal assets and don’t worry to much about the outer skin. Good inner workings are what really count.

As a four wheel drive-go anywhere car-Suzuki also reminds us of mankind’s need for adventure and challenge. Once the Western world improved its road system so we can drive anywhere and everywhere without a single bump in the road, four wheel drive off-road vehicles became the top selling rage. This says something about human nature that can help us invest in wise ways.

Plus Suzuki at 20 is a Boomer Japanese car. She came of age as we early boomers turned 40. At every stage of life, we Boomers have not changed industry, we totally transformed it. We Boomers didn’t just rebel against deteriorating, gas guzzling muscle cars made in Detroit. We turned the U.S. automobile industry upside down by buying Japanese. We turned Made in Japan and Germany Lexus, Mercedes and BMWs our luxury cars. Good bye Cadillac!

Then of all things we began to drive trucks and turned everything upside down. For example we stopped doing fun things that gave us exercise. We created a whole new health and fitness industry instead. We stopped getting exercise through play. Instead we made exercise work even called it “working out” and turned our work cars, 4 wheel drives (like Suzuki) and pickups into instruments of play! Figure that one out.

Suzuki reminds us of the richness of this era that is so wealthy, she could be a third and even fourth car in the family just mostly sitting around waiting for us to play in her and “muck about”. And she is a reminder about value and inflation. Today, even with her dents, scratches and scars, she is worth more in the market place than her price when she was new.

This economic inflation reminder is important because we Boomers are about to transform inflation as we have so much else.

A BBC article entitled “Baby boom proves economic power” explains how when it says: “The first of the Baby Boomers are turning 60 this year – and the BBC is running a series of articles and interviews to mark the milestone. Here the BBC News website’s economics reporter Steve Schifferes considers the generation as an economic force. The baby boom generation had a profound effect on the US economy – and was itself a product of a remarkable economic boom. The baby boom began at the end of World War II, when returning veterans turned to marriage and raising families. But its origins were as much to do with economics as with the end of the war.”

The article goes on to explain how Boomers created the suburban house building boom – expanded education – developed unique tastes for teens in music, cloths and dance – brought opportunity to blacks and rural poor – created a sexual revolution – rejected conformity – embraced equality for women and shifted preferences for immediate spending over savings that reduced support for public investment, which has had a long-term negative effect on prosperity.

Then the article outlines why Boomers will also transform inflation when it says: “Nevertheless, the accumulation of asset-based wealth, particularly in houses, was greater among this generation than any time in history. The Pensions Crisis Starting in 2010, the baby boom generation will reach 65 and start to retire. Over the next 20 years, the number of people reaching retirement age is set to rise dramatically. Not only are more people retiring, they are also living longer. And this bulge now poses an enormous problem to pension systems not just in the US, but in many other developed countries where the baby boom started later. In the US state pension system, Social Security is coming under increasing pressure as its accumulated surplus is running down. The official estimate is that it will run out of money – unless taxes are raised – some time between 2030 and 2040. And spending on healthcare is under even more strain, with spending on the US Medicare system rising even faster.”

You can read the entire article at Baby boom proves economic power

International Investments Based on Vamos

Our messages at our sites have been sharing ways to prepare and survive inflation. One way is to invest outside the US dollar. This is why I am pleased to announce that Jyske Bank is introducing a hedge fund for its Danish clients. (I’ll explain how non Danish can buy in a moment).

This is a market neutral fund based on Jyske’s Vamos system. VAMOS stands for Value, Momentum and Strength. Here is how their system works.

Once a week Jyske screens 7,000 stocks globally after the model adjusts each company’s accounts to equalize differences in accounting standards.

Then the system rates each share on a scale of 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) for each of Value, Momentum and Strength. The value exam aims to find shares that have an attractive valuation, good price to earnings, dividends etc. The momentum test looks for rising earnings and the strength review looks for high quality businesses that Jyske would want to hold for three years or more.

This first analysis places all the shares into four quadrants and the bank then looks further at the upper quadrant where shares are cheap and earnings are being upgraded. This dramatically reduces the number of shares that get an in depth review and Jyske then does a due diligence process on the shares offering the best VAMOS before investing.

The system has worked well. A test model was reviewed back through 1990 and found that 20% of the best-scoring stocks outperformed their market by 8% per annum. Based on this success, Jyske started its Jyske Invest Favorite Equity Fund Just for Danish investors which had a portfolio of 30-35 stocks selected through the VAMOS process.

The results have been outstanding since the fund began in 2003. Here are the results:

YearMSCI Return Jyske Favorite Fund Added Performance
2006 (YTD) -1.19%13.33%14.52%

Based on this Jyske Invest started an international favorite fund. I have invested in this myself.

But this hedge fund is new and has one big difference. Like in the Favorite Funds, the managers of this new Danish hedge fund select high scoring VAMOS shares and invest long. Here is the added twist over the Favorite Funds. The hedge fund manager also selects low scoring shares and sell them short. They leverage the positions three times.

One other unique feature is that this fund has for the first time introduced a “no pain – no gain” commission. The manager gets 10% of profits (high watermark) so if they do not make a profit for clients they do not receive a fee.

Here is why you are one of the few non Danish investors who can invest in this fund. (I am investing a bit myself). This is a Danish registered fund and Jyske bank can only sell it to Danish investors. However the bank can provide it passively to foreign clients. They cannot promote it, but if someone happens to hear about this product they can buy it. You have now heard about this from me. I have no financial interest (other than investments I may make in the fund myself). I do not receive commissions or compensation whatsoever from the bank for any investment my readers may make. I do not even know if readers make investments. I share this (as with all investments) as part of the general news and information provided at our sites. Your participation will not affect my financial position whatsoever.

You can get ideas on this fund from Thomas Fischer at

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Natural Health Ayurved – M & Ms is Mango Mania

We have been looking at the health benefits of mangos and tasty ways to enjoy them. Summer Sweet Mango Lassi

Mango is a traditional Ayurved medicine and every part of the mango (seed – flowers – leaves and gum) are used. The fruit is most important. They are used for strengthening the nervous and blood systems, ridding the body of toxins and treating anaemia. In Ayurveda, dried mango flowers are used to cure dysentery, diarrhoea and inflammation of the urinary tract. Learn more at Mango Traditional Medicine

Next time you crave a sweet, instead of heading for chocolates like M&Ms, make M & M mean Mango Mania with a mango milkshake instead.

Here is the simple recipe:

Milk-Mango Shake for Two

2 cups Boiled milk
1 mango

Cool the boiled milk to room temperature. Peel the mango and cut the flesh into a blender. Add the milk and blend.

Ayurved considers milk an essential health food, when boiled. Boiling milk allows it to be digested properly. Milk should be brought to a boil and put on a slow boil for about 5 to 10 minutes. This changes the molecular structure so it is much easier for human consumption. This also reduces the heaviness of milk that can cause mucous. Adding a touch of ground organic turmeric, or black pepper, cinnamon, or ginger is also good.

Ecuador Real Estate in Chugchilian

There are innumerable opportunities to create your own business that can earn anywhere in the world. Ecuador is just one place that has a huge variety of
places to write about and take people to. Here is one you probably do not know.

“August 14, 2006: Near the village of Chugchilan, snug in the Andes, lies one of Ecuador’s eco-lodges, the Black Sheep Inn. Surrounded by the Iliniza Ecological Reserve, the inn caters to visitors interested in nature and wildlife. Hike through the cloud forest or the Rio Toachi Canyon, and then spend an off-day learning about the local area, reading in the intimate lodge, or relaxing in the sauna.” See Black Sheep Inn – A Gateway to Andean Adventure for complete details.

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We have been meeting members from around the world and seeing what makes them happy. Today a reader from Utah shares a place and spirit that made him and his wife happy.

“Gary, Thanks again to you and Merri for your positive and inspirational messages. There are certainly many reasons to be cognizant of other languages. I have been very fortunate to share many enriching conversations with Venezuelans and Peruvians by speaking their language, and learning the many simple ways they live their lives, albeit less complicated, than those of us who have been given so much more. It fills one’s heart and soul with joy to see how genuinely happy so many of the people are in these Latin countries, simply by sharing time with extended family members on weekends, or during the holiday season. My wife and I will be re-locating to Latin America in the future to live the simpler life as well, and live more from the heart than the pocketbook. Lastly, here is our happy photo from the mystical wonderland of Machu Picchu, Peru. Sincerely

Please readers send me your picture of what makes you happy!

Until next message be happy!


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