Extra Exceptionals

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Join us for an extra triple whammy of income potential!

There are now two more chances to gain three exceptional profit opportunities that can bring freedom through global income.

We have been helping readers spot global economic change (and ways to adapt) at our courses for nearly 30 years. These courses work!

The proof? Delegates come again and again.

Merri and I were tickled at our last course to have one delegate who had attended our very first course almost three decades ago. Another delegate there has been coming to these programs for over 20 years.

The next two courses this September and November have three extra speakers who can help you earn global income in three different ways.

Steve, our man in Ecuador, will talk about ways to have an import/export business in Ecuador and how he helps readers research and follow up in Ecuador.

Steve at Peguche Falls

Steve is English, but has lived in Ecuador for many years. As an English-Spanish professor he is perfectly bi-lingual and can act as an interpreter and translator. In fact we are donating part of his time to provide free English courses to those who cannot otherwise afford them in Ecuador. Steve has enormous international experience so he knows how to get around, how to research, how to look for things and how to get jobs done there. After a relatively normal upbringing in Hampshire, England, Steve embarked on a series of adventures that reflect a strong sense of adventure, and an ability to adapt and communicate in difficult situations and different cultures. He has worked in numerous jobs ranging from commercial fishing in Alaska on high-liner halibut boats, to running his own successful wholesale food business in London that served thousands every day. He has great export experience and has exported missiles for the British army during the Falklands War, motor oil to Romania, computer equipment to Africa as well as Colombian clothes into Ecuador.

He understands shipping, export rules, and how to barter with indigenous traders at Ecuadorian markets. Steve has a track record of getting the job done and always with his trademark smile and easy-going manner.

Steve will join us in September in North Carolina and November in Ecuador with an array of samples that can be exported around the world. Whatever your need, he probably can help. He’ll share how you can use our extensive shipping and handling experience and how to get your papers in order, your products packaged and shipped anywhere in the world.

Dr. Andres Cordova, our friend and attorney in Ecuador, will also join us in North Carolina as well.

Dr. Andres Cordova leading a group in the Galapagos

Andres’ grandfather was one of Ecuador’s most respected Presidents and his law firm provides legal counsel for many foreign banks established in Ecuador and for the Central Bank of Ecuador and Superintendency of Banks. Members of his firm have participated in the making of some of Ecuador’s monetary and banking laws. A senior partner has been Superintendent of Banks on two occasions. Andres does all our legal work and has helped many of our readers with their property conveyance, company formation, immigration and other legal issues. He will speak about his latest project in the Galapagos and also an environmental development he is spearheading in the Mindo Cloud Forest.

Santiago Guamani, our tour operator in Ecuador for a decade, will also be on hand in North Carolina to show you ways to develop your own tour business there.

Santiago Guamani (far right) with Pam Cooper (at her birthday party at El Meson) Merri and Diego, one of Santiago’s multilingual tour guides.

Santiago received his university degree in national tourism and is one of the leading tour operators in Ecuador. He was chosen to represent Ecuador at the last global travel fair in Berlin and has traveled with Merri, me and our groups all over Ecuador for a decade or more. Santiago offers a cooperative program that helps our readers develop a wide variety of tour businesses ranging from horse trekking, to high mountain trout fishing to Amazon adventures, whale watching, historic cathedral tours and much more.

Santiago will also be available to discuss his San Miguel property development near El Meson where you can buy houses like this for as little as $59,000.

House in San Miguel, Cotacachi, Ecuador.

These three extra speakers will not subtract from the rest of the course. Our normal schedule includes me speaking on global economics along with an international investment team from Jyske Bank. Merri will share her business experiences in importing and exporting as well.

Please join Merri and me along with Jyske Bank and Steve, Dr. Andres Cordova and Santiago Guamani….in North Carolina September 14-17, 2006. See International Business Made EZ in NC

Or join us all at El Meson in Cotacachi, Ecuador November 9-12, 2006. See International Business Made EZ in Ecuador

Until next message, good global opportunity to you.


P.S. We also sharing health tips in practical ways at all our courses. We’ll have a mini session (where Merri and I cook and feed you) on ways to increase energy and health at both courses.

Here I am cooking healthy Quinoa pancakes (you’ll get the recipe) for a group at El Meson.