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You have an idea that can bring everlasting wealth. Let me explain…

The sun always shines somewhere but this year we have had more than our fair share of sun in the Blue Ridge. Consequently our sunflowers have fared well.

Yet in a few months, I know the flowers will be gone. So too the sun and Merri and I will be outta here….headed south.

We are lucky in this way. We can live and work wherever we choose, because we have learned (through the school of hard knocks) how to turn ideas into wealth anywhere in the world. You can too and we want to help you discover how.

There are solid reasons beyond the sun to move work and wealth….such as inflation.

We live in Ecuador and the Blue Ridge for their beauty, great weather and nice people, but also because they offer good value. In some places prices are way to high…even ridiculous. Hold on though. The high prices could get worse…much.

Rising costs have been bad, but the things that cause inflation have not stopped. The Western world spends too much on war. Too much on health costs. Too much on insurance and lawsuits, too much on too many things it cannot afford. Until the spending stop (fat chance) inflation will stay.

Plus as gas prices rise, we’ll pay more for mobility, energy, lighting, electricity, heating and air conditioning. Will oil prices drop? Yes, of course they will go up and down but will they ever seriously drop again?

Probably not. A recent article in USA Today entitled “Airlines tremble at prospect of $100-a-barrel oil” asks: “Is it likely to reach that high? Experts differ, but all agree it would be a devastating blow.”

This August 21, 2006 article by Dan Reed says: “What S&P sees at the $100-a-barrel level isn’t pretty: Northwest and Delta airlines could be forced to liquidate; and others could be pushed into Chapter 11 protection. Discount giant Southwest would likely see its remarkable profit streak halted. Industry wide, carriers would ground aircraft, cut service and lay off workers. Travelers could count on fewer choices, more travel hassles and higher fares.

The very thought of $100 oil ‘makes me sick’, says John Heimlich, chief economist at the Air Transport Association, the airlines’ trade group. He says oil prices that high could push one or two of his group’s big member airlines into bankruptcy, with the most endangered solvent carrier being Houston-based Continental.” You can read an abstract of the entire article at USATODAY

Plus imagine what this rise will do to gas and diesel prices, which in turn will cause everything else to cost more.

What is worse the article points out is that most oil prices are only hedged into 2008. This means that in as little as 28 months prices could really start to rise.

Are you prepared?

Recent messages at our site have shared the three best ways to combat inflation:

#1: Have income earning ability that can rise with or exceed inflation. Do not be locked into fixed incomes, pensions and salaries that cannot rise.

#2: Invest in inflation fighting investments such as real estate, stocks, collectibles, precious metals and commodities.

#3: Live and work (at least part time) where your lifestyle basis is much lower to begin…for instance, you might consider Ecuador.

Do you have the ability to live and work where you choose? You can! Merri and I have learned again and again that everyone…well almost everyone…has an idea that can bring them everlasting wealth.

All that’s needed is conversion of the idea into a plan….and a start.

All it takes is one small idea. Merri and I would like to help you figure your best one out.

An idea can be worth a fortune (ask Bill Gates). Yet without a plan, they aren’t worth a dime a dozen. This is why we want to spend an entire week with you to help you reveal your idea, turn it and give it a start.

Again and again, we have helped others do this through our “Writing and Publishing Camp.” This upcoming week, our messages will share how other readers have found ideas during our “Creative Writing and Publishing Camp.” More importantly you’ll see how they have turned their passion into a profitable plan. We’ll look at how readers right now are enhancing their wealth and income potential all over the world.

Another important reason to attend this camp is that work should be rewarding, good for others, profitable and fun! Our goal at the camp is to help you reveal the idea that is your true passion. The idea that excites you most.

You can learn more about our October 2-6, 2006 Creative Writing and Publishing Camp at Writing and Publishing Courses for Self Publishing

Until next message, may all your wealth beat inflation and bring you fun in the sun!


P.S. This course helps you learn how to earn through writing if you want to write. However, the camp is also for those who never want to write. Delegates at this course have learned how to publish valuable lists, material with expired copyrights, collated information and to sell processed data, all for huge profits. If you would like added mobility, inflation proofed income and a way to earn through something you love, take a look at what our writer’s camp can bring you. See the many ways you can use publishing to enhance wealth at Writing and Publishing Courses for Self Publishing

Enjoy the autumnal leaf change too. The first week in October is the most dependable week in the Blue Ridge for stunning, golden beauty.

Here’s just one of our October shots from our farm where you’ll enjoy this camp.

For details go to Writing and Publishing Courses for Self Publishing

Here are delegates from a previous camp enjoying sunset on the farm.

For details go to Writing and Publishing Courses for Self Publishing