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We are looking in more depth at synchronicity and seven clues my son Jake recently sent me about where it’s good to invest now. See all seven clues at

The fourth clue is to build wealth with great purpose while living simply. Wealth offers flexibility and security in troubled times but also offers the opportunity to help those in need with leadership and assistance. We should encourage our children to be leaders in these times with an acute sense of moral obligation and a responsibility for those without the remarkable opportunities afforded us. Whether they are Ecuadorian Indian colleagues or African friends we can bring to those in greatest danger insight and global connections that will give them hope where they may come to see none. In particular, we should be aware that the single biggest contribution we can make to controlling population overgrowth, poverty, violence and community disintegration is to educate and empower women in the developing world. Our children should know this and be involved in this effort.

This is why I am so tickled that these seven clues came from one of ours!

When our travels, business and investing are filled with purpose, amazing events take place. Here for example is correspondence between Steve, our man in Ecuador, and two delegates who came to our Ecuador seminar to learn about business and investing. See how syncronicity works and how this couple gained so much more than just financial profit!

While visiting a nearby town during the course this couple met two young and very bright children who appeared to be having some problems. They were touched and told Steve their story and asked him if he could track them down, find out more about them so they could help the two children have a better education via donations through our Land of the Sun Foundation.

Steve wrote us the couple’s reaction: “Fantastic story. I need more insight on Jordan and the pictures. I shouldn’t have any trouble funding these two kids for the school year. What do they need to get started in a better school.”

Steve did find the children and wrote again: “Your notion to help these kids can be interpreted as divine intervention because they are going to need it. Here’s the story. Mum is called Maribel. Except she isn’t the mum. Jordan wasn’t there so I asked Melannie where her brother was. But he isn’t her brother. Maribel is the aunt of both kids. Jordan’s mum, her sister, lives in Bolivia and is married to a Bolivian. Melannie’s mum lives in Spain. Maribel, Jordan and Melannie, all live with Maribel’s parents. Jordan’s dad is living with another woman and has basically disowned him. Melannie’s dad died last year. Jordan was in school in Bolivia but is out now due to lack of funds. Melannie’s mum sends funds back from Spain but Maribel says they are often not enough to cover schooling and other costs.

“Melannie was her usual extrovert expressive self and when we told her your plans she said, “Dios mio – gracias! I can’t believe it! Gracias!”

“They ARE poor. Not excruciatingly poor but the aunt and Melannie live in a room whilst Jordan lives with his 2 brothers and sisters, Sabina (8) and Dilan (13) in another room with the grandparents. On top of that they live in a run-down neighborhood – inner city – adjoining a more dangerous barrio from where robbers filter from time to time.

“Having said that Maribel was welcoming and probably a bit doubtful – unable to believe this could be true.

“Melannie’s favorite subjects are languages, music, painting and drawing and drama. You can see one of her drawings below (the bird). In her spare time she likes to watch tv, draw and go swimming. Jordan’s favorite subjects are maths and English. In his spare time he likes to play soccer, video games and watch tv.

“These kids have a heart because as little as they had they gave my son, Luke, a little plastic toy. I declined but they insisted. Jordan is a little moody (in general or just last night I couldn’t say) whereas Melannie is quite the extrovert and VERY animated. I’m not sure how, but I suspect that education may not be the only way we can help them as a family. See the photos below, Steve”

We can make such a positive difference when we leave charity, love and kindness in the wake of our business and investing activities.

However there is economic profit from having a great purpose as well.

For example, Merri and I invest in emerging countries. From a business point of view this means that we are helping capitalize these poor countries. Our investments support economic growth. Our purpose is to maintain financial independence and help these countries emerge.

Recently emerging markets (currencies especially) crashed. Investors who were just looking to make a buck fled. Merri and I invested more. This was the time when these markets needed our investments the most. We encouraged readers to invest more, especially in Turkey.

Thomas Fischer at Jyske Bank just wrote what has happened in his weekly currency update:

“The emerging market currencies have recovered much of the ground lost in May and June. The appreciation, however, is not justified by the fundamentals. An important factor is developments in the US, including the trend in the EUR/USD rate.

“Since June, the Turkish lira has appreciated by more than 17%. The rate of inflation is not yet under control, and in June the current account deficit was 14.8% (y/y). Since June, the Icelandic krone has appreciated by more than 7.5%. The rate of inflation is still out of control, and indications are that the Central Bank will raise its official lending rate even further. Since June, the Hungarian forint has appreciated by more than 5%. Hungary still faces considerable current account problems. Even though a number of reforms will be introduced in Hungary, it will be some time before they will bear fruit. Inflation is on the increase. Since June, the Polish zloty has appreciated by more than 6%. Poland is one of the emerging market countries where inflation is under control. It still runs a current account deficit, however.”

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The portfolios we track in our Borrow Low-Deposit High tracking service shows how those who had more purpose than just making a fast buck have gained.

In May 2006, the portfolios we track had dropped as below:

The Emerging Asian Portfolio dropped from being up +75.19% in six months down to +30.28%%

The Emerging Markets Portfolio dropped from up + 61.03% to +4.68%

The Dollar Long Portfolio plunged from +11.60% to -16.7%

The Dollar Hedge Portfolio fell from +9.90% to -14.5%

The Dollar Short Portfolio crashed from 7.72% to -14.6%

Those were huge drops! However our purpose kept us in these markets. Had we fled like so many others we would have missed the recovery that came quickly and is running strong now.

The Emerging Asian Portfolio is now up to + 68.9% (all performance is from October 2005 when we initiated this study).

The Emerging Market Portfolio has rebounded to a + 34.37% gain.

The Dollar Portfolios are all still in losing territory but are also now recovering quickly. The Dollar long is up to -6.4%, Dollar Short, -3.9% and the Dollar Hedge to -4.5%.

If we look at all five portfolios as one with equal weightings, they have risen to an average of return of + 17.77%. in 10 months or a growth rate of over 40% per annum.

So profit and purpose do come together and can help the environment and the world.

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Happy Pictures. We are sharing pictures of what make us happy and this reader from North Carolina responded to yesterday’s message on self reliance when he wrote.

“Hi Gary, being able to walk from my back door to my back yard and harvest fresh food makes me extremely happy! The miracle of life and reproduction — the daily evidence that it is possible to reap what we sow — is a never-ending source of amazement to me. Never has happiness tasted so good as when it is fresh from the vine!”

I could not agree more and replied: “Great looking cauliflower! There is a self fulfillment that comes with self reliance. This process is not only good for health and for the environment, but just feels darn good. There is an indescribable joy. Our potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and squash are in so we know exactly what you mean. We have three great laying chickens who roam free. We get raw milk from a neighbor and always have venison in the freezer and trout in the creek, plus we are raising Blue Gills in our garden pond. I feed them from my worm farm which lives off some of what’s left from the vegetables we grow! These gifts plus our gravity fed spring water that pours out of the rocks are true blessings! This process is not to save money or even for the added health benefits of eating really fresh off the vine food. There is a feeling of awe and comfort that comes from living as part of a natural cycle that creates a deep underlying happiness.”

Please send me your picture of what makes you happy.

Until next message, may your purpose, happiness and fulfillment grow!


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