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We are looking in more depth at synchronicity and seven clues about where it’s good to invest now.

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The first clue we examined in more detail yesterday was to have a Global View. See

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The third clue is that we must be multilingual. America and much of the world does not have a tradition of multilingualism. This usually takes a couple of generations to instill and our children will need it more than ever in order to communicate and compete in a world of unprecedented migration, heightened competition for land and resources and the need for international collaboration to deal with global challenges stemming from climate change.

One way to invest is in ourselves by learning other languages. One benefit is we can get many services for much less. Here are stories of benefits that four readers have shared.

“Gary, Just a quick little medical story. When Judy and I were in Ecuador about a year ago we had this experience. We were coming back from the village and I was carrying a glass bottle in a paper bag. Coming up some stone stair I tripped and fell. My hand landed on the bottle which broke and sliced my thumb. It was a pretty good gash and was bleeding like crazy. Judy insisted I go to the local clinic. We called a taxi, the person working the desk went with us, After we arrived, the owner of the hotel came to make sure we were okay. A wonderful female doctor and her nurse assistant, took me in, laid me back and very gently talked to me and looked at my cut. They proceeded to very professionally and gracefully numb my thumb, and sew it up with four stitches. Excellent treatment, and when I asked them how much I owed them the bill was $5.00 USD. I was shocked and think I gave them a $10 tip which they were very grateful for. A few days later I went back to have them check it to make sure all was well before heading back to the states. There was a different doctor. He unwrapped it, checked it out, cleaned it and re-wrapped it. The cost, an amazing $.50. Yes that was fifty cents. Simple story, but I was blown away at the low cost, and the gentle professional manner in which they treated me. Sincerely,”

Ecuador and Spanish are not the only places and languages that can be of benefit as this reader shares a Chinese tale.

“I enjoyed reading your link about dentistry. I had a similar incident where I had a crack in my tooth and needed an emergency repair while I was in Shanghai, China. Total cost was less than $10. I believe the cost of medical in the United States is astronomical. I don’t mind paying a higher price because we make more money in the United States than many other countries but the price difference in the medical profession does not reflect what an average person can afford based on our annual income but instead what the market will bare. Health insurance is also unaffordable for the average working citizen. It’s ridiculous.”

How about Portuguese? This reader gained from being multilingual in Brazil.

“Gary, It is really amazing the quality of care outside U.S. I went to a dentist next door to the Casa (Jon of God) and ha gave me 3 fillings, scaling (very deep cleaning) and a total whitening of a tooth that I kept having to bond every 5 years due to a chip. No other dentist ever whitened the tooth. He used some new process and coated the tooth-wonderfully. This plus bitewing x rays cost $250.00 including two visits. Much better than in the US. As far as implants he said I could use 2 and he has the new short ones (if you do not have enough bone). This seems to be a new step (eliminates a necessary bone graft). He said the posts were $500 and the crown after 2-6 months also $500. I was amazed. Just to clean my teeth (deep scale would have been $1200 in U.S.).”

Another reader gained benefits from multilingualism in Mexico.

“We have never been to South America, but did get to Baja, Mexico. The doctors were just as good there as in the states. My kids were sick. The Doctor was very gracious and recommended the same treatment as they would have received in the US. I wasn’t required to pay but left some money anyway. And if you need medicine it is much cheaper and easier to get in Mexico. We did not have to have a Doctor’s prescription and the price just a few bucks for almost any medicine. You could ask the pharmacist more info and they gave it to you. Of course it helped also that my mom speaks excellent Spanish.”

There are huge savings and benefits that come from speaking more than one language.

Many readers have asked me about the cost of medications in Ecuador. Merri and I do not use pharmaceuticals so have no direct experience in this. However many readers have told me they reaped huge savings buying exactly the same medication there. One reader said he bought a three month supply of meds for $600 that would have cost over $6,000 in the US.

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Another language we are learning right now is the language of happiness through pictures! Here is a picture one reader from England has shared.

“Gary, Although we are British, we have emigrated to the United States and this picture explains why.He is the youngest of our five grandchildren and we are so happy to be with them to watch their development as they grow up. Love to you and Merri”

For others happiness is natural beauty. Steve, our man in Ecuador, took this photo of friends enjoying a hike around Cuicocha about 20 minutes from our hotel El Meson de las Flores.

Dear Readers, please send me your pictures of what makes you happy!

Until next message, may your multilingualism grow!


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