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We are looking in more depth at synchronicity and seven clues about where it’s good to invest now.

See all seven clues at

The first clue we examined in more detail yesterday was to have a Global View. See

The second clue is to have more self reliance. This means not relying on governments for security and prosperity. Government systems will simply not provide the kinds of health care, education and pensions those past generations have received in the West. They will be strained to, and beyond breaking point by natural disasters, mass migration and the strain on ecosystems and national infrastructure. Self reliance means excelling in the basic survival skills of our time. People should know how to operate in high tech environments but also the fundamentals of ‘old tech.’ Our children should therefore know how to use both computers and grow their own food.

One way to attain self reliance is to learn natural less expensive ways to keep health in balance. For example our last natural health tip looked at benefits from Bach Flower Remedies. See

In Ecuador many people use naturopaths. Here is what one of our helpers in Ecuador, just shared about this.

“Hi Gary and Merri, The Sol de Vida spa on the outskirts of Cotacachi has a naturopath who comes to El Meson. He is nothing less than a revelation. Everyone here recently had a treatment with him including me. He set up a consulting room in room 114 and one by one ALL of our guests proceeded in. I took the last turn but also translated for the others and learned a lot!

“He charges $10 for the diagnosis and then $5 or $10 for a treatment. I asked our guests how they rated his services for value on a scale of 1 to 10. All agreed he is a 10! He is very kind, softly spoken and has a gentle sense of humor.

“He is an MD who has branched into alternative healing and has studied with Chinese and Indian doctors. Here he is below;

“He first takes your general history, then your blood pressure and pulse. His pulse reading uses Chinese techniques to gather information about the vitality of your organs. Depending on what he finds he may also use a pendulum to discover how much energy you have at your Chakra points.

“He uses a variety of techniques to re-balance you including magnet therapy, lymphatic drainage massages, color therapy, reflexology and acupressure.

“He also uses heated herbal wraps on the forehead and shoulders as well as therapeutic massages with essential oils. He recommends natural remedies and supplies them at a later date if he doesn’t have them with him.

“Two of our guests (Micky and Caroline) were so taken that they have had 3 treatments with him in less than a week. He helped another client by fine-tuning the focus of his healing efforts and pinpointing what to work on.

“Another guest stated ‘the treatment was wonderfully enjoyable and very helpful because I now better understand the imbalances in my body and specifically how to handle asthma’. Steve”.

Learn more about a weekly rejuvenation R&R at El Meson that includes a session with the naturopath. See

Problems create opportunity and we can gain clues on how to invest, if the need for self sufficiency grows. Sometimes these opportunities arise in the most unusual ways.

Take hunting and guns as an example. Hunting certainly has an aura of self sufficiency about it. However hunting, as a sport, has seriously declined for decades…until about 2003. Now it is on the rise.

As air travel becomes more burdensome and frustrating, people may take to the local outdoors and woods.

A recent report at American Sports Data explains this in more detail:

“Against this tidal wave of opposition, the substantial legal, political and media assaults on the industry are almost obscure footnotes. Yet, the gun business survives; and if we believe more optimistic appraisals — Shooting Sports thrive! At a time when many trade shows are stagnating or withering, the premier industry trade event — the S.H.O.T. show — was the largest ever in 2004. On the other hand, the fortunes of a trade show can be unrelated to the vitality of its industry.

“According to ASD, there were, in 2003, 28.5 million people over the age of 6 in the U.S. who participated at least once in any form of Hunting or Shooting with firearms — a huge constituency, by any reckoning. ASD also finds that Hunting has a higher percentage of devotees than any other sport; in 2003, 32% of all Hunters claimed the activity as the “favorite”.”

However there is more. Not only is gun manufacturing perhaps on the rebound, but ASD shows that it is highly supported by the younger and best educated sector of America. Read this:

“The truly remarkable paradox of a thriving subculture “in decline” is best illustrated in a survey of 2,438 adult Americans conducted by ASD in July 2004. 82% agreed with the statement: “In general, I support the right of citizens to bear arms”. This mandate is endorsed by a solid cross-section of the population, including 76% of all women, not to mention 68% of all Liberals, and — somewhat astonishingly — by 86% of Generation X (aged 18-34). This lofty American value is far more than the quaint bluster of an immature nation; it is embraced by 82% of all people holding Master’s degrees, and is upheld across all economic strata and geographic regions. For most Americans, the “right to bear arms” is bedrock! See

Plus hunting and the outdoors is growing in popularity with women!

Christine Godleski, vice president and general manager of ESPN Outdoors, predicts that this growth will continue thanks to the television shows, magazines, grassroots programs—and especially the many new products—that appeal to women. A recent website article says:

“Godleski made her prediction during her keynote address to a capacity crowd Friday at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show’s annual Women in the Industry luncheon at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

‘Participation among women in hunting and target shooting rose from 4.2 million to 6.3 million between 1999 and 2004,’ Godleski said. ‘It’s the grassroots initiatives and volunteers that encourage women to go out and try it and from positive exposure by the television media and all the women’s publications that are out there.’

Godleski said programs like the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s STEP OUTSIDE, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Women in the Outdoors, the National Rifle Association’s Women on Target, and Becoming an Outdoors Woman are just some of the initiatives that are helping women become more involved in the outdoors.

Perhaps we should look at shares of companies involved in hunting equipment. Two dominating operators in this field come to mind. One is Bass Pro. The other is Cabela’s Inc.

These companies are direct marketers and specialty retailers of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor merchandise. These companies sell products through direct mail catalogs, e-commerce Websites (Cabela’ and and destination retail stores in various sizes and formats.

Bass pro is not a public company but in 2004, Gaylord Entertainment Company increased its stake in Bass Pro from 19.0 percent to 26.6 percent.

Gaylord is a hospitality company that focuses on the large group meetings segment of the lodging market. Its operations are organized into four principal business segments: Hospitality, ResortQuest, Opry and Attractions, and Corporate and Other. Its hospitality business includes Gaylord branded hotels consisting of the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center near Orlando, Florida, the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center near Dallas, Texas, and Radisson Hotel at Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. ResortQuest provides vacation condominium and home rental property management services resort locations in the United States and Canada. Opry and Attractions includes the Grand Ole Opry live country music variety show and other local Nashville attractions.

The company has over 800 million dollars in revenue last year so its holding in Bass Pro is a small portion of its business, but this is the type of involvement that can help a share price jump. These shares have not done especially well recently. They are near a low for the last year, down from $48 to $41.

Gaylord is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol GET. You can learn more at

Cabela’s on the other hand is a public company trading on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol CAB.

The shares were initially listed two years ago at $25. The price slowly dropped to $15 and have recovered to about $20. See

There could also be growth in food gardening, alternate energy and other security issues. Shifts away from government reliance to self reliance could take many economic and social forms. If you have ideas on how these shifts might take place, please let me know.

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Multilingual Benefits. Don’t miss tomorrow’s message about the 50 cent doctor’s visit!

Also thank you for letting me see what makes you happy!

Places make people happy and their pets. This reader from Lake Norman, North Carolina writes: “I love the happy photos, which is much needed right now. Thanks for the great idea! This is a picture of me and my husband Eric in Sunshine Beach Queensland Australia.”

We have seen children, art, dogs, places and parties that make our readers happy. However one happiness item we have so far missed but knew would happen is a car! Thanks to this reader from Australia who shares how cars make him happy. (Collectible cars by the way are also good investments.) See

This reader wrote: “Hi Gary, What makes me happy is a great life here in Australia with a wonderful wife. What makes me super happy is having a few classic Cadillacs the one pictured being the 2006 winner Best Cadillac Coupe. I am retired and live near Brisbane Australia. I would be even happier should our parlous dollar become equal to the USD which it should be in my opinion. Many regards to everyone who share Gary’s world of joy.”

Dear Readers, please send me your pictures of what makes you happy!

Until next message, may your profits and self reliance grow!


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