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Yesterday’s message looked at seven clues our son, Jake, sent about where he thinks it’s good to invest now.


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The first clue is that a global view offers a huge competitive advantage. Jake wrote:

“Given the many unknowns of climate change and unpredictable geographic impacts, staying flexible in the face of uncertainty is crucial. People may need to move great distances and it takes at least a generation or two before a family can settle into a new society and prosper in its culture. If they have ties and roots already in several places they can choose, and move between them more easily. (Although finding out how to live internationally – while minimizing our carbon footprint and making things worse through air-travel is a conundrum we are morally obliged to face).”

Flexibility is so important as the pace of destructive evolutionary change increases. Each industrial era has risen and peaked faster than the one before. Flexibility comes from having more options. With global views, the sun never sets.

Take investing in currencies as an example. If an investor lives and invests just in the US and has only a US view, that investor has no currency options.

Recently in a message entitled Pounding Out Profit, I wrote that the British pound was strong now. One reader from London replied:

“Hello Gary, Some thoughts on British pound. While there are probably some good near to mid-term prospects, the same process that has punished Icelandic kroner and New Zealand dollar will eventually land here. The UK has massive budget deficits, large welfare programs, increasing bankruptcy/ mortgage default rates, the increase of a compensation culture mentality and the possibility of the UK reaping the whirlwind for its support of the US neo-con foreign policy could hurt prospects.

“I’ve read that much of the appreciation of the pound is due to first Japan and then Italy restructuring their foreign reserves out of US dollar. I don’t wish to contradict you but can see a lot of downside should conditions deteriorate.”

This reader has some great points and he has obvious investing flexibility because he had taken a global view.

This reader does not have to be stuck with pounds just because he works and earns in England.

However see my reply to that reader below:

“I could not agree more that long term these fundamentals like in the US will push the pound down, but what are the alternatives? The only major currencies that have a large enough economic base that can absorb a lot of speculative activity are the dollar, yen, euro and sterling. Of the four, sterling is best and pays the highest interest rate so for as long as this gap persists the pound has a chance to be sterling! Eventually though commodities, real estate and precious metals are likely to rise the most.”

With a global view, we can see a never ending wave of opportunities in what others would call a problem.

Invest in the pound now and with the profits, when the time comes shift into metals or property or whatever makes sense next. You have a world of abundance to choose!

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Until next message, may your views and profits always be global.


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