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* International Investments – July 2006 Major Market Value Analysis
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Our friend, statistical expert, Michael Keppler, continually researches all major stock markets and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return. He compares each major stock market’s history and from this develops his good value emerging stock markets strategy.

Here is a condensation of his latest 2006 review of major market developments & outlook.

After suffering a 4.4 % decline last month, the largest monthly drawdown since September 2002,

Major Markets equities rebounded this month.

The Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) World Total Return Index gained 0.5 % in local currencies, was unchanged in US dollars and advanced 0.4 % in euros.

Year-to-date, the MSCI World TR Index advanced 2.9 % in local currencies and 6.1 % in US dollars. However, due to a 7.8 % decline of the dollar versus the euro, the Major Markets benchmark lost 2.2 % in euros year-to-date.

This last month twelve markets were up, five markets declined and one Market (Austria) was unchanged.

Performance measurements are based on total returns in local currencies, unless mentioned otherwise.

Singapore led the monthly winners with a 2.8 % gain, followed by the United Kingdom (+ 2.2 %) and Australia (+2.1 %).

Among the decliners, Norway (-1.4 %) stood out, followed by Belgium (-0.7 %), Canada and Denmark (both down 0.6 %).

Year-to-date, seventeen markets had positive returns and one market (Japan) declined. As in the previous year, Norway (+12.7 %), the only market with a double digit gain, continues to lead, followed by Australia (+8.4 %) and Spain (+7.5 %).

The worst performers year to date are Japan (-1.3 %), Sweden (+1.3 %), and Denmark (+1.4 %).

There are no changes in our performance ratings this month.

The Top Value Model Portfolio contains Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, the Netherlands and Singapore at equal weights.

Keppler’s current ratings suggest that these markets offer the highest expectation of superior performance.

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For more details on Keppler’s analysis, contact Roderick Cameron at 1-212-245-4304 or at

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