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Thank you for your thanks! Here are what some of our readers are thankful for. Thank you for each thanks!

“Dear Gary, I am thankful for your e-mails every day! I am a novice investor and I am appreciative of all the information I can get. What has me worried at the moment is your take on the dollar going down, it worries me because living in England I have a lot of my portfolio invested in American dollars. The majority is invested in Energy with the remaining in a Water ETF. Should I be looking to reduce my exposure? Many thanks, Patrick”

Here is my reply.

Patrick, Thanks for asking. You should review this with your financial planner who will know your overall position and goals but equities in products such as energy and water are somewhat protected from the dollar’s fall. The dollar will fall but prices of water and energy will rise. Let me give you two examples the first being water. We have looked at numerous water investments traded on the NYSE in messages this past year. Here are the companies.

Insituform Technologies

In the last year the share price is up 47.7%.

Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux

This share price has risen over 40% in the last year as well.

Water investments make sense in times of inflation because water is essential. People will cut out vacations. People will cut back on buying new clothes. People will cut back on expanding their house or buying a new car. But they will not stop bathing and drinking water.

Equities as a whole are protected against inflation. Equities in essential commodities are even more protected.

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Natural Health Tip – Walk the Walk

Here is another thanks.

“Gary, Today we are thankful for many things, especially for our daughter’s improved health…..the trip to Ecuador seemed to mark a point in her life where she finally began to turn a corner after her almost 6-year journey of pain. We are thankful for Don Carlos, for his wisdom, spirituality and his healing ceremony which we think had something to do with it. We are also thankful for having met the people of Ecuador…they are incredibly hospitable and gentle and their genuine candor and smiles are beautiful and contagious. And finally, we are thankful for the food in Ecuador, yes the food in Ecuador! We loved it and as a result have changed our eating habits – we are almost vegetarians now – which has helped Hunter loose 13 lbs already. Life is good. Hunter and Amy”

Hunter and Amy. Thank you. Here is a picture of Don Carlos. He visits El Meson and conducts a ceremony for our delegates at most of our courses in Ecuador.

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“Hi Gary, I give thanks for your insightful and thoroughly thought-provoking newsletter. I wanted to comment on your spinal health series. I’ve been an off-and-on again yoga practitioner for the past 13 years, but do some kind of spinal twist or neck stretches every day. A few years back in a yoga class the teacher made the following statement: ‘Why do we focus so much on twisting the spine and keeping it limber? Your spine is the mainline for all the nerves in your body. Your spine and the nerves that extend from it are the seat of awareness, of perception. By keeping your spine limber, you keep it healthy. And by keeping your spine and nerves healthy, you increase your perception and your awareness.” While the teacher made that statement in passing, it had a profound effect on me. Yoga made sense in a way that it never had. And staying flexible became more important than ever. Keep up the great work. I constantly get great information from you. Very sincerely, Karl S.”

One way to attain balance is with a labyrinth. Here is a shot of our labyrinth at the Johnny Appleseed Cottage at Merrily Farms.

Recent messages have looked at the importance of avoiding electro magnetic pollution and keeping our pH in balance. Labyrinths have helped do this for millenniums. Labyrinths help create balance in life.

Walking a labyrinth creates balance within our mind and restores the electromagnetic polarities of its physical experience.

Labyrinths are very ancient symbols that relate to wholeness blending the idea of the circle, the spiral and a meandering but purposeful path. They represent man’s individual and society’s journey to the center and back. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools. They are built on nature’s unfolding geometry, the Fibonacci Sprial is a metaphor for life’s journey.

Join us with Dr. Terry Hambrick DC this August for a weekend course. Walk our labyrinth. Learn how to eat in ways that balance your pH. Balancing pH on a regular basis is vital because it is a easy way to monitor our health and to optimize our health on a daily basis. Your pH balance is an index of the total health of the body. When the pH is too high or too low, it can lead to disease. At the course, you’ll learn about the life force energy that is the ultimate “balancing factor” of the body and how a balanced pH has far-reaching consequences on mental, emotional and spiritual health. To enroll or for more details contact Merri at

Ecuador Real Estate – Real Business

Here is a final thanks for today.

“Hey Gary, Being thankful is a great topic! For me, I have learned that an attitude of gratitude is necessary for me to live a useful and contented life.

There is a spiritual axiom that says ‘Grateful people are happy people. And those that aren’t, aren’t.’ Having gratitude can be equated to having a God-attitude. With that, I’m grateful for what God has given me and what he has taken away. I’m grateful that I haven’t had a drink since January 21, 1999, and that the obsession has been removed. I’m grateful that I’m of sound mind and physical health and can actively participate in the market place each day to build lasting wealth. And I’m grateful for my beautiful Wife, Maribel, and all my family and friends. Best regards, I’m currently working through your self-publishing program — It’s Gold. I’ll let you know when I launch my business.”

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