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Merging is a universal fundamental law. This aspect of reality affects populations, relationships, economies, nutrition…really everything. We can look at most of life in terms of how they merge. Food merges with the body to become energy and mass. Light merges with the optic nerve to become our picture of the world, etc.

Recent messages have been leading to one of the most subtle, yet most important mergers, we may ever know….being thankful.

These messages have reviewed how to look at things in thankful ways. They have also looked at how spinal connections affect our thoughts and create our health. The health creates our thoughts in return!

When we merge thankful thoughts with our bodies, we become healthier. This improved health improves our thoughts. Better thinking helps us have everlasting wealth.

Easy to say…but how easy is it to do? This I do not know, except one simple thing. Just find something to be thankful for every day.

I have been asking you to send me what you are most thankful for. Here is what Steve, our man in Ecuador, wrote:

“Gary, I am thankful for my luck on fishing boats. In the early eighties I worked on 8 different fishing boats in Alaska. We were in some hairy storms in the Gulf of Alaska. Giant waves crashed over the wheelhouse on one occasion and broke the deck on another. We never lost anyone while I was there. But, of those 8 boats, 4 sank after I got off them. Fishermen are a superstitious lot. After I successfully secured a job on an old wooden Seattle-based Norwegian schooner I casually mentioned the ignominious history of my previous vessels during the evening meal. You could have heard a seagull squawk. I knew many who did die over the years, so I was always thankful and continue to be so.”

Please send me a note and tell me what you are thankful for to

For example, let’s look at why we should be thankful for the mess the Fed is making of the greenback.

Smart investors are always thankful when a government decides to buck an irresistible trend based on fundamentals. This is like trying to dam a raging river. Eventually that dam will break.

Thomas Fischer just wrote to me that the Fed is supporting the US dollar. He said that though the US current account deficit for the first quarter of 2006 was 6.3 % of GDP and yet foreign investors are still financing this all-time high current-account deficit without demanding a premium. But there should be concern about the welfare of the dollar. There is a reduced interest among foreign investors for dollar investing is a trend could grow that will force the US to pay higher interest rates to attract overseas money.

The dollar seems to be holding up despite the terrible debt and deficits but the main reason for this is the Fed’s support. There is a real need for a significant dollar depreciation. This was expressed at the G7 meeting in April. Instead, the Fed seems to be protecting the dollar.

Be thankful for this. It’s a rare occasion when we know what must happen in currency markets. Yet we do. The US dollar must fall and because of Fed support we are given time to invest in emerging currencies and even major European investments at bargain prices.

The South African rand, Turkish lira, New Zealand dollar, Hungarian florin and other emerging currencies have sagged mightily this year. They now pay high interest rates and have great potential for appreciation. The dollar’s time will come. Its fall will create even more inflation. Many will suffer. We should be thankful that we do not have to be among those who lose.

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We can see the effects of inflation now. Yesterday we saw that due to huge expenditures on bombs and war, interest and misguided medical costs, this great nation has to close schools and can’t even afford to keep its jails open. See more at

There is more. As we traveled to Portland we were shocked by the decay in the Atlanta airport. The seats were cracked and stuffing falling out. In places the carpets were not just frayed and worn, they were replaced with cardboard, like at some third world airport.

A June 20, 2006 USA Today article entitled “Blame oil prices for those potholes,’ tells how America can no longer even repair its roads. The article; says: “Drivers be prepared for bumpy roads. Both price and availability problems are forcing local governments across the USA to scale back or cancel road projects this summer.” The article ends with a quote from a contracts administrator at a construction company: “Eventually you’re going to have to fix those roads. But if you’re out of money, you’re out of money.” Spend money on Iraq and let the nation fall apart. Isn’t that silly?

Yet it gets worse.

Natural Health Tip – Do Not Donut

One of America’s biggest federal expenditures is for health care. The US spends 50% more on health care (15% of GNP) than the next most lavish nation, Germany. Yet Americans have the shortest life spans in the industrialized world.

Are we getting better at improving our health? Here is a real entry for the list of silly human things. There are few ideas that all religions, philosophies and medical experts can agree on. However an admonition that would come close is “do not mix milk and meat”! The Jewish religion is clear on this. Take a look at the book of Leviticus. The Andeans go further they say do not mix any two fats in one meal. I doubt you could find any Auyrvedic physician who will prescribe meat and milk. The list goes on and on because meat and milk eaten together are not good for you. Yet cheeseburgers, according to a June 23, 2006 USA Today article titled “Cheeseburger couplings match 2 favorites” have been America’s favorite entrée order for 28 years.

We pay heavily for this fact in our health care costs, but now it gets worse. Are we as a collective, business and individuals resolving America’s health and hence budget problem with better nutrition? Au Contraire. We are taking the cheese burger to a new level, combining it with America’s other worst nutritional disaster, the donut! That’s right according to the article Krispy Kreme donut cheese burgers are now on sale. They are called “Baseball’s Best Burgers” sold by the Gateway Grizzlies, a baseball team in Illinois. Let’s hope this does not catch on because things could get worse. The article points out that Bennigans now offers Cheeseburger egg rolls. Uno Chicago Grill has Cheeseburger pizza. Tin Star sells cheeseburger tacos. Advance Foods offers Cheeseburger fingers and Bennigans even tried a cheeseburger salad.

If the nation continues to eat this way and the government continues to pay the medical bills, how can we hope to balance the budget even if we stop financing so much war?

So we see every element supporting the greenback’s fall. We also see two ways to improve our health. Do not eat cheeseburgers or donuts! Maybe we should probably do a bit more, but that’s a start and one thing we could be thankful for.

On the subject of health we continue with our spine serial by Dr. Joe Culbertson DC. Joes says: It’s the nerves.

“So what’s the big deal if the spine is out of alignment? It’s the nerve supply. If there is a misalignment between two vertebrae, the peripheral nerves may adversely influence all the parts of the body where they carry signals.

“This adverse influence makes tissue more susceptible to injury and disease. Muscles tighten and become sore. Organs lose capacity. When this occurs, disease or injury follows. We hurt ourselves or get sick. Then we try to fix the symptom. Do you see the flaw here?

“Change the thinking, not the symptoms.

“Typically we attempt to fix a sore back or pinched nerve with a chemical or mechanical approach. We take drugs, supplements or get adjustments and massage. If our bodies respond, we temporarily feel better. Usually our thinking remains the same. This means the distortions, deviations and the neurological disruptions remain. Eventually something else bad will occur.

“Suppressed symptoms leave the nerves that are working in a reduced capacity. If a person is lucky, the back hurts again, giving them another chance to address the real problem. If not, a much more serious problem develops and includes the systems and organs. This is how important the spine is. The spine controls the body works by its effect upon the nervous system. Our thoughts travel along this same system. Our thoughts control the positioning of the spine. When the structure is misaligned, muscles react, distortions increase. Eventually back pain occurs. Only when pain lead to a positive alteration of thought does healing occur.

You can learn more about Joe Culbertson’s spinal tuner from Joe at

Or go to Joe’s website at

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Ecuador Real Estate – Thanks for the Library

One of our projects at El Meson de las Flores is a children’s Spanish/English lending library. Here is what the reader who kick started this project just wrote.

“Pam just came home from Unity and brought 7 educational DVD for children and 18 video Disney tapes. These were all like new. One of the women at Unity knows someone at Blockbuster and is going to see them and see if the will give her their used children’s DVDs. The total collected including the books in Ecuador is now at 755. YEA! Merri, Let me know who might be willing to take some books to Ecuador and I will box them up and get them to them. I am really excited. Have a GREAT day, David”

Our man in Ecuador, Steve, replied: “Dave, from this end, last week I went with Lucia our administrator and we had a meeting with the head nun at the local convent school. The result is that next Monday/Tuesday (to be confirmed by the Sister) she will come to El Meson with another teacher who will be the co-ordinator and liaison between us and the children, also, one or two parents from the parent teacher committee and also 5 childen representatives from the children´s ´government. This should prove interesting indeed and we too are excited here.

“Next, I hope we can provide a kind of learning centre for them and dvds and videos etc would be very useful for that. Keep up the good work – hey! maybe we should check out the container rates – Miami-Guayaquil if you carry on like this!!”

We are very thankful for these books as are the Ecuadorian children below. Please write and tell me what you are thankful for!

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Until next message, be thankful!


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