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* International Investments – Changing Markets by the Minute
* Natural Health Tip – Pursuing Passion Pursues Good Health
* Ecuador – A Place For Change

It’s already over. The longest day of the year. Look at it another way. Summer just began. Yet each day, in the full glory of summer’s heat, minute by minute we creep towards the darkness and the cold. Tomorrow the sun will rise a little later and set just a bit before. The tunnel is at the end of the light!

That’s life and perhaps that’s the way it is with freedom. Just this month the papers have screamed with erosions of our freedom. First, we discovered that our phone calls are bugged by the government. Next we read how the feds want web site servers to keep our email. Then just this week the Supreme Court gave easier access to no knock searches by the police.

None of these really matter on their own…but neither does the few minutes of daylight each day. Then suddenly we discover winter is here.

Fortunately on that coldest day, the sunlight begins to lengthen. The key is surviving and growing during the harsh times.

This is true in financial markets as well. Look at GM. Last week their credit rating was downgraded by S&P to B- from B. Moody’s downgraded the company to Caa1. This step was taken after GM was forced to provide security in connection with the extension of a credit facility. The company was under pressure and the security provision increases risk to unsecured bond investors.

Imagine mighty GM an American bastion talking about bankruptcy. In the US most of us were raised in Chevys. Now all they have are junk bonds, not to mention an unfunded pension.

This did not happen all at once but little by little, minute by minute. These things creep up on us.

This is true as well with inflation and a falling US dollar. Minute by minute American debt rises and the purchasing power of greenbacks and American savings and income erode.

One way to protect against inflation is to hold strong currencies. For example we recently analyzed the major currencies and determined that the Swedish kroner may be strong. See the dollar dive series at

Jyske Bank now reports that the Swedish krona has been flexing its muscles and has probably not reached a stable level yet. They recommend holding long SEK positions and during any weakening of the kroner to add positions. The Swedish economy is strong, growth has improved, and there is also improved consumer and industrial confidence.

House prices are rising at a fair pace, and given the rising inflation rate, the Riksbank has long signaled that Swedish interest rates must go higher so short term bonds and money market positions make the most sense. You should check with your financial planner to see if holding kroners makes sense for you. You can get more details on how to invest in kroner from Thomas Fischer at Jsyke Bank. His address is

Natural Health Tip – Pursuing Passion Pursues Good Health

One way to overcome inflation is with a real business. Minute by minute our lives change and our own real business can help us profit from currency and economic shifts.

Due to the potential for life destroying inflation and the multitude of burdensome changes that could rob our freedom, let’s share ideas on how readers are changing their lives through new global businesses.

Learn more about fighting inflation by investing in emerging currencies, gold, silver, Ecuador, import-export, overseas markets and more. Join Merri, Thomas Fischer from Jyske Bank Copenhagen and Steve from Ecuador and me at our next International Business and Investing Made EZ course in North Carolina.

Review where to invest and do business now and learn which markets and currencies may be strong in the year ahead. Learn more about Ecuador import and export from Steve. Our May course was overbooked and the September up date is coming along. Our free accommodations here on the farm are reserved on a first come first served basis so do not delay! Go to

This first story comes from Dr. Joseph B. Culbertson, DC who attended our publishing course last year and is getting started in his own business. You’ll also see how your own business can help improve your health.

“Why The Spine” A Report on Back Pain and How to Become Flexible in Life. Learn why difficulties with your back more important than just the pain.

“Thirty-one years ago, I began my life as a chiropractor and made a promise. If I could learn how the body really works, I would devote my later years teaching, to anyone that would listen.

“As life would have it, I learned those principles and was exposed to secrets for good health. Yet I did not make the change. Ten years ago, I knew it was time to keep promise, and yet minute by minute, the days, weeks, months and years passed without action.

“I was beginning to wonder if it was possible to have writer’s block before one became a writer, when I once again found myself being introduced to two amazing individuals; Gary and Merri Scott.

“The clarity of these two, their knowledge, and their writer’s course became my catalyst. Finally, the information I had accumulated and then too securely stored had found a channel in which to escape.

“It was humbling to know I had such powerful important information to share. The weight of this responsibility without taking action began to take its toll. Every day that passed sharing caused me to practice what I preached, just a little less. Efforts to avoid looking at the promise unkempt meant I stopped using the secrets myself! This resulted in stress. My entire being rebelled. Energy dropped. Weight increased. There were more aches and pains, in the body and also the soul. In short I began to age much faster than is natural because of a destiny unfulfilled.

“Now that this destiny is flowing, I have returned to these principles and reincorporated them into my life. This has brought shifts and changes, expansion of thought, and the expression of this is that my body has become young and healthy again. Over the years I have been able to apply the secret truths given to me in simple, practical approaches and techniques that can help anyone become healthier and happier.

“This is interesting because a most important truth I have learned is that we are all absolutely unique. What works for one rarely works for all. This is why there may be so many theories about ‘life’ and how to have good health. Take nutrition for example. There are thousands of books, papers, and reports written on this subject. Few totally agree. Huge amounts of the research, opinions, and theories on nutrition totally disagree.

“In 1973, while in chiropractic school, I had the opportunity to meet a retired chiropractor. He gave me insights that went way beyond my formal education. These ideas became the foundation that revealed secrets on health and life we can share. The key secret is that the spine is a mirror that reflects everything we are, how we think, act and what we do. Its relationship with the nervous system is so powerful that the spine affects our thoughts, our mental commands and even the cellular responses in our bodies. Our spine is the link between the mind, body and soul.

“Thus control we gain over the structural alignment of our spine translates into overall control of our health.

“This knowledge changed my perspective on health as well as the spine. This rather different perspective opened my mind so I could discover more secrets about health that still are not readily available. This knowledge has enabled me to help countless folks, who became my patients, throughout the years. Now with the power of mass communication, I can share these secrets with many more. This report then is from the perspective I have gained over the last thirty years. There a several questions this report will help you answer.

Next message explains how the spine is much more than a bony structure that holds us upright and why even an almost imperceptible misalignment of the spine can result in cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, endocrine, digestive, urinary, and lymphatic system disruptions.

Join us with Dr. Terry Hambrick DC this August for a weekend course that will help you learn how to balance your pH. Balancing pH on a regular basis is vital because it is a easy way to monitor our health and to optimize our health on a daily basis. Your pH balance is an index of the total health of the body. When the pH is too high or too low, it can lead to disease. At the course, you’ll learn about the life force energy that is the ultimate “balancing factor” of the body and how a balanced pH has far-reaching consequences on mental, emotional and spiritual health. To enroll or for more details contact Merri at

Ecuador – A Place for Change

Joe Culbertson is changing his life through a professional change, shifting from being a chiropractor to a writer. Learn how we helped him and can help you make changes like this at

Joe did not do this overnight. Most people do not (and probably should not) make sudden shifts. We can make changes where we live and how we work…gradually. To this end come see the beauty and opportunity in Ecuador. Join us there this July and see scenery like San Pablo Lake below.

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Until next message, may every change in your life get better minute by minute!