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* Natural Health Tip – Be Thankful…Really
* International Investments – Be Thankful that Real Estate Fights Inflation
* Ecuador Real Estate – Be Thankful for Everything

A gratitude attitude is the best way to build good health….Really! Nothing contributes to wellness as much as truly feeling thankful each and every day! This is not psycho babble, mumbo jumbo. One of the most important scientific crossroads in recent decades was Dr. Candice Pert’s identification of neuropeptide molecules that continually flow through our bloodstream. These molecules connect the space between each cell and respond almost instantly to our feelings. This means that every part of our body is connected. Our whole physiology experiences and reacts to every emotion we have almost instantaneously. When we laugh we flood our system with happiness and when we are sad our total being is weakened. Laughter really is the best medicine!

When we are thankful we do everything better. Our minds are clearer, our bodies stronger, our manner more convincing, personality more attractive, intuition sharper, health better and life enhanced and extended. But we have to really be thankful….a genuine attitude change.

So, I have asked you to send me stories about ways that your life was saved that you are thankful for. My goal in this is simple. Let’s share experiences in a way that helps each other be thankful!

Here is a really timely story from our friend and real estate agent, Trey Morrison, who is a World Cup fan. I normally do not share names but Trey has asked me to do this. He writes: “What a great day with FIFA Word Cup. After reading your newsletter I thought I would share why this is such a special time for me personally, or…

“How the World Cup Saved My Life”.

“About 12 years ago I found out that I was born with a slight congenital heart defect. I had a leaky aortal valve. The doctors said I might never need to do anything , or might need surgery someday. Just over four years ago I had the surgery. It was tough to sign up for a procedure where your heart is removed from your body. But it seemed that it was the best thing to do. The rest of my heart was compensating for the leak. Two days after my pregnant wife graduated from ASU, we drove to Duke Hospital. My surgery began at 5:30 AM and was supposed to last 2-3 hours. It took 12. They had a hard time stopping the bleeding after the surgery. They kept me alive by giving me all the blood in the hospital until my surgeon finished his second surgery at which time I went back in to surgery and the heart and lungs were stopped again. I left the hospital in 4 days. About 2 weeks later I was laying in bed, still purging the vast array of chemicals that had been introduced into my system, couldn’t figure out my pulse. It seemed around 160. My wife confirmed this and I ended back in the hospital ICU with a potentially life threatening arrhythmia. I lay in bed for a couple of days being pumped full of God knows what chemicals to try and get my heart back in rhythm. Nothing worked. I was then told if nothing happened by morning they were going to try the defibulator, that shocks the heart. Cruelly, they parked the machine outside my room so I had to stare at it all night.

“Being a huge “football” fan I was watching the World Cup games. This particular morning the USA was playing Poland and needed a win to advance out of their group. Well in the first 5 minutes Poland scored 2 goals!!!! I was outraged!!! This was the worst possible news!

“The good news was that this shock was what my body needed. My heart reverted to a normal rhythm and has been fine ever since!!! Plus as it turned out South Korea’s 1-0 victory over Portugal in the other Group D match rendered America’s defeat irrelevant. Two years later I did my first triathlon, last year I did my first Olympic triathlon and this year I’m training for my first 100 mile bike race.

“This is the first World Cup since that time. My family has grown. We have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. Our son will be born during this World Cup! What could be finer.”

What a fun and vital inspiration to remind to give thanks every day!

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International Investments – Be Thankful that Real Estate Fights Inflation

Fears of US inflation has sent emerging markets reeling. In just the last month my portfolio (you’ll see in tomorrow’s message) is down 4.6% in a month. This seems like a big drop at first glance. However, this does not account part of our real estate holdings, which we calculate as being worth $1 million + in our portfolio. Recently a neighbor placed his smaller farm (with far less construction on the land) on the market for 3.36 million, an unheard of amount in this area. Merri and I are really thankful for this farm!

What inflation takes, inflation gives back in other ways….if you have a balanced portfolio! Stay tuned for more about how to do this in upcoming messages.

Trey also sent some listings of property for sale here near our farm here in Ashe County. What makes the opportunity so special is that the market is most unsettled. Similar properties often carry very different prices. Trey recently showed two similar farms for sale. One was asking $5,000 an acre, the other $15,000 an acre.

We love living here but it has created such abundance as well, and we bought here bought with no thought of making money.

Here are two listings from Trey that I consider really well priced.

Priced to sell by motivated seller, this 2 bedroom 2 bath home is close to Jefferson. Recent additions added spacious family space and storage. Extra rooms could be used as bedrooms. Beautiful landscaped yard and airy porches and decks to enjoy. This home is priced at only $62/sq. ft., and is a great home for families or seasonal residents. Large variety of plants and shrubs around property. Many recent upgrades, and the older wing of the home has been completely refinished by current owners. Large bonus room in basement with a hand laid ceramic mosaic floor. $124,000.

Or… Wonderful view of the river with easy access in this two bedroom 1 bath home with a 3rd bedrooms upstairs not counted due to low ceiling height. Close to schools, bank, restaurant, and post office for $125,000.

You can reach Trey Morrison, MAP Realty,

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Ecuador Real Estate – Be Thankful for Everything

One winter six or seven years ago Merri and I spent the entire winter at our Ecuadorian plantation living in a 10’x 10′ hut, no electricity, no phone and no hot water…for all those months.

We lived with the natives there, living as they do, to understand them, but what we did not expect was to learn how much we truly are blessed in life and how much we have to be thankful for.

Though they had nothing and earned about $30 a month, the joy and happiness during that time with those people was infectious. Laughter was always waiting to bubble over at any event. I remember cutting bamboo with our friend, Manuel. Rain has poured and we were all wet, muddy and cold. Manuel was tugging at an unforgiving stick. When it ripped out unexpectedly he slipped and slid all the way down the hill! He pulled himself from the slime his face wet, darkened with mud. All I saw was white teeth and his huge grin! A short belly laugh later we were all rolling in the mud…hilarious. Then happily to work. How warming a laugh can be!

A sense of peace and harmony rolled over us as we worked, stopped and looked down at the lushness of the valley below, the mists rising, the waterfalls folding in lacy cascades, bird songs trilling through the clear air. The river although far below was a great bubbling, a joy not felt since we were kids. Not a worry in the world except getting the next piece of bamboo down.

One weekend Merri and I went into Quito into what some may call “civilization”. The hotels there always gave us a sumptuous suite. We dined from the gourmet table in modern lush surroundings. We had hot baths, exotic shopping and afternoon tea in the hotel lobby classically serenaded by a string quartet.

We should have been ecstatic over a long hot bath, beautiful service and a king sized bed. Though that was all pleasurable…we saw that these pleasures were not nearly as important as we thought.

We eagerly looked forward to getting back to our farm, hard work, simple fresh food, an evening around the fire and learning ancient ways. We learned that joy is in the doing and giving and sharing. The gratitude of the locals for our help is the greatest gift we have ever felt. Our purpose there, we thought, was to help these people learn modern ways and to increase their efficiency.

But they have helped us learn more…learning to be happy. A precious gift.


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Here is a wonderful shot of San Pablo Lake, a gorgeous water with some excellent real estate for sale. The restaurant across the road from this pier is for sale at $50,000 asking. We hope you’ll come see the beauty and the land with us some day.