Thanks for Creaking Joints

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* International Investments – Thanks for Crashing Markets
* Ecuador Real Estate – Thanks for the Sun
* Natural Health Tip – Thanks for Creaky Joints

Every day is a gift…a fact that in the hustle and bustle of life is easily forgotten. See if you missed how a car crash 30 years ago gave me a gift of life.

The crash broke my knee and back…but I did not know. (This was added to a serious whiplash gained the year before.) 30 years later was when I finally found out about the back. The knee was discovered just last year after a chain saw accident to the same knee which needed Xrays. They showed that previous break.

That wreck was in the 60s. People were not so careful then. It was a wreck. No one was killed. There were things to do. So next morning it was back to work. That night it was “back to school” and that was that.

Not surprisingly a decade later, at the ripe age of 30, back problems began. The day is easy to recall. We had moved to London, and I was driving down Wigmore Street in a brown Audi with a business associate. The simple task of turning onto a side road was all it took. The spasm was agonizing. I could not get up, could not walk nor move nor lay down not sit nor move without stabs of intense pain. Staying in bed for a couple days just made it possible to move. This did not end the pain. The problem grew. Again and again the simplest task would throw my back agonizingly out of whack. Finally in desperation I went to a Harley Street back specialist.

They poked, prodded, took blood tests and did all types of things. Funnily not one xray was used. The final diagnosis was “Creaky Joints.” “Some people just have it,” he said. “We can’t do a thing except give you cortisone shots. But let’s wait on this as long as we can.” I fled and lived with continual pain and occasional bouts in bed for the next five or six years.

Everything, in every day is a gift and I thank that specialist for being so bad. I needed pain to lead me where I needed to be. Had he given me a pill that masked deeper symptoms I would have missed vital understandings and tools of health.

During this time Merri’s holistic and natural living influence grew in my life. She suggested an alternative doctor for the back pain after one especially bad bout that left me laying in bed. This was the 80s and such treatment was still considered off beat in the West. Having lived in Hong Kong for six years, I was open. Plus pain will open your mind to just about anything. There was a doctor who later became a client in Old Naples and we went. He put four or five needles in my arm. I was skeptical…until….the pain literally melted away! He gave me exercises and other simple alternatives that all worked.

To this day perhaps 20 years later that feeling of relief is still with me. There has never been “laid up in bed” pain again. The continual pain then had been such a daily habit that I felt very strange when I left that chiropractor’s office….not that I was craving to have it back!

Nor has it come back with any intensity in 20 years.

This was my first love affair with the concept of energy processing points in the body. Our body is loaded with them. When they become out of balance, we call the imbalance “disease”. Many healing disciplines are built around these points.

The Andeans use bees and sting the imbalanced points.

The Chinese use needles and heat.

Dr. Joe Spano uses infrared light on these energy processing points.

A friend of ours, Michael Blate, uses pressure and introduced G-Jo a way to use pressure to resolve all types of aches pains and imbalances. See

Ayurved of India uses massage, colored lights, herbs and oil on these points (called Marma points) to correct imbalances. Knowing how to energize (or sedate) the most important of these points is such an incredibly vital area of health that we are delighted that we’ll have Dr. Mishra’s course this coming weekend.

We had a cancellation to this filled course so there is still a chance to attend.

We should give thanks that there is a simple way to maintain vitality and avoid illness.

Marma is the essential part of Ayurved that most people do not know….originating from one of the oldest forms of martial art called Marma Shastra. Healing has always been a key in defense. Fighters must know to heal wounds. Marma is the ultimate evolution in this life and death connection and just a matter of pressure in the correct place can heal, eliminate illness and restore health youth and vigor.

Marma is the science of manipulating the vital points that are nerve junctures usually close to the skin surface. The human body contains 107 marma points which, when struck or massaged, produce healing, restore balance, enhance vitality and bring back our youth. Like acupressure, marma functions by pressing these points through which the prana (chi in Chinese) flows.

Now you can learn marma from one of the world’s masters.

You can enroll in our course, June 16-17-18 that will be conducted by one of the great ayurvedic healers so this ancient healing will be yours to use for life!

Learn special marma. The unique marma you will learn is called Transdermal Marma.™ This science evolved over thousands of years and uses oils, ointments, creams, salves and clays to delivers rejuvenative energy through the skin! Transdermal Marma™ enhances the body’s ability to receive natural healing energy. Most importantly, it zeros this energy in on targeted health gaps, molecules, cells, organs and body systems to detox and restore health, youth and vigor through marma points on the skin. Enroll at

Here is what a previous delegate at our courses wrote: “Hi Gary, Ah, you make my life worth while. Each day I read your emails (maybe I miss parts of some) but in general I get THE MESSAGE. Just read your story about crashing the Austin Healy Bug Eye Sprite. I crashed my ’53 Indian Chief into a block wall at my parents’ home (luckily they weren’t home at the time) showing my brother how to ride it. It ended up on top of me still running with the forks and wheel smashed. My Guardian Angel allowed me to get a chipped tooth out of it. I lucked out again on a twisting mountain road near Highlands N.C. with my Triumph TT 120 laying it down into the mountain as the next bend was into the tree tops of the lower valley.

“I give THANKS every day for this life and for the creatures that sacrifice their lives to give me life. Forgiveness is another GREAT virtue that us humans need to practice more of. I’ve taken your advice on the pH adjustment with my health and am feeling more energetic as my Hep C fatigue has been a problem for many years. Also started adding turmeric to my daily supplements. So THANKS for taking your precious time to read this email. Hopefully we’ll get some time to reminisce in person in the future. YOU and MERRI are GOD SENT for humanity. In Gratitute.”

After this note, I began to think….will you do me a favor? Send me your story of miracles that gave you the gift of life for which you are thankful. Let’s share these so we can all be more thankful! For those who can’t make it this week for Vaidya Mishra and and the Science of Marma, stay tuned, I’ll be writing more on what I learn.

International Investments – Thanks for Crashing Markets

Markets are society’s energy processing points. They allow pressures of all sorts to be relived through what we call supply and demand. Just like in our bodies this process is not always smooth. Contrasts create distortions, unequal pressure, stagnation and run away energy.

Just like energy processing points markets often need stimulation or sedation. In stock markets we call stimulated markets a bull market and sedated market a bear.

When markets become over stimulated (investing long) or sedated (taking short positions) we as investors can often earn extra profits. However we should realize that for everyone’s good these imbalances must correct. Most investors who make fortunes in imbalanced markets, give the profits back because they fail to see and adjust for correction.

This has been the recent case with emerging currencies and markets. The economic reality that emerging markets have higher growth than developed has been overbought. Now there is a correction. This is good. We should be thankful because these corrections keep the world in economic balance and continually create new opportunities.

On the subject of emerging markets watch the announcement this week of US consumer and producer prices for May 2006. These are indicators of inflation. Here is what investors are thinking.

A: Emerging market economies are doing well, in part, because of US spending.
B: The US has spent itself into deep debt.
C: This debt could cause US inflation.
D: US Inflation will cause the US dollar to fall.
E: A weaker dollar will cause prices of imported goods from emerging markets to rise in the US.
F: Rising prices in the US will slow demand for these imported goods.
G: Lower demand will slow emerging market economies and emerging stock prices and markets will fall.

Jyske Bank says: “Prior to the release of the inflation date from the US, the emerging markets will take it easy. Compared with recent weeks’ volatility, the market has stabilized somewhat. Many investors have adjusted their holdings, either because they were forced to do so or as part of a reduction of the risk. But the Fed still holds the key, while the equity markets are a good illustration of the sour sentiment. In the US the yield curve has become inverse\ again, i.e., expectations of interest-rate hikes for the short term and falling inflation for the long term. High short-term yields and lower long-term yields have been a predominant feature during the past four economic recessions in the US, which would have an adverse impact on the emerging markets. Still, this is not our scenario at the moment.”

I noticed the impact of this inverse curve last week when renewing US dollar CDs. I can now earn higher interest on 3 month money market investments than in one year CDS. If you have US fixed interest investments you are renewing, discuss with the financial planner the sense of investing for the short term now!

Be thankful for distortions as well. When the market paints a genre black, it tends to paint the entire genre, not each part. At times it misses and paints something black that should be white. Take for example, Brazil: The currency has a truly lousy history full of inflation and devaluation. But the fundamentals have changed. Now Brazil is even buying back its debt and the government recently bought back USD 1.1bn of its government loans. This is the type of energy imbalance to watch. The lousy reputation means you can already earn high yields even though the economy may have turned around. The fact that Brazil is still part of the emerging market genre may push the Brazilian yields even higher. This could create a real steal with extra forex profits when the market catches on and equalizes this contrast.

Learn about contrasts and distortions in emerging currencies, gold, silver, Ecuador, import-export, overseas markets and more. Join Merri, Thomas Fischer from Copenhagen and Steve from Ecuador and me at our September 15-16-17, 2006 International Business and Investing Made EZ course in North Carolina. Review where to invest and do business now and learn which markets and currencies may be strong in the year ahead. Learn more about Ecuador import and export from Steve. Our May course was overbooked and the September session is filling up. Our free accommodations are reserved on a first come first served basis so do not delay! Go to

Ecuador Real Estate – Thanks for the Sun

Just as our bodies and economies have energy processing points, so too does this globe we live on. Ancients recognized the earthly energy points and built their temples, observatories, sanctuaries, temples and places of worship at these places. The Catholic Church recognized this fact and often built their Cathedrals on these ancient places. This is why Caotacachi, a tiny village, that was really tiny a century ago, has one of the largest, most beautiful Cathedrals in the country.

The shamans believe that this is one of the most sacred spots in the land. Unesco has given a $4 million grant to develop a Temple of the Sun monument and museum (you can see it from our bedroom at El Meson de Las Flores). Here is a translation from excerpts of a brochure about this temple:

“Temple of the Sun, A center of indigenous knowledge and wisdom. The Temple of the Sun is an educational and cultural center for human development. The Center’s objective is to contribute to the growth of a humanistic, democratic society by understanding ancient beliefs of humanity’s relationship to God, the earth, time and fellow man. The Center’s goal is to share ancient wisdom that provides suggestions for a new model of human integration that helps reduce social, cultural, environmental and economic problems in the world.

“The administration of this project is headquartered in Cotacachi, without thought of profit, to combat the unjust relationships among mankind by creating a dialogue based on tolerance, transparency, thought, wisdom, ancient cultural identities and universal human rights.

“The project is designed on an indigenous cosmivision that governs man’s relationship with God, nature, time and fellow man.”

The property is 40 acres and as the literature states is 1.8 miles to the historical center of Catacachi which is our hotel Meson de las Flores. We happen to sit with the Cathedral on this sacred site. We are very thankful for this fact!

The translation excerpt continues:

“The historical center is the place where four axis cross. Each axis regards one of man’s relations.

“#1: The Axis of the Sun. This east-west axis shows the relationship between man and the sun and humanity as part of the universe.

“#2: The Axis of Man. This north and south axis is the center between Yucatan and Cuzco. This is an epicenter that has existed for millennium to develop new types of spiritual development.

“#3: The Axis of Earth and Water. This local midpoint is between the mountains of Imbabura and Cotacachi represents the perfect physical location for dialogue and thought to help future generations grow together.

“#4: The axis of time. This axis is a vertical line between the sun and man’s nature representing the aspects of transformation and change. This axis is the place for transformation and evolution of humanity.”

Merri and I are thankful to have discovered such a special place and to be able to call this center our home!

Until next message, good investing!


P.S. Escape the summer heat. Join us this July in Ecuador’s, sunny, cool, clear mountains in the sacredness of Cotacachi. Here is what one delegate just wrote about our last Ecuador Course:

“Hi, Just a quick note to let everyone know that this was really a great group of new friends and a fantastic tour of Ecuador. It was really an enjoyable experience. I finished up the dental work the first week of May and they were really terrific — quality work at a great price. Look forward to more communication in the future. Best Wishes”

Join us in Cotacachi for our Super Thinking – Super Spanish course. Enjoy Ecuador and the sun! See the Temple of the Sun construction. Inspect real estate for sale. Visit the great native markets as you learn to speak Spanish. For details go to

Here is a picture of Cotacachi Cathedral, a big place in our tiny village.