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* International Investments – Routines Can Bring Everlasting Wealth

* Natural Health Tip – Take True Turmeric

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Routine can be good! Here’s the morning routine at the farm. The sun comes up while I am writing. My office faces east but the 50 mile view and sunrise are obscured now by green foliage of the hardwoods. Ma goes for a morning run, yapping in outrage over the bold intrusion of raccoons during the night.

The geese come out squawking, racing the chickens for freedom. One goose stays behind setting on a clutch. We anxiously await them to hatch.

Here are the geese grazing south away from the front porch of our summer house towards their pond.




Routine is important to health and wealth as well as the farm. Here are seven vital routines that can guarantee you’ll always have never-ending wealth.

#1: Look for the Few Natural Laws that Control all Investments. Look for fundamental economic laws which serve society rather than hot investments. This works in all walks of life. For example, Merri teaches 17 lessons that enable a person to know 4,005 Spanish words at her Spanish course! It’s so much easier to learn 17 instead of 4005. When you focus on fundamentals all types of opportunity suddenly presents itself.

#2: All Natural Laws of Economics are Dynamic. Look beyond the balance sheet. In Western society, we are fooled by triple illusions of material wealth. These illusions are net worth, balance sheets and money. These are measures that never show true wealth and can change quickly.

Such undependable measures of wealth lead to never-ending restlessness. They are like looking at a picture of a picture of a picture and treating this picture as if it were real. All investments are ideas that continually change. So too must our portfolios.

#3: All Wealth is Within. Step to take: Listen to your inner intelligence. Your inner intelligence unlocks the other half of true wealth. The great investors of all times have used intellect and intuition. Most investors just try to think their way to success. Our logic is never enough to know all the facts.

#4: All Economic Laws are Ruled by Cause and Effect. Learn to give. Giving unlocks the dynamic forces which create a natural wealth consciousness and eliminates poverty thought. Giving opens the heart which is the first step to aligning the seven information processing centers of wealth contained within our bodies. Examine the nature of circulation and how money fits into this role. We look at the six centers (seven including the mind) and how our body processes information. We then learn how giving taps these centers.

#5: The World’s Economy has Infinite Abundance. See the infinite possibilities. One of the biggest mistakes investors make is rushing into an investment because they think they will miss a good deal. Another is to try and cash in on every opportunity. Both these errors come from a poverty consciousness. There are always new opportunities every day and how and why an investor should be discriminating and patient. Good investors have a multi-step investment elimination process which includes listening to intuition, recognizing one’s unique capabilities and needs, doing what feels right and then standing back from the decision and listening to inner feelings.

#6: All Economic Laws are Simply Energy and Desire. Give attention to intention. Most investors never clarify why they want to be rich. They invest for money without thought. Investors who have a clear intention dramatically improve their chances for profit. Review the importance of intention and focus on using intention correctly to produce results. Look at setting high short term goals but remain detached. Put attention on the here and now. Create a universal passion for goals to be accomplished in the most evolutionary way. Leave the final details to unseen forces. Learn the financial importance of having a purpose beyond goals.

#7: The Only Certainty is Change. Embrace Change. Investors continually try to stop change. Embrace change instead. We lose our stress when we relax into the ever changing cycles of life. All things in the universe are ruled by the same cycles-expansion, extension and contraction. Yet investors tend to invest in companies whose balance sheets look best when? At the end of a period of extension. This is the time just before the business contracts.

Economics is the analysis of motion. Investing is the process of financing society’s motion. Fear causes most investors to try to stop motion instead of financing it. Examine how and why successful investors look for ideas caused by change to turn into money.

Change perceptions about the inevitable rise and fall of nature. When change causes an increase in our balance sheets, our typical Western reaction is to view this increase as good. We also typically view a reduction in our balance sheet as bad. This continual shift in view is disturbing and unnecessary. The reality is that change does not cause us to lose anything except the figments of imagination our minds had accepted. 

View how the rise and fall of wealth in mathematical terms are signals of change, nothing more and nothing less. Such cycles are signals of opportunity.

Summary. Inspired Investing is being bold. It’s breaking loose from the materialistic social view that has created so much crime, corruption, greed, fear and stress. We are more than our minds. We should use our full potential in the process of making and using wealth. Wealth, like electricity, is nothing unless it is used and in circulation. Once we realize and understand the natural laws of economics and take the steps to unleash the power of these laws, we easily make and achieve everlasting wealth.

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Natural Health Tip – Take True Turmeric

Last message showed the benefits of ginger and turmeric. Turmeric is much more than curry flavoring! Don’t buy the stuff from the local Asian store. Chances are it is mostly chalk or talcum powder with food coloring. Make sure you get pure, organic turmeric. If you are not used to its taste, start with very small quantities. Turmeric is a liver purifier and can be quite intense if taken in large quantities. Always use it cooked in vegetables or with milk or beans and rice. Don’t eat it raw.

Turmeric is also an immune system enhancer and in combination with cinnamon in a bit of organic whole milk can dramatically boost the immune system. It is also bacteriostatic and excellent for all kinds of skin problems though it does leave a stain. You can gargle with it in a bit of warm water for getting rid of or prevent a sore throat. In ayurvedic terms turmeric is one of the divine herbs and to be categorized this way has at least 108 different balancing applications.

Vaidya K.S. Mishra is a master healer in the eight avenues of ayurvedic healing and will help us learn how to use turmeric at our June 16-17-18 course here at the farm. He is a healer with immense healing knowledge to share. This course will be an experience that immerses you in naturally healthy surroundings, such as the pure water, clean air, silence, freedom from electromagnetic radiations, specially prepared food. Join us at Merrily Farms. DETAILS

Ecuador Real Estate – So Much Stuff

One routine for everlasting wealth is to always watch for opportunity wherever you go! One thing Merri and I love about Ecuador is there are so many unusual things to export that are so attractive to sell. Take this picture as example. Anyone who sells in the horse industry will love exporting these chaps (available at really low prices). They are made from sheep skins in Cotacachi, the village where we live.

Until next message, good routines to health and wealth to you!


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