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Delegates tell us again and again how much they love our courses and being on the farm. So here is something special to share.

First, here’s a shot of the last group in our library (sorry not everyone below is pictured) that spent a weekend with us. Some of their comments are below. Then something else special.

“Dear Gary, Doug & I want to thank you and Merri for sharing your home and philosophy with us last weekend. We are so impressed by your energy, enthusiasm and practical approach to life – an approach that has obviously rewarded you with both success and happiness. We loved the farm, the enlightening discussions, the great food and the interesting mix of people you attract. We were so stimulated from the topics presented at the seminar that we spent a great deal of our return trip exchanging various ideas – everything from financial freedom to distortions in real estate. Before we knew it, we were home! Fondly, Jill – P.S. – Merri is such a gem (but you probably already knew that). Give Ma a pat for us.”

“Gary & Merri, Flo and I really enjoyed our visit, especially your delightful Southern Hospitality. The setting was beautiful, the meals were delicious, filling and healthful, the company was interesting and the information will be very useful. Having such great combination makes for an outstanding meeting event. I will be sending some requests after I get “landed” in our business, might be a week or two, but wanted to send our thanks and appreciation. Doug and Flo”

“Hi Gary, You and Merri did a wonderful job with that seminar. I think I got some really useful information out of that which will help my investing perspective for the long term… The people were great too… I was actually really sad to leave the place and the people behind and come back to my regular life. Johnny”

Here is that something else special…

Practically everyone tells us the same thing. They like the facility, the nature and the ability to get away as much as they like the data in the course. So we are adding an R & R program so readers can escape the hustle and bustle of the city, pollution of the crowds and harshness of summer by staying a week or more in the Blue Ridge.

This is a perfect place to get away if don’t have time to enjoy our Ecuador R & R program at El Meson. To know more about the R & R in Ecuador see

Here in North Carolina, we have five more 2006 courses lined up this year for the farm.

June 16-17 and 18 we have a long weekend sharing the amazing healing Knowledge of Vaidya D.K. Mishra. See

Then in August we have a week long healing program with Dr. Terry Hambrick DC. See

September is our International Investing and Business course when Thomas Fischer from Copenhagen (International Investing) and Steve from Ecuador (Import Export) join us. See

We wrap up the season with our Writer’s Camp on October 2 to 6. See

This leaves a lot of time in between for rest. So we created this R & R week long program to share these times of rest in the cool mountains.

The Blue Ridge R & R includes Merri’s Andean Cooking class. “Secrets from the Taita Yatchak: Food as Medicine”. Many have paid more than the entire week’s R&R cost, but this one day condensed course if absolutely free when you stay for R & R.

This is a time to relax and let go, so we also include steam baths and all the soaks in our sacred water Ofuru that you can enjoy. See

There is optional canoeing on the New River, bike rides down the Virginia Creeper (through 40 miles of national forest), great shopping, hikes on the Appalachian Trail, fishing, and much more. You can learn more about the area at

You can enjoy creek side massages in our massage tent!

Or you can just lie in a hammock and listen to the creek, or hike the many miles of roads and trails on the farm. Perhaps you prefer picnics and campfires. We have numerous sites including our water fall and an evening bon fire spots in the high meadows. On a clear night you can see a million stars and use the farm’s telescope which is available for the star gazers.

Plus you can read. Our library is stuffed full of books on international investing and natural health (and some far out topics).

This is a most powerful getaway because you are removed from one of the most insidious toxins that affect us almost everywhere, the subtle but enormous amounts of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that poison us. Our body, when healthy resonates at a predetermined frequency. EMF pollution from computers, cell phones, TV, microwave, etc. throw the body’s correct frequencies astray.

We are so free of EMFs that cell phones do not work on the farm.

This does not mean you are disconnected. We have enjoy broadband and long distance 24 hours a day available in the library.

There are four cabins and one cottage available for numerous weeks of R & R.

For example, you can stay at the Blackberry Cabin. See or the Creek Cabin

Larger groups use the Johnny Appleseed Cottage that sits on the creek.


The fee for a week’s stay (seven days six nights) including the one day cooking class and all the other all the other extras is only $599 for one person, $699 for two, plus $100 extra per each additional person. We enjoy sharing the farm with our readers so have kept prices low because we know how important it is to have down time in a peaceful setting. This is a bargain. Cabin rentals in this area are averaging $750 to $1,400 a week, without a creek, the steam, hot tub and the FREE course! You can see typical cabin rentals in our area at

To check availability or if you have question please send a note to Merri at

We hope to see you in the Blue Ridge!


P.S. Our hound dog Ma reminds you. Dogs are welcome….no extra charge. Here she is at one of our numerous water falls with a guest’s best friend, Rudy.