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Ayurved (the Science of Life) is a great way to maintain vitality and avoid illness. Marma is the essential part of Ayurved that most people do not know….originating from one of the oldest forms of martial art called Marma shastra.

Healing has always been a key in defense. Fighters must how to heal your wounds. Marma is the ultimate evolution in this life and death connection and just a matter of pressure in the correct place can heal, eliminate illness and restore health youth and vigor..

Marma is the science of manipulating the vital points that are nerve junctures usually close to the skin surface. The human body contains 107 marma points which, when struck or massaged, produce healing, restore balance, enhance vitality and bring back our youth. Like acupressure, marma functions by pressing these points through which the prana (chi in Chinese) flows.

Now you can receive a marma treatment but more importantly learn marma from one of the world’s masters.

You can enroll in our course, June 16-17-18 just two weeks from now that will be conducted by one of the great ayurvedic healers so this ancient healing will be yours to use for life!

Learn special marma. The unique marma you will learn is called Transdermal Marma.™ This science evolved over thousands of years and uses oils, ointments, creams, salves and clays to delivers rejuvenative energy through the skin! Transdermal Marma™ enhances the body’s ability to receive natural healing energy. Most importantly, it zeros this energy in on targeted health gaps, molecules, cells, organs and body systems to detox and restore health, youth and vigor through marma points on the skin.

This is important because good health is a key to wealth, well being and life itself! High energy and a clear mind are necessary in today’s rushed, competitive world.

Yet the same society that demands so much strength of body, clarity of mind and top performance also immerses us in pollution that fouls our health.

We are continually bombarded with four types of toxicity, that for the maintenance of good health and material success, need to be constantly cleared.

Which Toxins?

Toxicity #1: The first toxin is mucous, the natural reaction to cold, draft, dust and the many irritants brought about by pollution and seasonal change. Mucus protects the body, but in excess (which most of us have in this modern polluted world) inhibits circulation and creates stiffness throughout the body. This type of toxicity can be eliminated is from our system through ayurvedic heating protocols.

Toxicity #2: The second toxin is even worse. This is the reactive, toxic free radicals that damage cellular integrity, erode organs, and disturb the intelligence of the body’s balance. These toxicities can lead to auto-immune problems but can be cleared with Ayurvedic cooling protocols.

Toxicity #3: The third toxin is a result of our chemical world. There is a slow toxic buildup in the body of heavy metals, pesticides, food colorings, preservatives and other dangerous metals and unnatural chemicals. Ayurved provides a way to understand what toxins are located in what organs and tissue and offers individualized solutions for each imbalance.

Toxicity #4: The fourth, most ignored toxin is the very subtle but enormous amounts of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) poisoning. The universe is composed of frequency and every healthy entity, body and organ resonates at its own predetermined frequency. EMF pollution,that comes from computers, cell phones, TV, microwave and so much more, works like an imbalanced tuning fork that throws the body’s correct frequencies astray.

EMF pollution throws vibrational circulation out of balance and upsets the transformational systems (sight, hearing, touch, taste smell, digestion and elimination) in the body. For example, vibrational gaps, transform the fuel of digestion into energy and ash. EMF toxicity can impair our digestion as well as our vision, attitude and thinking. Plus, it can lead to disease.

We all especially need clearing of these toxicities in the Spring.

Why Spring?

During cold weather the body’s circulatory channels shrink. As the temperature warms, these channels start to dilate. Some toxic buildup is then automatically evacuated, but not all. Spring is a great time to initiate a full body detox because of the enhanced circulation.

Why Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra?

Vaidya Mishra is an expert in eliminating toxicity, and is the only Ayurvedic practitioner I know with an in-depth knowledge of protocols to eliminate all four toxic buildups. He has extensive knowledge on how to clear EMF toxicity.

His background allows him to help correct imbalances of the Western World. He is an Ayurvedic general health practitioner born into a family of the highest line of healers in India (Raj Vaidyas). His family has a 5000 year history of healing. His familial lineage is even mentioned in the ancient Vedic texts, the Puranas.

Yet he has worked and healed in the West for years.

After graduation from the Ayurvedic College of Medicine in 1974, Vaidya Mishra entered into an intensive 7-year training with his father, the renowned Vaidya Kameshwar. He received extra training in the family specialty of ayurvedic dermatology. In the early 80s, Vaidya Mishra expanded his dermatological work by researching ayurvedic transdermal applications with allopathic medical practitioners. His extensive public appearances on national radio and TV shows as well as numerous publications led to growing fame and repeated invitations from the West. In 1996, he moved to the US and has further refined his transdermal formulations, developing anti-aging ayurvedic cosmoceuticals. These transdermals have met with great success and are free of all preservatives and chemicals.

He has also developed a line of transdermal rasayanas, ayurvedic herbal formulations prepared according to specific spatial and temporal guidelines, completely free of any chemical products, that aim at restoring balance in the body as well as the mind and the heart.

Why Now?

Now Vaidya Mishra has introduced an enhanced transdermal rasayana to be used in conjunction with marma therapy. He has trade marked this new alternative strategy for well-being “Transdermal Marma System.” This system incorporates the healing knowledge of the transdermal rasayanas with the energetic pressure points located at the marmas to provide the physiology with a deeper balance on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sensual levels. This system is the result of two decades of research and development in India, Europe and the United States.

The Transdermal Marma System™ is special because it is a science that evolved over thousands of years and uses ointments, creams, slaves and clays to deliver energy, that heals and rejuvenates, through the skin. This system enhances the bodies ability to receive nature’s vibrational energy and supplies this energy to targeted “sandhi” (vibrational gap), organs, systems to detox and restore through marma points on the skin.

Why Marma?

Marma Adi is one of the oldest healing sciences in the world. This knowledge is based on the fact that the human body is crisscrossed like irrigation channels with meridians, a closed interconnecting system through which energy flows. Marma is the predecessor of acupressure and shiatsu.

Marma points, supposed to be located on these meridians, boost energy as it flows through the body, resulting in a stronger life force. Marma points are also divided on the basis of their five elements – fire – water – air – earth and space.

This science of healing has been proven over the millenniums and Vaidya Mishra has combined the experience of his family with science of the modern world.

Why Merrily Farms?

One of many waterfalls at Merrily Farms.

Vaidya Mishra chose Merrily Farms for its pure water, clean air, natural surroundings, silence and because it has very little EMF pollution (there is little radio, no TV reception and cell phones will not work here).

Why Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 16-17-18?

During this long weekend Vaidya Mishra will teach three courses:

Friday June 16, Level 1: Introduction to the Transdermal Marma System – 8 hours of instruction and practice.

Outlining Prana-based Ayurved

What is Prana?

What are the primary components of Prana?

What is a Marma point?

What is the Transdermal Marma System of Ayurved?

What is aromatherapy according to Ayurved?

What does Ayurved say about “touch therapy”?

Learning the proper application of Transdermal creams

Aromatherapy and “touch therapy” for enhancing the reception and flow of Prana.

Learning 27 essential Marma points.

Saturday June 17, Level 2: Prana and its “Kurma Nadi” 8 hours of instruction and practice.

How Prana is ingested through food, water, and breath.

The three primary components of Prana in light of the Adi and Pingala channels and the Shushumna nadi.

The “Kurma Nadi”: introduction to and understanding of a closely kept Mishra family secret revealed to western audiences for the first time along with associated healing mantra.

The reception of Prana through the “Kurma Nadi” via water, food, and Breath.

The purpose of the “Kurma Nadi”

“Kurma Nadi” treatment protocol for enhancing the flow of “soma” and “ojas” to the entire physiology

Sunday June 18, Training for Marma Face-lift

An age-old Marma facial treatment that enhances the glow of the face, toning the facial skin and invigorating it, making it look younger in one treatment. The course teaches the all natural ayurvedic Marma face-lift process that includes the following steps:

Marma treatment with Transdermal Face-Lift cream

Lalita Mantra – the bliss-giving aspect of the Eternal Enlivening Feminine Energy

Herbalized Clay application

Herbal Steaming treatment

Milk-foam treatment

Application of “Lalita’s Age-Defying Cream” on the facial Marma Points

What is the Cost?

The cost of the full course including a Thursday, June 15 night introduction, plus 10 full meals and four nights accommodations is $699.

Why Stay On?

Enjoy Spring’s burst of glorious flowers

Gary, Merri and friend enjoy view and wildflowers at the top of the farm.

Stay on and enjoy some R & R in the natural beauty of the farm. Get a massage. Enjoy our steam bath and all-natural hot tub fed by the sacred Indian Trough Spring.

Plus Vaidya Mishra will be available for private consultations on Monday, June 19 (and Tuesday if required).

These Ayurvedic Educational Consultations with Vaidya Mishra include an Ayurvedic Pulse Evaluation to know which dosha is out of balance and which tissue (dhatu) is holding which kind of toxins.

Then the consultation provides an individualized:
* Herbal Water Recipe
* Spice Mix Recipe
* Herbal Supplement(s)
* Individualized Transdermal Marma System Program
* Do’s and Don’ts for diet and behavior
* Self Daily Monitoring System

The cost of a consultation is $125. Extra room nights are $50 per night.

Join Merri and me with Vaidya Mishra for a clearer mind, better health and a wonderful, relaxing healing time. You can enroll at