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* Natural Health Tip: More A-Maized
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Yesterday’s message asked if emerging market currencies are good to hold and if so which currencies?

My belief that yes emerging market currencies are good to blend in one opinion. Jyske Bank says HOLD UP FOR NOW but yes they will be good. Only the future knows the real truth, but humor me for now. Let’s assume that we should at least consider investing in some emerging currencies.

This raises another question. How can we invest in emerging currencies? There are a variety of ways. We can invest in current (no interest) or savings accounts, buy bonds, equities or mutual funds that invest in that currency. The fund does not have to be denominated in that currency. Last week I had an irate reader write and complain that he wanted to invest in the Chinese currency, had instructed his bank to invest in a China fund and the stupid bank had invested in a china fund that was denominated in dollars not yuan.

The denomination of the fund does not matter. If the underlying investments are in Chinese bonds or stocks or other Chinese investments then the task has been accomplished. The dollar denomination just makes it easier to see how much the fund and the yuan rises or falls versus the greenback. Got it? If not send me a note to and I’ll explain more.

Some investors may wish to invest in a mutual fund that invests in many emerging currencies such as the Jyske invest Emerging Markets Bond Fund or the Jyske Invest Emerging Markets Equity fund. For more on this gget in touch with Thomas Fischer at

Those who use such funds let a professional manager make the decisions on “which currencies, bonds or equities and which emerging currencies.” The cost is usually a few percent up front and a percent or two each year.

In this case you can spend the saved time getting in a round of golf or take a quick fishing trip. Or in my case, I would take another walk in the woods … perhaps stop for a soak in the Indian Trough. See Little Horse Creek

But we smarty pants wish to make these decisions ourselves. Either we like doing this or feel we can do a better job ourselves…..or just want to keep the fee. Whatever, here we are in the office, in front of the computer trying to figure out the best currencies and best investments for the job.

We can divide currencies into three lots. Those that seem like pretty sure things (and usually pay somewhat low interest rates), those that have some risk but could really turn out well and have really high interest rates and finally those that we should forget about or invest in as judicially as we do at the roulette table.

We’ll start with the middle group, those that have very high interst rates and could really do well, but also have the potential to flop.

Here are the interest rates on emerging currencies that are tracked by the Economist Magazine.

Country Short Term Interest Short Corp Bond Rate (1-3 yr) Short Govt Bond Rate
China 3.145%    
Hong Kong 4.51%    
India 5.64%    
Indonesia 13.54%    
Malaysia 3.84%    
Pakistan 9.94%    
Philippines 8.13%    
Singapore 3.33%    
South Korea 4.37%    
Taiwan 1.70%    
Thailand 5.25%    
Argentina 9.81%    
Brazil 15.75%   12.91%
Chile 4.92%    
Colombia 5.91%    
Mexico 7.01% 7.11% 9.15%
Peru 4.51%    
Venezuela 10.55%    
Egypt 8.66%    
Israel 8.38%    
Saudi Arabia 7.37%    
South Africa 7.15% 7.70%  
Czech Republic 2.11%    
Hungary 6.18% 6.75% 6.84%
Poland 4.15% 4.65% 5.19%
Russia 12.00%    
Turkey 14.11% 13.5% 11.75%

Our short list of high interest rate currencies is Brazil, Venezuela, Indonesia, Russia and Turkey. Let’s throw in Argentina and Pakistan as the 9%+ interest rates are close enough.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the Turkish Lira but today I would like any of you who also have opinions to lend them. I have two already and would like to share more…pro or con.

Here is the pro (from one of my investment advisors by the way).

“May I suggest that you start to invest your pension into the high yield bond, TRY 10,000% European Investment Bank AAA maturing 28.01.2011 with an effective yield of 11.32%. The Turkish Lira has declined some 5-6% and is back where it was a couple of years ago. I do not think this will not drop further.”

Here is the con.

“Turkey in the EU? – Not unless they change their politics from what is happening as we speak – which is a change to a more fundamentalist style of Islam. 10 years is a lot of time – especially if you believe, as I do since the evidence is more or less incontrovertible, that we are in the “third jihad”.

This religious aspect is why I like Turkey so much. We’ll look at this in more detail tomorrow.

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Natural Health Tip: More A-Maized

We are looking for opinions on white maize which we are told gives unbounded energy. Here is what some of you have shared.

“You will find it very difficult indeed to find anything about this on the web. You will need to go to major company sports research departments to find out about LCGM’s or a major starch company such as Cerestar.

“Then you need somebody that really knows what they are doing to assist you with the profile of the product. Otherwise you will end up with the “trots” whilst friends using the same stuff will be really flying! I lectured the hospital dieticians of a large Swedish company about this as they couldn’t solve the problems. However the UK guy (who also works for Smith Kline) said *a maltodextrin is a maltodextrin is a maltodextrin” – showing clearly he had no idea of what he was talking about. So – it is complex issue. Roger”

Here is another reader’s comment.

“Regarding white maize, I have been reading information on short and long chain glucose polymers, and glycoscience. This is a fascinating field. For example aloe vera is an incredible food with polysaccharides and essential amino acids that very few foods hold. You may want to read about a MLM company Mannatech (Symbol MTEX) which sell for a hefty price products made of carbohydrate-based ingredients and glyco nutrients. My mother use to grow white maize in the Eastern part of Italy. People in that part of Italy literally lived off white corn for long time, making the famous white polenta which is different than yellow polenta. Moreover, due to my research I believe that organic brown rice, oats, and barley are the base of complex carbohydrates needed by our bodies. There are conflicting reports on yellow corn. I do not know enough about white corn, beside that I grow up eating it in large quantity in my youth, and every one I know in the Veneto region was eating this staple food. I had “excess” energy at that time. May be Vaidya Mishra could provide some insight. I met Dr. Mishra in California about three months ago. As you know he is one of the very best in Ayurveda.
All the best, Dario”

Another reader shared this thought.

“Since Zea Mays has long played a part in family mythology on my mother’s side this article peaked my interest. White corn is difficult to find in the UK since it has been thought to be impossible to cultivate in the UK climate. I suspect that this may be a cultural phenomena more than a nutritional one. In fact I found one article about an immigrant from Zimbabwe who was so pleased that he was able to grow white maize in the UK that he is now supplying other immigrants used to white maize with it. There are more educated people out there than me to shed light on this but if I reach way back into the past and my dismal attempts at organic chemistry I’m not sure why a short chain glucose polymer from maize would be more beneficial in providing “long lasting energy” than say, pasta or any carbohydrate source that long distance runners load on days before a race. The body tends to break any and all glucose polymers down in the stomach and simple carbohydrates, which are by definition short chain glucose molecules, very rapidly. Since there are so many varieties of corn in the main types of corn you’d have to know exactly what he was talking about before any hypothesis could be formed.”

Finally there was this thought:

“Ask Dr. Mishra about the white corn Gary. We sometimes sell our long term health for short term gains such as the energy white corn provides. Short term energy boosts are one thing. Long term vata derangements are another. The indigenous people of this and the southern continent and the people of Africa were and are notoriously beset by a host of ailments which were mainly derived from their diets.”

So this we will do (ask Dr. Mishra). Let me say about more about this.

Vaidya Mishra Marma Course will be conducted here at Merrily Farms June 16, 17, 18 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) with an introductory lecture, June 15 at 7:00 p.m.

For many years Merri and I spent weeks at Ayurvedic Clinics and dramatically improved our health using ancient, natural cleansing techniques. Not only did we gain better health, we gained great friendships with many medical ayurvedic doctors and chiropractors. During these times we met many special healers and the one thing that all raved about is what is called an Ashta Vaidya, a healer of all the Patanjali eight limbs of yoga. He must come from a long heritage of healers and is a master healer of the eight avenues of healing

The course promises to be special because Vaidya Mishra is such a healer and has immense healing knowledge to share. This course will be an experience that immerses you in naturally healthy surroundings, such as the pure water, clean air, silence, freedom from electromagnetic radiations, specially prepared food. Plus you get the wonder of Spring wildflowers. Here is a picture of our daughter, Francesca, climbing through one of our color filled meadows.

Yet there is much more. The course is filled with special information about many ways to improve your health. For example you’ll learn how to balance your pH balance. Monitoring pH changes on a regular basis is vital because it is a really easy way to monitor our health and to optimize our health on a daily basis. Within the ayurvedic perspective, however, balancing pH is much more than just regulating acidosis. A balanced pH is directly correlated to the total body, mind and spirit. According to Ayurveda (the Science of Life), pH balance is an index of the total health of the body: when the pH is too high or too low, it can lead to disease. At the course, you’ll learn about the life force energy that is the ultimate “balancing factor” of the body and how a balanced pH, has far-reaching consequences on mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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Ecuador Real Estate: Brings Health as Well

One reason we love Ecuador is because there are so many ways to learn about and study better health. By looking at the life practices of the numerous cultures there, one can really zero in one fact and separate fictions. Here I am in the Amazon with Aldemar a healer from the deep jungle and beneath is our friend Don Carlos, an amazing healer who has helped delegate after delegate when they are at our courses. He has invited me to join him for a 90 mile (Quito to Cotacachi) run on his 75th birthday! I think I’ll pass on that but you can join us and healers such as Don Carlos at our next Super thinking Super Spanish course because we share many of the tactics he has taught us for learning over the years at that course. DETAILS

Until next message, Good international investments, health and wealth to you.