Multi Currency Error

by | Feb 17, 2006 | Multi Currency Investing

Multi currency portfolios are so good that even errors are good errors.

This note just came through from Thomas Fischer. We are not sure how this error took place yet but we will put systems in place to double check performance in the future. As you can see in this 14th weekly analysis, the figures are quite astounding at this time. Let me stress that type of growth is not likely to continue.

“Hi Gary ,

I am not sure what happened but the last few updates have not been completely updated so some of them have been “old” and not shown the real performance but this attached is updated as per 13.02.06 and the figures are somewhat more impressive:

Asia +68%

Emerging +47%

Long +10%

Short +7%

Hedge +8%

As you can see all sandwiches are performing and before investors think “how can both long and short be in profit” please note that the USD short is not a pure play as we have 50% USD and 50% CHF and the swiss franc has weakend.


See the attached file.