Multi Currency Portfolio Up Again

by | Nov 16, 2005 | Multi Currency Investing

Multi currency investing can be profitable. Attached is the MultiCurrency portfolio review for our 3rd week of the 2006 multi currency portfolio review.

See the attached file.

The biggest movement this week again took place in the Asian portfolio which has now returned US$11,000 or a 11% return on the original investment in just three weeks. when you can make money this quickly the opposite is also possible but we had good timing buying into the Jyske Invest funds just after a reversal in the markets due to inflation fears.

In a way I hate to see such incredible performance achieved so quickly and am reminded of a fluke over two decades ago when Merri and I travelled to Monte Carlo where I spoke at a seminar. We took our daughter Cheri who at that time was 17 years old. When we arrived in Nice France (the nearest airport) we stopped for lunch and though we parked on a main street, our car window was smashed and several of our suit cases (including one with all the new cloths our daughter had purchased for the journey) stolen.

But fate was the wind at our back that day. When we arrived at the Loews Hotel one of our readers who was attending the seminar gave Cheri a dollar token to play in the casino. Since she was too young to gamble, I acted on her instructions and placed the dollar in a slot machine of her choice. she won $25 on the first pull.

Then we proceeded to the roulette table. She chose a number and I placed the entire $25 on her choice. The ball landed on that number with a 35 to 1 payoff and she had turned her $1 gift into $875 in a matter of minutes.

Cheri wisely chose to stop gambling, took her cash and enjoyed shopping to replace her lost wardrobe. Fortunately she has not gambled since but I recall tossing and turning in bed that night worrying about the bad lesson and image I may have helped her gain.

I am tossing and turning now. When we have huge successes quickly it can set us up for big let downs when conditions reverse. we are obviously pleased with this performance, but as I stressed to Cheri all those years ago, “it does not usually happen this way.”

I’ll be sending you the next update soon and the balance of your “Borrow Low – Deposit High” Report.

Good investing to you!