Discover the Mystical Andes March 19, 20, 21, 2007 (Extension for delegates of International Business & Investing)

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March 16-21 IBEZ & Extension $849 order here or $1,199 couple order here.

Though numerous delegates on the last two Discover Andes tours told me they bought real estate, this is not a real estate buying trip. The tour is to help you get a feel for property values, business ideas and lifestyles and is an introduction to this gorgeous part of the world where Merri and I live.

The tours starts Monday and ends Wednesday. You depart from Quito Thursday March, 22, 2007.

We travel to Otavalo the largest Indian market in South America . We’ll spend time in this colorful market (which is an experience of a lifetime) before we visit real estate for sale in Otavalo and Imbabura Province, especially around Cotacachi the leather village where we live. (Plus we’ll take some time to shop here and look at more export potential.) We usually find at least one hacienda on the market (right now this is a three acre, nine room hosteria with a 260 year old main building and incredible view of Imbabura (asking price of $200,000).

You’ll see brand new, very nice apartments like the one where we now live.

These wonderful units sold from $39,000 (Studio) to $49,000 (3 bedroom -2.5 bathrooms) and we have our own little garden.

The views are a delight. A small park is nearby.

We love the gardens because you can grow everything here, tropical to most northerly things. The flowerbeds are full of tropical impatiens (four feet high), lilies, geraniums and much more, but roses also thrive here.

They are on three levels. All the dirt you see will be done in brick pavers.

Here’s a shot from below of our hound dog Ma checking out the flowers. And we all the units have an Eastern view of Mt Imbabura.

You’ll also see wonderful houses like this that has this view of Lake Quiccocha .

Houses like this can still be built for under $100,000.

Here you can see that house sitting on the lake.

We’ll visit a rose plantation where the owners give a short workshop about business opportunities in the rose export business and provide a tour through the plantation.

We’ll visit the trout filled San Pablo Lake and look at lake front property.

One day ends with a shamanic ceremony most delegates say is life changing and worth more than the cost of the entire trip.

This tour includes a trip to Peguche (the Village of the Weavers) and hand made handicrafts plus we’ll have a workshop on how to export custom made goods from the only wholly Indian owned woolen mill in the world. We lunch in Peguche with the indigenous community and dine native style (dancing, singing, live music that is heart felt to say the least).

On the return to Quito we visit Barra Viejo’s architect village. Here you will see how you can build (or have built) incredibly beautiful homes for as low as $35 a square foot. Plus we’ll stop in Calderon. This is a village of crafts that specializes in dried bread dough that can be made into anything (WELL ALMOST). This art form offers incredible export potential for custom made jewelry, dolls, pins, etc. and is very inexpensive. For example, school mascot pins can be made for pennies yet sold to students for dollars. Masapan is very transportable, cute and tough, safe and easy to ship. There are fortunes to waiting to be made here.

This tour includes transportation for all of the group travel over these two days in the Andes.

Hotel prices begin at $49 a night. Tour transportation is included. Meals and accommodations not included.

This is a hauntingly beautiful land filled with charming lifestyles available at unbelievably low prices.

International Business & Investing plus Discover the Mystical Andes Extension
March 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 2007 (stay on after International Business & Investing): $849 order here or $1,199 couple couple order here.

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