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Every health imbalance, even old age, has a remedy so it will cease to exist.

Learn why at Gary & Merri Scott’s Haciendas, Health & Hot Springs Ecuador Discovery Tour.

Dear International Friend, I invite you to join my wife, Merri, Dr. Jay Glaser and me for an experience I guarantee will change your life for the better and forever. When I first learned there were special valleys in Ecuador where the residents lived as long as 130 years, I knew I had to go and deep down I guess I knew that some day I would be conducting this tour. Looking back I never realized how this trip would change our lives (for the better). So we embarked. We returned as different people, our old life gone, our energy increased, outlook brightened, bodies reformed, horizons expanded and with an explosive zest for life. Now after putting what we learned into use for five years as a test, my wife and I want to share what we learned there and how it can help you gain years of greater energy, vitality and well being. This adventure began when our research brought to us an article in the January 1973 National Geographic entitled, “Every Day Over 100 is a Gift” written by Dr. Alexander Leaf. This article was written on the valley of Vilcabamba, where 1,080 people per 100,000 lived on average to be 100. We can compare this to three per 100,000 in the United States. More important those in Ecuador who reached a ripe age (even over 100) remained vital, sexually active, worked and participated regularly in the community. This National Geographic article shows pictures of some of the world’s oldest people. For example, a picture featured one of Vilcabamba’s patriarchs, Miguel Carpio, getting a haircut. Carpio was aged 123 and said, “I would not like to be young again, but if I could take 15 years from my age (be 108 again)- wonderful!” Another picture showed Hermelinda Leon, aged 94, who labors at the Vilcabamba bakery. The cover picture was a trim Jose Roa who at 87 years slogs daily through Ecuadorian ooze to make adobe.

This greatly peaked my curiosity and excited me. I smelled valuable information for my readers and extra profit! There was knowledge in this valley I wanted to know and share with my readers, because I know that health and vigor are an important part of business success.

However, beginning to search further, we discovered that the valley is remote. A trip there is not easy. After considerable further search we found a guide who was knowledgeable. We flew to him and took a long day’s ride in his four wheel drive down the spine of the Andes to reach the valley.

The valley was almost incomparably beautiful and on this and future trips to study health and longevity I found Ecuador full of majestic haciendas in places where Yatchaks and healers had incredible information about how to live longer, happier, healthier in ways that we had never heard before. They lived with an incredible Incan system of nutrition, exercise, routine and spirituality that made them so healthy that when the Spanish first arrived over five hundred years ago the Fountain of Youth myth was formed.

No Myth The Fountain Exists

There is a fountain of youth, but it is not one place, one pool. Instead there is a fountain of knowledge and places where the air is pure, the food fresh natural and the hot mineralized waters rich in vitality and purification power.

Merri and I gained so much information that we hardly knew what to do, but one thing we realized was for sure. We had to use this wealth of information to see if it worked. Then if we learned enough we thought a time would come when we could share. That time has arrived and we invite you to attend our first haciendas, health and hot springs tour. Our life has changed because of what we have learned. We have lost weight (though we were not by any means overweight) and our bodies have shaped up wonderfully. In our mid 50s we have bounding energy. Our children, twenty to thirty years younger, often have trouble keeping up. More important we feel good every single day. This is good because the best way to assure a healthy future is to be happy and healthy today! I highly encourage anyone interested in natural ways of attaining higher degrees of health and greater longevity to visit Ecuador, enjoy the beauty of this great Andean nation and learn from its history and people the different ways they use for better health. Few of us living in our fast paced Western world will become Taita Yatchaks or even use all the deep knowledge we gain. Yet you’ll enjoy the journey and even using part of their deep wisdom can make your life, brighter, happier and healthier in many ways.

Merri and I are conducting this tour with our friend, Dr. Jay Glaser. Jay Glaser, MD is a practicing internist certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and medical director of the Lancaster Ayurveda Medical Center in Lancaster, MA, the oldest Ayurvedic medical center outside of India. Last year this center was named the #2 Spa in the World by Town and Country Magazine. He is a member of the medical staff at the Mass-Clinton Hospital. Jay received his BA at Dartmouth College and his MD from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. In 1972 he studied in India and wrote one of the first treatises on Ayurveda from the perspective of a Western scientist. After completing his residency in internal medicine at McGill University in Montreal, he subsequently served as Attending Physician at Montreal’s Royal Victoria Hospital. In a radical departure from the traditional academic career path of a physician, in 1978 Dr. Glaser began a ten year apprenticeship in Vedic Science, during which he had the opportunity to study with the most eminent Ayurvedic physicians from India. He has researched diverse physiological and clinical effects of Vedic Medicine, publishing scientific papers on the influence of botanical preparations and other techniques on adrenal androgens, allergies, immunology, and biochemical markers of aging. He is currently engaged in clinical research on the application of Vedic Medicine to the treatment of chronic diseases. Under Dr. Jay’s supervision and with the support of his wife Danielle, the center in Lancaster has gained an international reputation as the premier facility for Ayurvedic therapies. In his practice, Jay blends the wisdom of Vedic science with thorough experience in modern medicine.

Jay and Danielle hiked with Merri and me into one of the most remote valleys in Ecuador deep in the Amazon basin where Yatchkas have traditionally gone for purification. Haciendas, Health & Hot Springs Our first all health oriented tour to Ecuador is entitled “Haciendas, Health & Hot Springs”, and is the first step toward visiting this sacred Andean valley and is our way of sharing the wonderful health secrets we have learned on our journeys into the these sacred valleys. The tour includes two seminars led by Dr. Jay Glaser. Merri and I will be with you on and off the tour as we visit Indian markets, yatchaks, shamans and healers and go to sacred hot springs at Papallacta (near Quito) and Duran (near Cuenca). During the tour delegates can have personal consultations with Dr. Glaser and with Andean Yatchak healers.

Incredible Accommodations

Accommodations throughout the trip will be in Colonial Haciendas that have been converted into luxury hotels. The tour schedule is below:

Hacienda, Hot Springs & Health Tour

Thursday – May 3, 2001:

Arrive and overnight in Quito.

Friday – May 4:

Buffet breakfast including fresh fruit, wonderful fresh breads, Andean cereals, hot food and delicious juices, teas and coffees.

Drive to Hosteria Cusin (358 year old monastery now run as inn) with extensive 200-year-old gardens. Enjoy the Indian markets of Otavalo and the Cotacachi leather village. Historical lore of the colonial life and historic haciendas of the Northern Sierras. Overnight at Cusin.

Saturday – May 5:

Morning health workshop with Dr. Jay Glaser, Gary & Merri Scott. Trip to Mt. Imbabura (sacred snow capped mountain) for Andean healing with Andean yatchaks. Lunch at Puerto Largo on Lake San Pablo. Overnight at Cusin.

Sunday – May 6:

Morning private sessions and afternoon Tour to village of San Antonio de Ibarra, the woodcarver’s village. Lunch in the Hosteria La Mirage, listed in the Relais and Chateau guide. Lecture by renown architect, Jorge Espinosa, creater of La Mirage. Overnight at Cusin.

Monday – May 7:

Travel to thermal pools of Papallacta, exquisitely beautiful high mountain hot springs. Soak in the myriad of pools, falls, grottos. Lunch by the fire in the high Andean restaurant offering organic vegetables and fresh grilled trout. Andean health session at spa. Return in evening to Quito. Overnight Quito.

Tuesday – May 8:

Early morning flight to Cuenca (7:15 am). Hacienda Ushupudt is a riverfront walled hacienda and tiny village that has been turned into country inn. Surrounded by lush countryside and horse country, this is a quiet and peaceful stay with excellent food. Workshop by Dr. Jay Glaser and Andean cooking lecture for longevity by Gary & Merri Scott. Overnight at Ushupudt.

Wednesday – May 9: Day trip to Ingapirca, the most historic and fascinating ruins of Ecuador with its observatory, temple, House of the Virgins. Ingapirca is the home of the Canari and translates from Quichua as “Walls of the Incans”. Long before the Incas, this was the sacred “Cashaloma,” the place where stars pour from the heavens. We’ll better understand and know the spiritual and cultural value of ancient Ecuador here. Lunch at a very sweet country inn at Ingapirca overlooking the verdant valleys filled with rosy cheeked children and sheep.

Thursday – May 10:

Travel to Cuenca. Lunch in the City of Four Rivers. Here is the colonial city of Ecuador with a strong influence of Spain, its architectural hint from the Incans and still old whiffs of the works of the great Canaris. We’ll rise up high to the small indigenous village of Turi for a breathtaking overall view of the entire colonial city. Then visit the plaza, the flower market, the magnificent golden churches and cathedrals.

We’ll learn at the Panama hat factory and see exactly how these handmade hats are made. Overnight at the stunning Pinar del Lago built over a lagoon. All rooms have lake view, crackling fireplace in lobby. Guests always tell us this is the best hotel they have ever visited. Dinner at one of our favorite charming country inns, Sustag. The Sustag Valley could be straight out of Norway or Switzerland. We’ll enjoy fireworks and have a talk on all the tribes of Ecuador with a unique display of all their hats. Overnight in Cuenca.

Friday – May 11:

Travel to the a small farming community southwest of Cuenca for the southern Hot Springs (Banos South) at Duran. Enjoy the warm mineral baths and sights of the red-tiled roofs of Cuenca. Lunch in the hosteria’s well known delightful French restaurant. Grand dinner with folkloric entertainment in historical restaurant. Afternoon flight to Quito. Farewell dinner at La Ronda with typical Ecuadorian food, Andean music and folkloric ballet.

Saturday – May 12:

Early a.m. transfer to airport for flights home.