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Jay Glaser, MD is the medical director of the Lancaster Ayurveda Medical Centers, a group of clinics operating in New England and Canada, the oldest Ayurveda practice in North America. His patients include people who have a strong vested interest in feeling and looking young and include some of the most recognized names in entertainment, professional sports and business, as well as many royal families. He is a speaker in demand because he can blend the wisdom of clinical experience with a colorful, light and inspiring presentation.

Dr. Glaser is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and is a member of the medical staff at the UMass Memorial–Clinton Hospital. His degrees include a BA from Dartmouth College and an MD degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He served his internal medicine residency and fellowship at McGill University's Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.

In 1972, while researching infectious diseases in India, he discovered Ayurvedic medicine when he inquired about a pile of roots on the bedside table of one of his patients. He subsequently wrote one of the first treatises on Ayurveda from the perspective of a Western scientist. While working as an Attending Physician at Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital in 1978, he took a radical departure from the traditional career path of an academic physician, making Vedic medicine his career.

Dr. Glaser has made research and teaching about the diverse benefits of Vedic Medicine a high priority, publishing and presenting numerous scientific papers on the influence of Ayurvedic herbs and therapies on chronic disorders. He is considered an authority on longevity and rejuvenation, and a member of the scientific review boards for medical journals in this field. Dr. Glaser credits Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the eminent Ayurvedic physicians from India with whom he has worked and studied for the successes of his clinic's programs. These physicians include Dr. V.N. Dwivedi, Dr. Brihaspati Dev Triguna, Dr. Balraj Maharshi, Dr. H.S. Kasture, Ashtavaidya Devakaran Mooss, his mentors in medicine; and Dr. P.J. Deshpande, with whom he studied and practiced Ayurvedic surgery in Varanasi.

Merri and I utilize a blend of healing technics garnered from healers, shamans, scientists, physicians, spiritual and philosophic leaders that we evolved over long usage….trial and error. The seven practices deal with:

#1:  Exercise#2:  Nutrition#3:  Purification#4:  Consciousness#5:  Rest#6:  Ritual#7:  Growth

The next course conducted by Jay Glaser (May 23,24,25) covers all seven subjects as Jay has been instrumental in helping us learn. To Join Merri, Jay and Danielle and me at his upcoming course at the farm sign up here.