Alan Wormington Nature’s Preserve Course

by | Jan 1, 2005 | Archives

Nature Study. July 4-5-6

Alan Wormington is one of North America's leading biologists and he will lead us in an exploration and nature study throughout the farm and in the Blue Ridge. The course includes:

  • Birding: how to get started (equipment, organizations, keeping records and reporting observations, etc.) and viewing of local breeding birds.
  • Insects (butterflies, mothing at night with lights, how to collect and preserve). (P.S. If you have not attended a mothing on a starry July night you do not know what you have missed!)
  • Bees and pollinators. One of the world's most serious environmental concerns is the loss of pollinators. Without pollination we do not have plants. Without plants we do not have food! This is a real crisis and you learn how you can play a roll in restoring this vital balance to the world.
  • Salamanders. Merrily Farms is in the center of one of the salamander capitals of the world. This is important because salamanders only live in pristine pollution-free environments.
  • Appalachian “balds.” This portion of the course includes an excursion to Whitetop Mountain for a discussions on flora.

The imbalance humanity has created in our environment is the greatest crisis we face. When all the trees have been cut, all the rivers run dry and all the clean air used up, will we then learn that we cannot eat money?

Join Merri, me and Alan Wormington to learn more about our environment and in so doing find how we can each do more to protect our fragile earth.

On this 4th of July let's learn about true freedom. This is a must course for your children and grandkids.