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White mists creep on jagged peaks mirrored in the huge lake below. Lush fields paste green stamps on Cotacachi, the mountain of romance that juts 16,000 feet into the air. Hummingbirds sing in the dew, kissing sweet hibiscus, honeysuckle and jasmine and dancing with joy. Entangled in love they embrace in life’s glorious waltz and become the vine and petal as the flowers become the bird.

One of our favorite trips each year is to our Global Health Secrets course at La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa.

One reason we love this trip as it reactivates a fountain of youth. The font is not in one place or in one pool. Instead there is a fountain of knowledge in mystical places such the Amazon, Himalayas, Andes and other hidden spots where the air is pure, water is clean and the food fresh, natural and mineralized with vitality and purification power. Merri's and my lives have changed because of what we have learned from working with and learning from masters of health and longevity all over the world. When we share what we have learned it increases this loving power for us as well.

We have lost weight (though we were not by any means overweight) and our bodies have shaped up wonderfully. We have more energy, our look better, our hair is thicker, our muscles more taut. Aches and pains have melted away and we don't get sick. Colds and flu seem to be a thing of the past. Being at 60 has not slowed us at all. We have bounding energy. Our five children, between twenty-two to thirty five years younger, often have trouble keeping up. At times when others are thinking to retire, we have just taken on three new ventures, each the biggest of our lives and are working on our Ph.D. programs, Merri’s in Natural Health and mine in

Holistic Nutrition

In fact one healer who just visited us wrote:

"Thank you for showing us your farm. It is beautiful. The whole horse creek 

area is just great, and the Basin of Horse Creek is truly a little

blessing. We came home wishing we had more creek than we do. We both look

forward to seeing the place again and doing a seminar there. The two of you

have the health and vigor that we lack. We had been talking about 'cleaning

up our act' before we met you. Now that we see what is possible, we are

more anxious to get our own health back."

More important Merri and I feel good nearly every single day. This is the best way to assure a healthy future, to be happy and in good health today! I highly encourage anyone interested in natural ways of attaining higher degrees of health and greater longevity to join us on our “Global Health Secrets” and enjoy the magic and beauty of the sacred Andes as you learn different ways to attain longevity, more energy and better health. This course in more than learning! It is being surrounded in a healing journey…. you will notice improvement right away as you are immersed in balancing surroundings, eating vitalized food and absorbing the energy of these ancient mountains. Even absorbing part of all of this can make your life brighter, happier and healthier in many ways.

You will also be surrounded in the nourishment of the most luxurious spa in South America. La Mirage is a Relais and Chateaux rated resort. This is higher than a five diamond quality rating and few establishments ever earn this rare honor issued by the very, very discriminating French. The rooms are magnificent, one built for a queen (Queen Sofia of Spain to be exact), each a decorator's delight, stuffed with antiques, flowers everywhere, rose petals strewn on the pillows, a roaring eucalyptus fire in each room after dinner and hot water bottle tucked at the bottom of the beds. There is comfort, taste, charm, space, every imaginable amenity and exquisite attention to detail.

The grounds are stunning from the ornamental garden to the lush orchards and hummingbird feeders that hang by the sunroom where breakfast is enjoyed with an aviary full of feeding birds.

The outstanding lunch and dinner menu is perfectly served by smiling Otovalans dressed in their native costumes and the excellent wine cellar includes some rare Ecuadorians wines that are inexpensive but good. Our last group there never wanted to leave and enjoyed many improvements including an entire new series of treatments so wonderful and numerous I can only list a few of them below.

The course goal is to share information we have learned about health, longevity and vitality from around the world in a most enjoyable and effective way. The course includes beginning the day with optional poolside yoga, taking breaks for great gourmet (healthy) meals and using the spa treatments between learning sessions.

The course includes workshops on Andean diet, exercise, Amazon health supplements and healing substances and the scientific foundations of shamanic healing. You can also enjoy a healing ceremony with local shamans. The Garden Hotel and Spa La Mirage, which is one of the most luxurious spas in the world. Attention to detail is everywhere. In the lush gardens (where organic vegetables and fruit are grown) numerous varieties of hummingbirds play and breakfast is served in an all glass aviary so the birds accompany your first meal of the day. The fresh fruits and juices, farm eggs and Andean grains are served in impeccable and delicious ways.

Spa facilities include swimming pools, rose petal covered Jacuzzi with views overlooking broad valleys, steam bath, sauna, facials, volcanic hot stone, Swedish or special Andean shamanic massage. There are also rose oil soaks, volcanic mud wraps so the visit to this wonderful site is worth the trip alone.

The knowledge Merri and I will share with you in the workshops can be worth a fortune, even your life. We'll talk about all the little health secrets we have learned in our global travels and have used over the past thirty years. We have conducted this tour year after year and delegates report that it was life changing for them.

During our course there, Merri and I have treatments every single day! But the biggest, most expensive (a mere $75) called Cleopatra's Bath was divine for me. I also enjoyed the head, neck and shoulders and the foot reflexology for only $25.

Here is how it is described in the spa's menu of services: “Experience the rejuvenating energy bath of warmed milk, oil and essential aromatic fragrances during thirty minutes. Then your body is wrapped with perfumed sheets, covered with rose petals and a thermal blanket for another thirty minutes. The treatment concludes with a full body message in a specially designed and decorated Egyptian chamber alongside a roaring eucalyptus fire.”

Sound good? Words cannot come close to describing the relaxation and luxury in this treatment. The wonderful soft décor of the room, the Andean music and a blazing fireplace all enhance the sweetness of the therapist that coddles you for two hours! There is a gentleness in the nature of the Ecuadorian people that just cannot be offered at any price.

You can get more information about a few of the spa treatments at can learn more about La Mirage Spa (including photos) at Learn how to eliminate stress and gain more energy, vitality and longevity in the Andean-Amazonian way as you have optional shamanic treatments with the healers at the spa. You can visit the Shamana (a lady with father, grandfathers as shaman for generations) and shamanic healing bath by clicking on click on spa and click the second picture from the left. This is the resident Shamana at her healing bath that will be available for treatments.

This five day, six night course includes educational sessions shown below, plus of course a visit to the world famous, market at Otavalo (20 minutes away) plus Andean-Amazon-Ayurvedic health lessons, exercises and cleansings. Huge Savings This course does not cut a single corner when it comes to luxury, yet Ecuador and La Mirage are so reasonable that you can enjoy six nights in the La Mirage hands for much less than you would pay for a single night or even a day spa at a U.S. or European spa.

Yet because of our long-term relationship (we have been bringing groups to the spa for nearly a decade now), you can attend our course and enjoy the La Mirage accommodations and meals at an almost unbelievably low price. This five day course is conducted by Merri and me at La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa and delegates are given deluxe suites that normally cost $366 per night. If you stayed at La Mirage for only three nights with their special spa package, the cost is $1,500. This is already incredibly reasonable for a hotel of this standard.

Yet the course fee for “Health Secrets of the World,” including all the accommodations and breakfast at Mansion del Angel, the first and last night, plus transportation to and from La Mirage, plus a deluxe suite, breakfasts and dinner for four nights at La Mirage is just $1,199, plus your Global Health Secrets course fee.

The fee for “Global Health Secrets” including all the benefits mentioned above is just $1,199 per person (for a couple or two singles sharing a room) and includes lodging your first and night at Mansion del Angel (see two images of the mansion mansionangel1.jpg and mansionangel2.jpg) including breakfast, plus transportation, dinner at the spa each evening we are there, and breakfast at the mansion each night we are there. Not only is transportation from Quito to the spa and back included a day trip to the Otavalo markets is added at no extra cost.

If you wish a room by yourself at La Mirage the single supplement is $365. There are few times when you will have such a combination of luxury, health benefits, learning and sharing with like-minded souls. Won't you join Merri and me in the mystical Andes to gain from and know “Health Secrets of the World”?

We are confirming dates arriving on February 6 and departing February 12 now. To enroll go to or write to and she will answer your questions. Better still, work on your health and wealth in the sun! Plan to stay on for the three day International Business and Investing course that will include the real estate tour of old Quito. Details about the International Business through publishing course is at

We hope you will journey to Ecuador with us. Until then may all your journeys be good!