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Dying Rich and Miserable is Not Very Smart

Nor Much Fun!

Unlock Three Keys to Everlasting & Enjoyable Wealth

#1: More Income with Less lawsuits and Tax.

#2: Higher Capital Gains.

#3: More Energy, Better Health and Longer Life.

Deep in the Amazon, jungle noises faded into night sounds. A tropical deluge poured, but cozy in our netted tents, the rains were just a dance on the roof, bringing deeper sleep.

Dear International Friend,

Many have a hard time believing that I work, stalking remote jungles and hiking high Andean hills, but I traded my business suits and meetings with top portfolio managers, international bankers and asset protections attorneys for a reason. I have been looking for the final keys to everlasting & enjoyable wealth to share here with you.

This Amazon trip was the last leg in our search for some hard economic facts and we sat deep in the jungle, far into the CuyoBenyo (Good River) Preserve of Ecuador, nearly a hundred miles from the nearest town. A Shaman, named Aldemar gathered with us round his sacred campfire, its flickering light the only respite from an inky Amazonian blackness. He talked about freedom and this session helped me find the answer to one final question about wealth.

Why be International Now?

This journey deep into the darkest of jungles helped revive one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, The International Club which is dedicated to helping investors and business people, professionals, actually just about anyone who desires be truly free.

So what does it really mean to be free?

Our discussion about freedom round this sacred campfire, deep in the jungle, was unusual because Aldemar has nothing in the way of materials things. He has no houses, cars, clothes, T.V.s, nor dishwashers. Yet he is perhaps one of the world's freest men I have ever met. The rivers and rain forest are his income, the paths through the rich foliage his supermarket and the jungle plants his pharmacopoeia.

He cleansed us with leaves from the Chunga bush and talked about how Mother Earth fills all his needs. All he has to do is treat her with reverence and respect. Just observe the nature of Her ways. This is a real form of freedom and wealth! Yet it will not work for most of us. We do not know natures way nor do we live in the jungle.

Yet something Aldemar shared was the final piece of a puzzle that does complete what has been shared by international bankers, global portfolio mangers, tax attorneys and economists from around the world. This simple mans message help those of us who live in the modern world to truly be free.

Freedom! Thats what were all looking for. This is something we all want. Yet freedom is becoming more elusive almost every day.. Recent events have increased war, added frightening government intrusions into our private lives and complicated our economy, adding more laws, worries and stress. Plus soon (we cannot fight these wars for nothing) there will be more inflation and tax.


Freedom is being able to go wherever we wish, when we want and always having enough money. What we need to be free is Everlasting Wealth. Yet for this we need three keys.

The first key to everlasting wealth is a higher and continual income. We need to know that a big enough paycheck is regularly coming in that pays our bills and meet our special desires and needs.

The second key is increased capital gains protected from lawsuits and tax. We want the value of our assets to grow.

The third key to Everlasting Wealth is more energy, better health and a longer life. Energy is required to generate income and make our assets grow. If our health is not good, medical bills will eat up our income. The longer we live the more time we have to make money.

Plus there is another factor that affects all three of the factors of wealth above. This hard to define quality separates the men from the boys and helps some of us succeed again and again, while others in the same circumstances are doomed to fail. Call this the fun factor. Maybe satisfaction or fulfillment is a better word. The point is, if you work at something you hate just to have wealth, you lose. Dying rich and miserable is not smart nor fun!

Learn here how a 30 year journey that ended in an Amazonian jungle has now created a solution to unlocking all three keys for everlasting wealth.

The journey began in Hong Kong 1968 and has wrapped round the world bringing in economists, think tanks, global portfolio managers, international bankers and attorneys to reduce tax, lawsuits, and such. The journey as a quest to know how to make money, but when that easy answer was found the search did not end. We quickly discovered that just having money is not enough!

Now we know that we need to have two types of money, income and growing capital gains, that are safe from lawsuits and tax. Plus we need the energy, longevity and health!

This is why I created the course International business made EZ.

There are many reason why we should be international in our thinking now, the first because the sun always shines somewhere. Not only can you choose the right weather in which to live, but enjoy the economic environment in which to do business. Often the course helps you find how to enhance an existing business with clients from other places.

Another benefit of being international is that global business brings freedom and expanded horizons. Knowledge you have at home may be more valuable elsewhere. Frankly traveling the world can also end boredom, as it increases your income.

The next advantage to a global business is size. When you have all the people on the entire globe as a market you can afford to have even a very obscure business. If your business only fits one in a million you still have six million people to do business with.

When you travel you see contrast and distortions and the new stimulating ideas you gain can earn you extra fortunes.

You can avoid local recessions, increase the margins in your business and turn un profitable>

Being international helps you avoid threats to your savings, family, job & income. You reduce the risk of Law suits, reduce tax, eliminate government oppression, beat inflation and weak currencies as you gain economic safety and end banking fears

Plus you help the world become a better place. As you improve human rights and save the ecology in your international business.

You can also gain peace of mind, end fighting traffic

relieve stress, feel better and live longer with more physical safety.

How is this possible? Technology makes global business and investing possible, easy to do from home. You can start a brand new or expand an existing business in many, many fields.

This is especially possible because we share over 35 Years experience of our own and many others business and provide you access to more than 20,000 people in 82 countries.

Being international also makes life better because it helps you establish more friendships all over the world, plus you can work with your spouse and family create a family and even give your elders fulfillment and travel.

Wont you join us for our next course at Little Horse North Carolina, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 6-7-8 2003

Do As We Do Not As Others Say

One difference between many other courses and ours is that ours are based on what we are actually doing now. We not only conduct courses but have active business in import-export, real estate, consulting, marketing and the health revolution.

The course contains theory along with introduction to actual business opportunity.

International Business Made EZ expands your skills in three areas, the first being your ability to create a higher and continual income, the second increased capital gains, with fewer lawsuits and less tax and the third more energy, better health and a longer life. Plus there is something else, a hard to define quality that separates the men from the boys, a spirit that makes some of succeed again and again, while others in the same circumstances are doomed to fail.

Listed below are just a few of the subjects covered in the course. I hope to see you Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 6-7-8 at our farm. The course is $499 for one, $749 for two, the same price we have charged for nearly twenty years. Food and accommodations are provided at no extra cost.