The Three Season Diet

by | Jan 1, 2005 | Archives

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Flax carpets of nature, pathways of salmon and crimson that crunch in tunnels of shimmering gold. Sudden breezes blow wispy rain showers of pale yellow, forest tears of joy – at last it can rest. Flaming hillsides glow, pale honeyed explosions, orange, pastel saffron and red, set amidst verdant green firs whose work must go on.

Merrily Farms and the Blue Ridge Mountains are always beautiful, but autumn is a most beautiful time of year. The forest is bedecked in outbursts of violent color and the crisp air and frost bites us one more notch alive.

Fall comes early at this altitude and yesterday the first hint of autumn whispered in the woods. The first cutting of hay is bundled in rolls, (see and the wild mountain blackberries are bursting ripe in glorious sweetness. It'll be a month or more before the colors begin, but the kids have headed back to school and that faintest rumor that summer won't last forever is here. Autumn is a time for reflection, perhaps because so many of us are beginning the autumn of our lives. This is a time we can enjoy, filled with vibrant health and high energy or it can be a time that's sliding all the way downhill.

This started me thinking about the John Douillard course we'll have here this October. John is one of the physicians who has made more difference in Merri's and my lives than any other. I have enjoyed three of his courses, one on pulse therapy, one on quantum exercise and one on quantum nutrition.

This course will take place as the fall colors explode here and this is the perfect time because John have helped me sustain such a high level of energy that the autumn of my years feels more like spring! Here Merri and I are figuring out when to take Social Security, and yet we just bought into the biggest business responsibility we have ever enjoyed and enrolled to take our doctorate in natural healing and holistic nutrition.

Why would we do this if we don't need the money and don't need the work. Simply put we are so filled with energy and ideas and creativity that we don't even think about being in our sixties. Age does not even seem to mean anything to us.

Consequently this message is about Quantum aspects of life and health and how we can use our deepest inner strengths to be healthier and more vibrant for a longer more productive and happy life.

Dr. Douillard's program teaches that health has three foundations, exercise, nutrition and attitude (or consciousness). Each plays on the other reinforcing the next into an upwards (or downward) spiral. Eat well and you feel like getting up and moving about. Do this and you begin to have a better attitude which makes you want to eat better and so forth, etc. and on and on.

But the controller of all this is consciousness. The attitude and desire to be healthy, the belief that we are healthy or are going to be is the key that makes everything else work. John's course teaches us how to do simple things on a daily basis to develop this health attitude so we can sustain it every single day.

“Where does this attitude come from?” The answer is it comes from life itself, but to understand how to unlock this life and health we can look at the Quantum aspects of life.

Begin with our physical selves which looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds solid. Yet if science is to be believed we know that if we dig deep enough we'll find that the solid stuff that makes us is just a bunch of smaller and smaller bits swirling around one another separated by vast amounts (in relative terms until finally we reach a point where these smallest bits act differently than any way we can imagine in our physical world.

This is our Quantum state, a place where the essence of all physical things sometimes acts like bits of matter and other times acts like energy. In ancient ayurvedic terms this place is called the gap. Being in the gap is often called being in the zone.

Here is the crunch. Science tells us that it is our intention that determines whether these bits are energy or stuff. In other words if science is to be believed, we literally create the universe in which we live.

This fact first dramatically came home when I read an article in USA Today entitled, “Quantum Computer” which states Atomic Quantum computers (QC) will probably take the world into the next era of information technology. A Quantum computer would be a billion times faster than a Pentium III PC. According to the article labs around the world are pushing this science hard. IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Bell Labs, UC Berkeley are just a few U.S. concerns that have invested heavily in this technology. The government has set up a well-funded quantum computer lab at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The point? What I am about to write is not science fiction nor airy-fairy stuff. Billions are already being invested by some of the largest companies and governments in the world.

All this investing is in something none of us may be able to understand or even worse can't even believe. Here is how the computer works. All atoms have a spin of up or down, so scientists can use these spins in the same way that transistors are currently used in today's computers to represent a 0 or 1. So far so good, but here is where the quantum factors come in that are the source of the amazing power of these computers. Atoms can have both an up or down spin at the same time until they are measured. The act of measuring forces the atom to choose between up or down. In essence what these scientists are saying is it's not the atom that has the spin, but the act of observation!

Quantum weirdness does not end here. The article continues by saying that qubits don't do calculations in linear form like current computers. They instead do all possible calculations at the same time, straddling all possible answers until the act of measuring the qubits forces them to settle on an answer.

Weirder still? According to the article, the Quantum computer holds an infinite number of right answers for an infinite number of universes (remember I am not writing this, the USA Today article and the computers already exist). The computer just gives you the right answer for the universe you happen to be in at the time. To believe in Quantum computers (which our government and private industry is spending billions on) we have to believe in parallel universes.

This is hard to grasp and then it gets even harder! Quantum computers gain even more power because of a process called entanglement. When two atoms are observed by the same force, they become entangled and remain so even though they may be light years apart. Their spins are in all positions at once, but the instant one entangled atom is observed its spin goes one way. At that same instant, the spin of the other particle locks in the opposite direction (even though they are then light years apart). This is essential to the increased speed of Quantum computers.

In short this science says that our attitude, our attention or intention or focus or beliefs is what creates our world. This explains many phenomenon (such as faith healing) make these ideas very scientific. If we can affect our beliefs at the very deepest levels, the place where we connect with our Quantum state we can do anything, including making ourselves ill or well.

What John's courses have helped Merri and me learn is how to use diet or exercise or meditation and pulse therapy to get in the gap (zone) for better health, more energy, longer life, less stress, to lose weight and feel better.

We still have space for this course. Won't you join us for the fall leaf change and change your life so that the autumn of your years is the best. Our last course was totally booked early and several delegates had to stay in town. Sign up early to assure you can stay at one of our new cabins free.

Until next message may all your colors be bright.