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by | Jan 1, 2005 | Archives

Join Merri and Me this Year!

These are the courses currently scheduled for 2003. Gain fun, adventure, discovery, friendships and deeper fulfillment by getting together to share ways of having better health and more wealth!

Merri and I have increased the focus on health this year but have not neglected wealth. In our business and investing courses you learn ways to gain unbelievable opportunity and tax savings.

Fountain of Youth in a Bottle

You gain other benefits at our courses on the farm as we introduce ways to build energy and vitality. We serve three food supplements, Amazon BIRM (Bio Immune Response Modulator), a liquid food supplement from the Amazonian plant (Dulcamaras Andeanas) that absorbs rich volcanic soils of the equator. These minerals including calcium create a super low molecular weight carbohydrate (for deep absorption) turning the immune system into a super health fortress. Beyond Chelation and the Perfect Food.

We also offer an infrared Bio Light to help with aches, pains and enhance healing energy. plus provide steam baths and massage equipment. Professional massage therapists are usually available to give delegates a personal massage if they desire.

Many delegates say they would come again just to enjoy Merri's cooking!

Never has there been a time with more challenges to our health and wealth. Join Merri and me at any of the courses and make your life better. We offer free food and accommodations to delegates on a space available basis. We can only accommodate up to 24 so this free offer is on first reserved first served basis. To reserve now go to our order form or call: 336-384-1122 or fax 336-384-1577.

I hope to see you in North Carolina or Copenhagen!