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Wedding Photographer Course

January 11-12-13-14, 2007

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Learn how to live and earn wherever you choose.

What many readers do not realize is that there are two types of international business, floating and fixed!

A floating international business is one where you can go anywhere and do business. Merri did for years. We used seminars to float. When we were in Switzerland we conducted seminars on how to buy Swiss real estate for example. When we were in the Dominican Republic we conducted real estate tours there. We used our floating business to travel all over the world.

Then we fell in love with the Blue Ridge and Ecuador and did not want to travel so much any more. We then needed as most people do, a fixed international business, as most readers who contact me do!

Why have a fixed international business?

There are many advantages to a fixed international business. First, most people want to be free to pick up and leave where they are if conditions are not good, but they only want to go to another place where they can settle and have a comfortable home, good friends and valuable contacts. Or perhaps they want to do as we do, live in more than one place and have a business that will work with both places.

The Wedding Crasher – the ultimate fast, fixed international business.

Wedding photography is a perfect fixed international business for three reasons. First, people get married everywhere. Second, weddings are one of the most important events for people everywhere.

Third, there are few ways to know so many people, so fast, so intimately, in such a positive way as at a wedding, especially if you are taking the pictures!

Meet Todd Smith (center in suit)

This is why I have asked our friend, Todd Smith, to conduct a Wedding Photographer Course next January in Ecuador.

Todd Smith is a wedding photographer extraordinaire. He started his own wedding photography business and became the leading wedding photographer in Richmond, Virginia / Washington DC area in just three years. Here is what Todd says:

“There is a ready group of people in every town that cater to weddings–anyone can join them, if you know where to find them and how to become a helpful member of the team. This is the basis of my marketing approach. I learned how to befriend the wedding vendors and give them what they needed. This provided a basis for many referrals and my growing popularity as a wedding photographer.

“This works great for anyone who wants to move to a place and stay. I can certainly show anyone the steps they can take to become famous for wedding photography in the town where they choose to live. I am happy to share what I know about wedding photography and I know it will be a passionate discussion. Here is what I teach:

“1. Marketing: how to become known as a wedding photographer.

“2. Photography Techniques: how to use your camera to best advantage under the challenging lighting and pressure situations at every wedding.

“3. Sales: how to price your packages and sell your services to prospective clients.

“4. Post-Production Workflow: How to most efficiently manage the thousands of photos you will take and create beautiful albums with less time.

“I know a ton about this. Wedding photography can be very profitable, for those willing to take on a lot of work. I am happy to give my experiences for taking the best photos and for marketing and selling within the wedding photography business. My approach is not as aggressive as some photographers, but relies on consistently delivering above and beyond my client's expectations and on building solid relationships with the other wedding vendors with whom I work. The approach is slow but solid; in three years time I have risen to the top of my profession in Richmond and DC.

“The best wedding planners, florists, venues, bakers, caterers, and the only five star hotel here all look to me as one of their favorite photographers, and all of my many clients are more than just satisfied customers. Good photography is the key to my success, but the simple concept of giving has won me more jobs, friends, and satisfied customers than any other principle in my business. I will gladly share the secrets I have used for both taking photos and creating a successful wedding photography business.”

There are two more benefits here. First, you get to be involved in such a joyous service. Few events are so important as their wedding. Second, there are few ways to quickly be able to rub shoulders with celebrities and important people like Todd has done.

Todd Smith Photo India 2006

Todd Smith Wedding Photos

Why Ecuador?

There are three reasons why we are conducting this wedding photography course in Ecuador this winter. One is quite simply the weather….eternal spring that everyone can enjoy. However the second reason is that unlike other winter sun spots, costs are low. Hotel rooms are a low $49 a night (plus 22% service and tax) and air fares to Quito (3 hours and 45 minutes from Miami) inexpensive. Third, part of the course is on how to take great shots and Ecuador has so many varied sites that it’s a perfect environment for improving your photography.

Join Merri, Todd and me in Ecuador