Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher

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Online Writers and Publishers Courses Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher

E-mail Correspondence Course. Order Here $249.

How can we keep up in this fast paced world? Where do we find time for God, family, charity, and our friends? How can we rediscover the easier life we led with sun filled, pine needle covered, dirt paths and time to stroll?

One way is to turn our passions into profit, by doing what we love through our own writing and publishing business.

This fact was summed up in a quote from Sir Arthur Keith, “The course of human history is not determined by what happens in the skies, but by what takes place in our hearts”.

The keys to success are something each of us holds inside and there are seven specific steps we can take to slow down, raise our spirits and gain everlasting wealth.

These seven steps are revealed in our online writers and publishers course Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher. Merri and I humbly blend the hard facts we have learned in the publishing business with some of the world's greatest wisdom so you can learn how to avoid the fate of most people who are doomed by never-ending fluctuations in their freedom, happiness and wealth.

Whatever you do, whether you are a small investor or have huge institutional investments to manage, whether an employee, business leader or professional looking to direct your clientele more accurately, the ideas in this online writers and publishers course can help you.

This online correspondence course covers publishing in print, taped and electronic using the computer and internet.

The goal of this course is to help you be free so you can earn anywhere in the world, being involved in what you love.

We help those who would like to write. We help those who want to publish other people's information.

There are three main types who use the course. First there are those who want to create and self publish their own product for profit. For example we have a chiropractor who wants to write and sell a report on how to relieve pain. He has retired from his regular practice so this would be his full time business.

Second this course can be especially helpful for business people, brokers and professionals, insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second source of income. Plus we have a photographer who wants to publish post cards and calendars with natural medicinal plants.

Publishing can be used to shift the cost of marketing into a profit center that enhances your existing business who want to publish a product that supports their existing business. For example we have a real estate broker from Florida who is coming that is publishing a report about her area that she intends to use to gain more re buyers.

Most important in the course is that we help you learn how to market publications because having the correct focus is of vital importance to attain financial success.

The third group who benefit are those who want to just write and let others publish their material. For example we have a Doctor who wants to be able to write articles in magazines that will enhance his professional reputation and perhaps attract business.

The fee for this online course is $249 and can be deducted from future Writer's Camp fees. Details of the writer’s Camp are at