Fun in the Sun Photo Course, January 11-12, 2007 in Sunny, Cotacachi Ecuador

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“Better Photos for Fun in the Sun”

The sunrise below is a miracle. At least I think so.

Merri and I lived in Naples, Florida for 20 years. One wonder of that flat country is the incredible dusks and dawns.

When we moved up to the Blue Ridge and our farm, we sacrificed this early morning and evening joy. Our home site is tucked in a secluded meadow away from any eastern view. “No sunrises now” we thought.

The pumpkin house is two stories. South facing but my office faces east. Here is a shot looking north.

So imagine my surprise after completing the house when the first morning as I sat in the gloom (I rise between 4 and 5 am and get to work) typing away. Autumn had put the trees to keep. The leaves fell away and revealed a thirty or forty mile view directly east. The sun rose glorious directly into my office! Each day an overwhelming pastel begins the day, backlighting nature’s tree sculptures in black.

Then a glowing orange rind pops onto the horizon before it erupts in colors of every the spectrum. What an explosive light show without a whimper of sound.

Here is a shot that shows the miracle and a frustration as well.

As you know, Merri and I love to share what we are doing, what we are enjoying, our frustrations and fears, hopes and desires. Lately we have thrown in pictures as well as words.

Yet I am one of the world worst photographers. Trying to capture the magnificence of this sunrise was the final straw.

I asked Todd Smith, one of the best photographers I know, if he would split his “How to be a Wedding Photographer Course” into two parts. Part one, the first two days, is just on how to take better photographs. Day’s three and four get down to the business end.

We are calling this course “Better Photos for Fun in the Sun”. Ecuador is a great place to learn how to get better shots, fill of color action and extremes and of course the glorious, magnificent Andes. We’ll enjoy this two day course in a warm sunny climate while everyone up north freezes in the winter cold.

Why not join Merri and me? Learn how to be a better photographer and enjoy the beauty and wonder of Ecuador, Land of the Sun.