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Be Free & Fulfilled – Turn Your Passion Into Profit Thru Writing and Publishing

January 21 – 26 2007 – Creative Writing and Publishers Camp. Cotacachi, Ecuador

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Gain Freedom, Wealth and Independence

Join the world of writing and self publishing, a universe where you should get started now because self publishing puts your fate and good fortune in your hands. As a self publisher, you are the boss. You are in control.

As a writer-self publisher you can immediately improve your life as well as make contributions to society. Whether you want to be a humanitarian, a leader in your community or just want to have independence and increase your income, you can do all this and more through self publishing.

You join a pretty famous group such as Mark Twain, Beatrix Potter, TS Eliot and Virginia Woolf who all began as self publishers.

The wonderful fact is regardless of background, financial position or age, you can become a self publisher now and have a life that leads you wherever you want to go.

Self publishing can change your life. It sure changed mine. Growing up I never journeyed further from Portland Oregon than Boise Idaho. Yet during the past 37 years self publishing has allowed me to travel the world (over 70 countries so far).

I began the son of a zoo keeper with no financial background, no money, no experience and certainly no educational experience in writing or publishing.

Big Technology Boost

Because of technology it has never been easier to succeed as a writer or self publisher.

A recent article, “Self-publishing made easy by Byron Acohido in USA TODAY tells how digital technology and a little sweat equity helped Laura Duksta pull off an unlikely career switch from bartender to successful children's book author.

The article tells how Duksta borrowed $10,000, from her mother, to produce the first 3,000 copies of “I Love You More” that found a niche market and sold 156,000 copies through 400 book stores in 47 states.

Duksta did her work on a home computer.

Numerous companies now offer print on demand services so writers can print and bond books one copy at a time thus eliminate one of the biggest costs in writing and self publishing.

Very Profitable

Writing and Publishing are very satisfying but can also be extremely profitable. This career has brought Merri and me a small fortune. I am writing this in the winter from my condo near the beach in Naples Florida and my wife Merri and I have just returned from our 400 acre hacienda in Ecuador. Soon we’ll head back to our 250 acre farm in North Carolina. All these are ours without a penny of debt. Plus we have millions in the bank all through our writing and self publishing.

Our five children have higher educations (One is a vet, one an MBA from London School of Economics) and they have attended such wonderful institutions such as University of Valencia Spain, University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and universities in London and Birmingham England as well as Oregon and Florida. They have been able to get the education they desired, with the help of our writing and self-publishing business.

I am not bragging about the money. Frankly I am surprised and amazed that someone with credentials as poor as mine were when I started could do this! The point is if I can do this through writing and self publishing, you can too.

Far more important than money is the way that self publishing has brought our family closer and closer over the years. My wife and I get to spend every day working together on subjects we enjoy. Our lives have been financially and intellectually fulfilled. Yet we have not needed to spend a night apart for over twenty years. Our family writing and self publishing business has helped make all this possible.

There are side benefits as well. The writing and publishing business is one of the most free careers in the world. Our constitution protects us. No governing authority can make us stop, go to school or suspend our publishing license. We can write freely whatever we desire. There are numerous tax benefits to self publishing as well.

Most of all writing offers a fulfilled life where you can always immerse yourself in subjects that you desire. This makes life wonderful and keeps us young. At an age when we can start collecting social security, Merri and I feel we are just starting. We have so many ideas we want to write and share we never plan to retire? Who could even consider quitting when work is so much fun?

Plus we can make many positive social statements as writers. No one can stop us from pointing out the problems that exist in our world. We are free to make suggestions that may bring more peace, increased happiness, enhanced security, added abundance, more happiness and deeper joy in the world.

You’ll never know when some little thing you publish may make a huge difference.

Self publishing also brings a wonderful sense of excitement. Every new subject we publish is like a new child born and seems even more interesting.

So of all the projects I have undertaken in almost every part of the world, the writing camp Merri and I will conduct this winter at our Ecuadorian hotel this winter, January 22-26, 2007 is especially exciting.

Courtyard at El Meson de las Flores

Enjoy our Hotel El Meson de las Flores where the sun always shines. While North America shivers in winter enjoy spring like weather in Cotacachi village, far far from the Madding Crowd

Due to the nature of this course the class is severely limited take each student through an 11 step process to create a new publication.

The course enables you to start small, but grow large. I learned that good money systems work for large or for small amounts and can be operated on either a full or part time basis. Most businesses start with a learning curve. During that time it is essential they are small. Once the lessons have been learned and the system is operating properly, then it needs to grow for larger and larger returns.

Our course can help you start at any level from a small business creating brochures to a full scale publishing concern like ours that generates millions.

Enjoy autumn’s leaf change at the course.

Here are some of the lessons you will learn at this course:

Lesson #1

A Day in the Life of a Publisher. See how you can start with only a very small amount of money, work as little as four hours a day (if you are operating full time) even less if you start part time. Learn how two of my publishing friends, one an M.D. the other a pilot ran their own money letters. This gave them incredible tax protection, took them on many free, exotic trips, widened their perspective and field of friendships, helped them keep the money they were making in their fields and gave them a backup business that they loved for retirement.

Lesson #2

How to Create Your Product. Learn 11 steps in creating the perfect product. Understand how to review ideas, test focus, aim at markets. See why you don't have to write anything if you don't want to! Learn where and how to get your data and get others to write for you almost FREE. For example, I show how one friend, who never wanted to write decided instead to publish on cassette tape. His business started part time to begin with and not only became a career that brought in millions, but brought him to know some of the most interesting people in the nation.

Lesson #3

How to Choose Your Format. Some ideas are timeless and can be sold in a book for years on end. Others are better in a magazine, newsletter or other periodic publication. Some products can just be lists, simple one page photocopied ideas or names and addresses. Understand when to print, record (on audio or video) and when to transfer through the Internet. Learn how to choose the format that suits you, full or part time.

Lesson #4

How to Market Your Product. Learn how marketing is the key to successful publishing and how to turn pennies into dollars with good marketing focus. Gain samples of winning marketing pieces. Learn 21 frequently committed marketing mistakes and what to do about each. Know where and when to advertise (such as never near Easter-Christmas is OK).

You'll learn how to turn a few advertising dollars into a fortune. How to write or have ads written. When to use classifieds, space ads, direct mail or word of mouth. See how to build a PR list and get thousands of Dollars in free publicity. We'll learn the tricks of the Internet to easily capture the market there.

Technology makes it possible to operate your publishing business from anywhere in the world.

You can run your business from an office or at home! The internet makes this more possible than ever before and at the course well share ideas on how to develop and use your website to enhance sales. One session we’ll share in the course look at ways that really small businesses can compete on a global basis with the big guys via the internet. We look at how to have a huge impact with search engines. Delegates learn how to literally own words on the web without paying a cent in advertising.

For example the two areas of great focus in Merri’s and my publishing business are “Ecuador Investments” with a special interest in Cotacachi and Galapagos plus “International Currency Investments”.

We use these examples to show how the key is to start small and use long phrase! Then as we learn we take these longer phrases and use them as stepping stones to rank well with shorter, more searched for phrases. We also saw how to blend areas of harmonious focus for better ranking results.

Imagine this. Merri and I have a tiny publishing business. Just two of us run this operation from a remote farm in the Blue Ridge and a small village in Ecuador. Yet look at our October 2006 ranking review. Though we have never spent a penny in ads.. by starting small and building with stepping stones and harmonious foci we now own several words at the MSN search engine.

The plan of our business is to sell reports about Ecuador and our international currency educational service, plus our seminars about these subjects.

If anyone searches for the phrases below here is how our sites rank:

PhraseOur Rankings at MSN on Sunday October 8, 2006
Cotacachi Real Estate#7 & #13
International Investments in Cotacachi #1 #2 #3 #8
Investments in Cotacachi #3 #4 #7
International Investments in Galapagos #1 #2
International Investments in Eucador #1 #2 #5 #6
Investments in Eucador #3 #4

Chances are if someone anywhere in the world is interested in investments in Ecuador, if they search much on the web, they’ll see one of our sites!

In addition the impact of doing well with those words helps our currency publications and vice versa. Look at these phrases and their rankings.

Phase Our Rankings at MSN on Sunday October 8, 2006
International Currency Trends #1 & #2

We also write a lot about green and socially responsible investments and rank well there.

Phrase Our Rankings at MSN on Sunday October 8, 2006
International Investments in Environment Concerns #1 & #2

This all helps us rank well with general more looked at phrases.

PhraseOur Rankings at MSN on Sunday October 8, 2006
International Investment Trends #1 #2 #15
International Investments Trends#1 & #2

Which leads us to do well with the key phrase we seek at all the main search engines

Our Key Phrase Search Engine Our Rankings on Sunday October 8, 2006
International Currency Investments MSN #1 & #2
International Currency Investments Yahoo #1 & #2
International Currency Investments Ask Jeeves #2 & #3
International Currency Investments Google #2 & #3

Some days our tiny business even ranks #1 at MSN with the search phrase “International Investments.” This is how well the big phrases that support one another can lead toward higher rankings.

The internet is the Colt 45 of business, the great equalizer. If you choose to have your own import export business you too can let the internet help your business grow for wealth and freedom.

The course, Suitcase Exporting, combining theory, practice and contacts is conducted by Merri and me. We both have over thirty years experience living, working and conducting businesses overseas and over a decade of doing business in Ecuador.

Lesson #5

How to print. Did you know that you can reduce your printing bill by half just asking for a job in the right way? Learn all the tricks of the trade, how to get the best quality at the lowest price, why to avoid the biggest printer in town and why to avoid the franchise printers. Learn how to choose the right graphics, correct paper, envelope, style, letter fonts. Or how to avoid printing all together. Every Secret is included.

Lesson #6

How to Fulfill. This session is a practical guide on how to administer your business. How to set up a computerized fulfillment system, get local families to do all your work for you and run your business (if you wish) from your home. Learn how and why to use low and variable overheads, yet give one day turn-around delivery. Learn when to choose delivery services, to fulfill yourself or build your own system…or when to simply fulfill via the Internet.

Lesson #7

How to Finance. Learn all you'll need about the financial end, How to control inventory, keep overheads down, check ad results, get 30 day free credit and stay on top of your business. Learn 11 hazards to avoid and tricks to stay profitable without a daily accountant. The course and manual contain all these secrets and more. The computer/internet workshop personalizes the knowledge so you can get started.

Though we have sold millions of dollars worth of our courses and this system was $2,000, our new improved program is longer, we take much smaller groups and yet because we market entirely over the Internet (and avoid printing and postage) the course now costs less, only $999 for one or $1,499 for a couple.

You could not duplicate the computer and Internet knowledge for $20,000. It covers what you need to get on the Net, how to use the Web to publish, how to define your Internet market, how to develop your site, target your market and start getting visits, the top ten Internet tips to use, the top ten traps to avoid, and many other lessons we have learned from our years of publishing on the Net.

This system is so simple anyone can use it. In many cases your tax savings will be five to ten times the cost of the camp alone, plus you will learn how to gain thousands of FREEBEES and earn hundreds of thousands a year.

Our international publishing business has brought us more wealth, satisfaction, fun and friendship than we ever imagined possible. It has brought so much to our lives, that we want to help anyone with the desire to be in publishing.

I hope you are one with whom I will have the pleasure sharing this exciting and profitable way of life!

Don't miss this opportunity. Sign up as soon as possible if you want to be one of the few that shares publishing and the satisfying, profitable and exciting lifestyle it brings with Merri and me.

One section in the course on Multimedia Marketing shows how I turned one $950 direct mailing into $118,500 in three weeks. I added $9,875 a month to my income for years and gained dozens of new friends worldwide in the process ! This information is worth the cost of the course alone.

More comments from delegates who attended our publishing course:

“Basically, I learned how to be a publisher, especially the selling and marketing implications. The course is absolutely worth $2,000!” OB – Engineer – Ohio

“Your course opened my eyes to the merits, profits, and prestige of becoming a publisher, particularly the idea of publishing in Canada for distribution in the U.S. (for total tax protection).” An employed couple from New York wrote, “We found the course interesting and informative. We were inspired to start work on a booklet. When we came down, we had no idea on what to publish.” RC – Retired Railway Worker – Michigan

“What I like most is that it is a nuts and bolts course-not pie in the sky.” GL- Attorney – Germany

“It was great going through your steps, being 100% honest without fear of giving trade secrets since you have paid the price (to gain this knowledge).” RV – Businesswoman – Atlanta

“The course was excellent covering all the facets of publishing. The philosophy of keeping small with no employees alone made the course invaluable. Gary and Merri you were excellent!” S K – Businessman – Georgia

“Your course helped me to crystallize and clarify ideas I've been considering that relate to my interests in writing, travel and ecology. They showed ways to personally combine them in a personally engaging and potentially profitable way. I especially appreciated the practical advice on organizing and marketing-turning ideas into products that sell and make a profit.” G K – MD – California

“The course gave me insight on what to do with widening my client base.” M E – Real Estate Broker – Florida

“The idea of starting at the lowest cost level was terrific.” R B – Housewife, Washington

“The course helped me in three ways. #1: To realize that it is not only OK but preferable to start small. #2: A small point but with big implications was Merri's description of how she is going to make Gary an expert in the sport's field. #3: I feel I have a workable program to have a newsletter-my own passion!” T B – Professional, Washington

“Thank you for taking the mystery out of publishing and bringing it down to the ham and eggs level.” J L – Chiropractor – Oklahoma

“The course fulfilled all my expectations providing all the details necessary to start a publishing business from creating the idea, through marketing including the systems necessary to implement our ideas.” B C – Chiropractor – California

“Jam packed with vital information. My head is spinning. Thank goodness this is all backed up by your manual. This is a true and cherished gift. Your tips on low cost publishing are a blessing! Thank you once again for an outstanding course. The value far exceeds the price.” B K – Investor – Pennsylvania

Who is This Course For?

This course is for those who would like to write or want their own publishing business for satisfaction, reduced stress, fun and profit.

Whether you are retired, an investor, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, professional or already own your own business, this offers another way to make money, to turn your passion into profit. We guarantee to share all we know to help you start writing and run your own publishing business.

This course can be especially helpful for business people, brokers and professionals, insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second source of income.

Publishing can be used to shift the cost of marketing into a profit center that enhances your existing business. If you want your own full or part time publishing business, or want to build your existing business through publishing you should sign up for this course.

This course is for individuals and couples. We include those who want their own business or who want to have a business together or a family business. Business people or professionals who want to add an extra profit center to their business or who want to change their business entirely will benefit. Those who want more control over their career should take this course. Plus those who love global travel and want to turn their trips into profitable tax deductions!

Only those who really want to publish for profit or to expand their business should sign up for this course though, as it is not cheap and is not for idle curiosity. We are giving away every business secret we possess and expect those who use it to reap fortunes in extra income, tax savings or expanded business. We expect they will change their whole life for the better, gaining more fun, adventure, friends and prestige too.

On that basis, the price of the whole system is an absolute bargain at $1,499 for a couple.

Merri and I have created this course (Merri's publishing experience even outstrips mine) because we enjoy working with people like you and we expect to spend a great deal on the internet for this whole system. We have a successful investment publishing business with over 20,000 readers, so our time is limited but the Internet allows us to work with students on an interactive basis.

Are you interested in the income and lifestyle benefits of a publishing business? It can be small and part time mainly to gain prestige, fun and tax benefits. It can be full fledged and rake in thousands a day. If so, this course is an absolute bargain. You should sign up now! Our goal is to help you create your own publication and if you choose, publish it yourself.