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International Business and Investing Made EZ, Jefferson North Carolina,

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International Business and Investing Made EZ, Jefferson North Carolina

Sunrays sparkled on emerald prisms of cool, spring fed pools. Reflections of dancing rainbows glimmered on towering mahogany, banana and stately palm. Green vistas shimmered, easy paced in the afternoon sun and sweet, tropical perfumes floated in the breeze.

Merri and I were sitting on a huge veranda, overlooking a vast expanse of lush, green, countryside watching our kids ride their horses joyfully up the mountains. We were in the Dominican Republic and a tropical breeze flowed over the porch cooling the sunny afternoon. I had dozed off, lulled by katydid songs, the soft breeze and my lost thoughts. Sounds like a great vacation, right? Honestly I was working. My portable laptop computer sat before me.

That day formed a huge impression about how to live, earn and invest. This was such a perfect, memorable day, but I was able to get all my work and investing done just as easily (even more easily) then if I had been sitting in a stuffy office.

That moment gave me a vision of how the future would make investing and business more enjoyable and free. This vision has been correct.

Technology has created a huge shift in how we can work, invest and live. Today, the portable computer, Internet and cell phone have changed all the rules of business and play.

Take for example, my own career in writing about international investing. When I began, I had to live in London. This was where all the knowledge and information was held. To give timely advice I had to be there. Then as phone rates dropped and the fax came along, I was able to leave the congested city and move to Naples, Florida, then a sleepy fishing village and still have access to the data I would need.

Finally as Naples became crowded, because of the Internet, we were able to move to isolated farms both in The Blue Ridge and in Ecuador and still have access to any international investment business information. I can call up market details, specific shares, global news, regardless of how remote I am.

The second shift has been in corporate mentality! Big business now sends work where it costs the least, perhaps where you are, or perhaps India, China or even Vietnam! You have no control over this and can no longer rely on your manager or your company for economic security.

You don’t have to accept this work situation. You can be in control of your job and income, so you’re never again subject to the whims, prejudices, moods, or circumstances of your boss.

You can also cash in as an investor by spotting trends that this change brings. Nothing creates wealth like spotting and investing in early trends!

The days of finding job satisfaction at the corporate level are gone. So is the time w hen your job was secure, and your employer cared.

The days are gone when you can trust your investments or business to one country, economy, currency or government!

This is good because now you can turn your passion into profit as you live and earn where you choose.

My upcoming International Investing and Business Course in Jefferson, North Carolina , November 5-6-7, 2004 covers seven specific concepts in three information packed days that covers the following subjects.

1. How to set up your three phase PIEC investing and business plan so you can invest and do business wherever you choose. How to use currency contrasts and distortions in investing and business. The Multicurrency Sandwich, which currencies are best to get in now.

2. Global economics, where investments and business make most sense now and how to use the latest tax savings and asset protections systems. Learn how to use the Circle of 100 Ð genuine partners that increase profits and legally avoid tax. How to spot real estate distortions and make money even when you don’t try.

3. How to use publishing businesses to attain global freedom and create tax deductible travel.

4. How to have offshore businesses that provides income beyond your taxman.

5. How to write to make money anywhere in the world.

6. Small import-export businesses you can start immediately to attain global freedom.

7. How to use the Internet to make your business, publishing and seminars succeed anywhere in the world.

This course offers even more. You will learn how to gain things in life that are more important than cash-freedom, friendship, financial security, prestige, tax savings, legal protection, fun, adventure, self sufficiency, fulfillment and more satisfaction…by combining very small amounts of money with your time and energy.

Who is this Course for?

This course is for three types of investors and business people. Investors who want to diversify learn how to use distortions and spread wealth abroad. The course is for those who have a business and want to expand and for those who want to start their own business for fun and profit.

Previous course delegates have included business people, brokers and professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, retired folks, couples wanting to get into business together and insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second source of income. Your business can be used to shift the cost of marketing into a profit center.

If you want your own full or part time business or want to build your existing business you should sign up for this course in Jefferson, North Carolina , November 5-6-7, 2004

If you cannot attend in person, you can order the printed correspondence course on business for $249 (or have it delivered over the internet for only $199).

Don’t miss this opportunity. Sign up as soon as possible if you want to be one of the few that shares publishing and the satisfying, profitable and exciting lifestyle it brings with Merri and me.

Your friend,

Gary Scott