R&R at El Meson

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Come anytime!

Awake to sweet humming bird songs and take a brisk walk in fresh, cool but, sunny mountain air. Start the day in a quiet outdoor, courtyard café.

Are you fed up with work, stress and traffic? Tired of the rush and hassle plus pollution?

Take advantage of peaceful magic and beauty in the sacred Andes. Immerse yourself in a week long program of relaxing and natural shamanic health secrets. Gain energy. Lose weight. Look and feel better.

Unwind with a program based on nutrition, easy exercise and health codes from the ancients. Merri and I have worked with Andean shamans for 12 years to create this for you.

Come, gain from delicious, nutritious and energizing organic meals drawn from the Andes’ mineralized volcanic soil. Your special diet is based on shamanic principles taught by the Taitai Yatchaks. Enjoy a delicious, abundant, fulfilling and purifying fare.

The entrance of our (and your) home in Cotacachi is 66 steps to a magnificent cathedral and park.

Heres the park

The village is quiet and peaceful and once inside Meson you feel the flavor of its colonial past. The foundations of this building were started here over 180 years.

The inner courtyard is open and this week will host a string quartet as well as an Andean musical group.

The outer court leads to a dining and meeting room each for 50. We have a full professional kitchen where we produce delicious, nutritious and energizing organic meals drawn from the Andes’ mineralized volcanic soil. We offer a special diet based on shamanic principles taught by the Taitai Yatchaks that is a delicious, abundant, fulfilling and purifying fare.

Everywhere you turn you see stunning views from the hotel. The hotel is nestled between three mountains. This Mt Imbabura.

Five minutes away is La Mirage a Relais and Chateuax Spa.

You R & R starts at the spa with a private, personal, hour and a half, Shamanic Purification Treatment. Enjoy the wisdom of our female Shamana who has inherited years of experience from her father a recognized Shaman in this region. Her purification room has been specially designed on indigenous healing principles to unify the body, mind and spirit. She blends relaxation techniques using the rose petal filled float tank and completes your healing process with an hour long aromatherapy spiritual massage.

The Shamana Estella

Complete the day relaxing in the nourishment of the most luxurious spa in South America. La Mirage is a Relais and Chateaux rated spa. This is higher than a five diamond quality rating and few establishments ever earn this rare honor issued by the very, very discriminating French.

Enjoy the quiet poolside, or remain in the specially designed meditation room, have a steam, or lounge in the stunning grounds with ornamental gardens, lush orchards filled with hummingbirds and if you choose take in an optional, outstanding dinner perfectly served by smiling Otavalans dressed in their native costumes.

Next at Chachimbiro Thermal Springs (picture below) you soak in the wilds of its mineralized waters.

Locals knew of pools of healing waters since prehispanic times, but the majority of these medicinal thermal waters began to flow after an earthquake in 1868. They come from a volcanic complex that has existed 10,000 years and flow at temperatures ranging from 92 F to 132 F.

The chemical composition makes them among the best healing waters in the Americas as they contain chlorides, sulfides of iron, copper, fluorine, bromine and iodine. They act as a digestive, purgative regulator, stimulant of the cardiovascular system, diuretic and a central nervous system stimulant.

Hikes in pure air and nature take you along nearby along Cuicocha Crater Lake. Cuicocha was formed by a massive volcanic explosion 3,000 years ago. You picnic on a carpet of grass by pure, azure, 600 foot deep waters amidst breathtaking scenery.

Here's Merri, Ma and me at the lake

During your stay you visit Otavalo, themost famous artisan market in South America. Here indigenous artisans from dozens of local villages meet in the Plaza de los Ponchos to display their handcrafted textiles. The techniques used to make clothes, blankets, and wall hangings date back to colonial times. There are also native art, ceramics, jewelry, bags, and many other beautiful goods made by local artisans.

You’ll stay at El Meson de las Flores in Cotocachi, the village of peace, known as Ecuador’s musical capital and famous for making high-quality, inexpensive leather goods. Throughout the town’s center, a dozens of shops exhibit all kinds of beautifully made goods.

The week includes a tour of sacred indigenous places such as Peguche Waterfall where there is a sedate park and enormous stands of eucalyptus.

Unwind in the evening with fresh made juice and a roaring, pungent eucalyptus fire. After specially prepared dinners enjoy an hour long full body massage.

If you prefer, you can roam the numerous lakes for fishing and adventure sports. There is a pleasant nine hole golf course to enjoy.

The climate is dry and averages 68 degrees F so you can also just soak in the sun.

This five day, six night therapy includes travel to and from Quito airport, six nights stay at El Meson, de las Flores, the Shmanic healing session, visits to Chachimbiro spa, Cuicocha Lake, the world famous Otavalan, Cotacachi and San Antonio de Ibarra markets plus 11 specially prepared Andean health meals and exercise lessons and four full hour long massages.

Yet the price is a low$799 for one person or $1,399 for a couple sharing a room for the entire week!

How is it possible to enjoy a week of health and luxury for such a low price?

You gain this enormous value because you will be helping to eliminate poverty as you improve your health!

Merri and I are trustees of Land of the Sun Foundation and have purchased the El Meson de las Flores hotel to be used as an educational and health center that employees native poor. All proceeds from the hotel are used to employee people in Cotacachi Ecuador at fair trade rates.

Here's the hotel's courtyard

You enjoy this really low price because this is not a commercial enterprise. All payments go to Land of the Sun Foundation a Charitable Public Foundation with the goal of reducing poverty.

You can learn more about LOTS at www.landofthesun.org

Neither Merri or I make a cent from your trip. We have donated our time and money to make this special week of relaxation and healing available for you.

Next time you need a break think El Meson, our sanctuary for you in Ecuador. Give your body, mind and soul a favor while you help those less fortunate than we are.