Millionaire Makers Use the Ultimate Form of Financial Security

by | Jan 1, 2005 | Archives

International business and international investments can make you more than
a millionaire. They can set you free. Learn in this message how to be a
millionaire maker through your own international business and how to remain
a millionaire through international investments.

A study in “USA Today” showed that 46 million Americans said independence
was a more important reason for starting their own business, than being a

Yet a study of millionaires by Thomas Stanley showed that 32% of all
millionaires became so as small business owners (compared to 16% Doctors,
15% lawyers and 12% major corporate executives).

Your own business (and knowing how to invest the profits) are keys to
independence as well as being a millionaire maker.

Today increased freedom and job security are the most important reasons why
people have their own businesses. This makes enormous sense for anyone,
doctors, dentists, accountants, attorneys, investors as well as businessmen.
Every profession in the U.S. today is demanding and vulnerable to flawed
tort misuse and onerous government interference.

Anyone can gain increased independence and become a millionaire maker with a
full or part time business which generates increased income beyond the U.S.
legal and tax jurisdiction.

Having your own business gives enormous security as well being a millionaire
maker. Owners never get fired, made redundant, downsized, laid off, shifted
sideways or forced to retire unless they decide to quit working. The owner
of a business is always the last to go. Owning a business seems the ultimate
job security.

Having your own business is also a millionaire keeper! An international
business and international investments are the ultimate form of security and
freedom. International businesses and international investments are safer
from lawsuits, government red tape, excessive taxation and local economic
recessions. Becoming a millionaire is one thing. Staying a millionaire is
another and asset protection is a vital part of the process or remaining a

International businesses make more sense because modern technology,
computers, global cell phones, low cost transportation and the internet make
international business easier than ever before.

The tax benefits and asset protection benefits for international business
and international investments enhance freedom. Numerous areas of tax
legislation offer special tax savings for businesses abroad. For example by
establishing a Foreign Sales Company, a U.S. company that exports
manufactured goods having at least 50% U.S. content can usually achieve a
permanent tax exemption for a portion of its import profits. Another area of
the Tax Code (IRC, section 957 (a) of Subpart F) allows profits made abroad
with genuine non U.S. shareholders to remain totally beyond IRS
jurisdiction. (A link to last week's message that covers this is below.)

Holding assets outside one's own jurisdiction also gives a business enormous
legal and practical asset protection.

International business is also the ultimate area of growth and security. We
have learned that the stock market is not a guaranteed way to secure one's

Today it is possible for anyone to have at least a part time international
business. The secret is simply to start, but to start slowly and gain
experience with a part international business before making a major
commitment into a full time international business.

The most important key is to start an international business (ore make
international investment) in something you enjoy. Turn your passions to
profit. For example, if you love to golf, consider organizing golf tours
around the world. Or perhaps, you should market a calendar with 12 famous
overseas golf courses. The list of ideas could go on and on, but the point
is you will turn pleasurable activity (to do a golf tour or a calendar, you
obviously have to play those courses) into a tax deductible expense and
hopefully, makes some profit as well. Here are three simple steps, you can
use to prepare for your international business.

* Step #1: Become Informed. Read international magazines and papers. Two
good places to start learning what's happening abroad are the Financial
Times (England's leading global economic newspaper) and The Economist,
(England's best weekly international news magazine)
Another great source is the daily ezine which shares the
experiences thousands of readers in 82 countries have had with international
business and international investments for nearly 40 years.

* Step #2: Get ready. Contact international banks and learn the benefits of
holding assets and how to do your banking abroad. An international bank with
great experience in serving American businesses is Jyske Bank. Gary Scott
and Jyske Bank have worked together for decades helping investors learn
about global economics and opportunity. See

* Step #3: Get started in a small way. Too many people think that big is
better. Perhaps for some, but not when they start. It is imperative that one
makes their mistakes (and we all will) while we are small. Mistakes when we
are big are called Enron!

One way to get started is to meet international business and international
investment experts at an international business and investing course. See
our full schedule at

Until then, may all your international business and international
investments turn you into a millionaire maker!