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…with Gary A. Scott

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Gary A. ScottGary A. Scott is an economist and the author of 65th Octave, an economic thriller with a spiritual twist.

Ted Nicholas, one of America's best selling self-publishers and foremost entrepreneurs, wrote of Gary Scott, “Gary enjoys a worldwide reputation. He is an entrepreneur, author and investment advisor extraordinaire. While today it's commonplace, Gary was the first advisor 25 years ago who recommended international diversification for the small investor. At first, many thought he was crazy. Today, the establishment advisors are on the bandwagon. Gary's investment tips have probably helped more investors get rich than any advisor in the world!”

Gary was one of the first advisors to suggest global investing thirty years ago. He appeared on numerous TV and radio shows and was heard weekly for years on the syndicated radio program, Market Rap, which was broadcast by WEVD in New York City. He was a monthly columnist for, “On Wall Street”, one of the largest circulation magazines for US stock brokers under the bi line “The Global Guru”. He wrote a column for “The Global Guide”, a newsletter published by one of Canada's top portfolio managers, appeared in federal court as an expert witness regarding international economics and managed a multi million dollar portfolio for one of Austria's leading international investment banks.

Then Gary changed his entire financial message because in his decades of global research and teaching he unearthed investments that were among the century's best. Some readers(and Gary) made millions. Yet a haunting question gnawed at Scott. Information he gave all his readers was the same. Some investors earned fortunes. Others made only a little. Some lost! Why did some succeed while others failed? Gary's quest to answer this question and uncover the deepest fundamentals of wealth have resulted in the information shared at this site.