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by | Jan 1, 2005 | Archives

May I introduce you to the book “The 3-Season Diet”, written by a long time acquaintance, friend and client, John Douillard, and published by Three Rivers Press. Available at:

This book is an excellent health generator on how to lose weight, beat food cravings and get fit. John has worked on me and I have attended several of his courses including one based around his first book, “Body, Mind and Sport”. A former professional athlete, John helped train Billy Jean King, is a consultant to the New Jersey Nets and runs an Ayurvedic and chiropractic sports medicine practice in Boulder, Colorado.

The theme to this new book is that there is a surprising resolution to all the diet gurus with their conflicting nutritional research. They are all right, but each for only about four months of the year. The 3 season diet points out that there are three growing seasons, spring, summer and fall. We should have three diets we vary through the year, low calorie-low fat in spring, high carbohydrate in summer and high protein in winter. This creates a food supply that fits the body’s requirements as it shifts to adapt to each of these seasons.

Merri and I have benefited greatly from knowing John and find the concept of his new book, “Eat the Way Nature Intended” to be an excellent one! Once you know your body type (readily understood in the chapter, Fine Tuning Your Diet), then you can proceed easily and effortlessly to fitness! These simple yet powerful concepts are derived from a 5000-year-old traditional medical system. We find that once you work along with your natural body type…feeding it what it craves, following the foods that nature provides seasonally and helping the body utilize the food of the season then seemingly magic happens! Weight, mood and energy are all balanced so that we can live and prosper anywhere on earth.

A great bonus that John is currently offering is a free ongoing weight loss study in progress for his book that is very powerful. You can get information from John Douillard about this at

Until next message may all your secrets be healthy!